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This is an archive for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (series) slash* fanfiction.
If you don't wish to read or see same sex companionship/relationship type (slash) stories based on this show, then it will be better NOT to enter.
The main characters do not belong to the authors and no infringement is implied or intended.
To submit a story that you have written and that you wish to 'park' here, please contact me via Agent Catfish at Seaview stories who will forward your message to me.

Rating Scale for published stories:
Sug: Pre-Slash/Suggested Slash
Gen: No sex
MGen: Mild sex
I: Intense story/and/or violence
V: Violence
Gr: Graphic sex

Constructive criticism is welcome, however, feedback to site or to authors that is deemed profane or abusive will be given a warning that further such emails will be permenently blocked from the sender.

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