Blue Olives


Yvette Minuett


“And that, ladies and gentlemen, concludes my presentation of the mating and family habits of the Orca. Questions?”

“Admiral Nelson,” Dr. Amelia Whitman rose from her chair in  hotel’s conference room, “do you genuinely  expect us to believe that male whales sometimes mistake submarines as female whales? I mean, really.”

“As I’ve said, it happened to Seaview twice and…”

And I suppose you have proof…”she smirked. “Are you sure your crew wasn’t  putting you on. After all, you admitted weren’t aboard either time.”

“Then ask the Captain of the Seaview. He was.”
Eyes turned to where Nelson’s traveling companion was seated. While not in uniform, there was no mistaking the young man most of the attendees had met at the Eco System get together earlier that day. There was just one problem. He was sound asleep in the fold out metal chair.

“It seems,” Amelia chuckled, “that your Captain was just about as impressed with your presentation as I was. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I hope the esteemed Admiral has a more stimulating presentation for us tomorrow. I’m sure we’ll stay away in droves…Perhaps though, he can interest us  about  how calamari and oysters did it prior to their  preparation for tonight’s buffet.”


Nelson’s was the last presentation for the day, and after a few minutes of chairs being vacated and mutterings of the crowd, the only sound in that echoed around the room was of Nelson, gathering up his notes and slides while a  maintenance team began to stack up the chairs. With a snort of derision Nelson walked down the aisle past the sleeping Crane, stopping briefly to look at him. Furious at Crane’s sombolistic betrayal, it was still difficult not to notice that he looked a bit like a little boy, even with a five o’clock shadow.

Damn, damn, damn, he mused. He should never have asked Lee to tag along…why had the boy agreed to it, anyway? Lee was no scientist and Nelson knew their more scientific missions sometimes bored him to tears. But this, well, for one of the few times in their business relationship, Nelson was disappointed in Lee Crane. Shaking his head, Nelson let him sleep and didn’t look back.


Jamison slapped Morton on the back in far off Santa Barbara, “I don’t know how you convinced him,  but thanks. About time Lee got a little R&R.”

“Me? I was as surprised as you that he actually took the Admiral up on his offer. I would have bet that Lee would stay here for his shore leave. Didn’t exactly want to leave the sub in the hands of others for her refit.”

“Maybe it’s the scenery…you know…the beach, blondes and bikini’s…that reminds me, I think I’ll ask Angie out for a beach barbeque.”

“You’d better give your little black book an update…she’s pretty exclusive with O’Brien now.”

“Oh, yeah, I forgot. Maybe Lola then.”

“Fat chance, Will, or do you want Lee to consign you to the briny deep as soon as he finds out…”

“I didn’t know they were an item any more.”

“It’s been off and on, but nothing serious. In fact I don’t think it even got to second base. But I’d suggest you stay clear.”


Crane awoke to the sound of a vacuum cleaner and a gentle nudge on his shoulder.

“Excuse me sir, but I really need to move this chair…”

“Huh? Oh…uh…oh no, what time is it?”

“Nearly 7 o’ clock… you still have time to join the buffet…it’s in full swing now; down the hall to the right, but er…it’s black tie…”

“…anyone say anything? I mean, as they left?”

“Well, some of ‘em  were laughing. All I got when I got here was something about a whale humping a submarine. Nobody believed it.”


Crane didn’t feel like food. He had to find Nelson and apologize for falling asleep, but only his scent of ‘Old Spice’ lingered in their double room.

Dreading the coming confrontation, especially in public, maybe he should just order room service…

“Coward. Coward…”he chastened himself, and took a look in the mirror. His business suit was a bit rumpled from the long flight and he ran a hand over his more than apparent facial stubble. Retrieving  the tux from his garment bag, he flung it onto his bed to join his unopened duffle bag there.

Neither had even tried to stow their belongings properly. Barely making the ‘meet and greet’ on time, their commercial flight with transfers in Dallas and Atlanta had barely gotten them to Daytona Beach before the conference officially began. Then the endless presentations. Everything from global warming to possible new sources of energy from the air and sea were espoused and discussed, most of the scientific jargon quite lost on Crane. By the time Nelson took the podium, his mind was on idle and exhausted, he had drifted into the arms of Morpheus unawares.


It was an elaborate buffet, prepared by the hotel’s highly touted chefs. There was even a waterfall of melted chocolate to dunk strawberries and sliced bananas into. Heads turned and snickered as Crane, freshly shaved, hair combed, and resplendent in black tuxedo, entered the area, seeking not the elegant canape's, but one Admiral Harriman Nelson.

“He’s out there, on the pool deck,” Whitman approached. “That is, if that’s who you’re looking for, Captain. But I’d be careful if I were you. His eyes were casting daggers at you when you couldn’t confirm his whale humping tale for us.”

“I’m sorry about that…those whales caused us no end of trouble. A lot of damage…”

“Then it’s true? In that case, is  that sort of aberrant  behavior limited to any one species of whale? Or is it just a sperm wale thing…oh…sorry…”she flushed, as others gathering near chuckled.

“It’s happened to Navy subs at times,” Crane ignored the laughter, “but  I don’t think they had any chance to check the species.   We knew at least one of our amorous denizens was a sperm whale, though,  because we saw him through the Observation ports when he finally give up.”

“And unsatisfied.”

“Actually, he only left after we gave him it a couple of nuclear charges through the hull. We had no choice. We were fighting for our lives, our bulkheads were bursting and our compartments were flooding, our controls were down,  the crash doors had been closed in the Observation Nose, only our camera’s were working. He was satisfied all right…I didn’t send any divers out for repairs until all that…er…stuff had dissipated.”

“You were filming it?’

“Seaview has several cameras,” Crane said matter of factly, “used during each cruise, reference purposes, investigations, explorations, etc. Comes in handy for marine research. Which is, of course, Seaview’s primary function. I’m surprised the Admiral didn’t bring the tapes.  Let me have your business address and I can have a copy sent…”

“I’d like that..”

In moments he’d garnered several business cards. Mission accomplished. Saving Nelson’s and NIMR’s face.


“Do you know what tomorrow’s presentation will be?” another scientist interrupted his musings.

“I’m sorry. I’m not sure what the Admiral has planned.”

“Then why are you here with him?” Amelia asked.

I’ve been asking myself that same question, Lee had wanted to say, but instead chose the more diplomatic “When I heard the conference was located on  this beautiful beach, I couldn’t resist tagging along. ”

“Not to mention enjoying all the amenities?”

“I uh..” Crane furrowed his brows, clearly confused.

“Well, this hotel is a resort spa…I’ll be doing the mud wrap and  lava rocks. Perhaps you can join me tomorrow morning? But, I’m sure I’m a better masseuse than any of the staff here…no charge,” she whispered huskily.

 “Thank you, no. If  you’ll excuse me,” he escaped her advances and headed toward the pool deck.

“Amelia,” Dr. Emile Carroll patted her on the back, “you don’t really think you could capture him? He must have a million girlfriends.”

“I don’t necessarily want to be a girlfriend. I just want to go to bed with him. Look at him. So lithe, so…well, that damn tux hides what I really want to see. But I’m sure it’s awesome.”


“Just so you  don’t tell him about my mating habits, mister.”


“Admiral?” Crane approached quietly as Nelson was watching the beach, twilight approaching. Being on the East Coast this sunset wasn’t exactly spectacular, but scenic enough for a picture postcard.

“Admiral?” Lee repeated. “I..”

Nelson didn’t turn to look at him and walked away toward a small bonfire the hotel staff had just lit for the evening’s ‘s'more’s party.

“I’m sorry,” Lee urgently followed, ignoring the snub,” I should have been there for you. For the presentation and afterwards…the cleaning staff told me what happened…I….”

“I should never have asked you to come with me…”

“Please, Admiral, look at me.”

“Well?” Nelson put on his best scowl. Damn, but he’s strikingly handsome tonight. Where on earth did that thought come from?

“I’ve corrected things. I told one of the bigwigs in there about our whale encounters, and others were listening.”

“You think just makes it all right? You fell asleep on me! I’ve never been so  insulted.”

“Cut me some slack, will you? I’ve barely had 40 winks since last Thursday. I didn’t fall asleep on purpose!”

“You should have stayed home,” Nelson said bitterly. “Why did you come along anyway?”

“I just wanted to. I thought I’d enjoy your company. I guess I was wrong,” he huffed, “sir,” he added  and returned to the lobby and the buffet.

“Lee, wait…”Nelson began, then hesitated. He didn’t want to make a public scene…so why…why was his gut churning…


“Aren’t these blue olives simply divine?” Amelia sidled up to him again and popped a tidbit into his mouth.

 Oh swell, she was coming on to him again, and he hated olives…“Oh, er, yeah. Real tasty.”

She licked her lips around one rather suggestively, “Are you sure you won’t reconsider that massage…” she whispered. “I specialize in several techniques, and of course in é-ro-tique. That means…”

“I know what it means…Look, Dr.,  I’m not interested….”

Just then Nelson walked past, saying nary a word to him.

“Okay. Sure, why not. In fact, Amelia,” he extended his arm, “I think I’d like that massage right now. I’m awfully wound up…”


Nelson was not amused as he saw them leave. He knew all about Dr. Amelia, though it was by hearsay only. ‘How dare she and how dare he let her!’ But surely  Lee was simply being led astray like a lamb to the slaughter… Amelia was famous or rather infamous depending on your point of view. Men raved about her uncanny knack of making them last longer, do it more times than normal, this, that, or the other…none had ever been disappointed. Well, why not approve of Lee getting  in a bit of action. He’d known Lee long enough to be aware that he had a normal healthy sex life, at least that was the rumor, what with all the women he met flocking all over him. Then something struck him. He wasn’t actually jealous of the woman’s reaction to Crane. He was jealous that Lee was spending time with her! Warning bells chimed. Surely he wasn’t attracted to Crane in that way? Surely  not.


Amelia’s room had a king sized bed, and the two were engaged in some frenzied lovemaking when Lee  suddenly withdrew, still erect but  trembling.

“I…I’m sorry…”

“What is it, what’s wrong?”

“I…excuse me…”he dashed into the bathroom, still naked, shutting and locking the door behind him.

The mirror caught his image, disheveled, and sweat streaked, his swollen and erect penis dripping precum, desperate for release.

What was wrong with him? Tonight’s encounter was simply  a way to release some tension. Then why, on the verge of climax he’d been  suddenly overwhelmed with the feeling of infidelity to Nelson?  There was only one answer.


It was late and Nelson was at the bar nursing his 5th scotch.

“Martini, dry,” Amelia said, Crane’s scent still on her.“You have a mighty strong leash.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Lee Crane, who else. He was quite a disappointment.  One minute, hot, horny, huge and hard. Sensational moves, and just when we’re both on the verge, he jumps up and can’t go through with it…locked himself in the bathroom. Still there for all I know,” she snorted and raised her glass, “To Lee Crane, coitus  timorous. What the devil did you tell him to scare him off from completing things??”

Me? I don’t own the boy and I didn’t tell him anything. You’d already lured him away before I could warn him about your predilections. I don’t think he’s into… threesomes.”

“Pity. Though I left Rawlf at home for this convention,” she licked her lips.. “ primal...I must really get Lee back into bed with me, and Rawlf, of course.  Perhaps when I visit Santa Barbara.”

“Keep your hands off Lee Crane.”

“Make me.”

“If you hurt him Dr. Whitman, if you ever hurt him, I won’t be responsible…” Nelson paid his tab and left.


The room was dark but the bathroom was steamy, Lee’s toiletries neatly spread on a handtowel,and the tux and towel in a crumpled heap on the floor. But he was nowhere to be seen. At least his bags were still here…

Still sickened by the thought of Crane having sex with Amelia, even if unfulfilled, he decided room service sounded like a good idea and Nelson ordered a ham sandwich and some chicken noodle soup. Not hungry at all, at least they might help settle his stomach. Opening the sliding glass door to the balcony, he noticed Crane in the pool, swimming lap after lap…his muscles rippling with masculine beauty. Beauty? He’d never thought Lee beautiful before. Attractive, handsome, dashing, but not beautiful. Or had he? Oh, Lee, whatever am I going to do?


It was past midnight and as Lee wiped himself down with the towel, he leaned against the pool deck’s balustrade which overlooked the  beach, the lights from the hotel strip only managing to highlight a few yards of the waves crashing ashore, the blackness of sea and sky reminding him of  an abyss he and Nelson had recently explored…Nelson, Nelson, Nelson…  How could I let myself get into this mess. He’s my boss, for God’s sake…My friend, my  brother, my…father…at least he was…Oh, lord,  what’s wrong with me? Can I actually have the hots for him? Have I all along? What am I going to do?



Crane opened the door slowly, not wanting to wake Nelson, and was surprised to see the room lit and the door to the balcony open. He was just sitting there, staring out to  the mostly invisible sea…

“Lee?” Nelson asked without turning, having heard him enter the room, “Why don’t you join me. There’s enough soup and a half a sandwich left…”

“I uh…sure…thanks,” he emerged from the room and took the seat next to Nelson, who was still staring off.

“Lee…I….I want to apologize…”

“No…I’m the one who should apologize…”

“No. I am.”

“No. I am.”

“I met Dr. Whitman in the bar…you want to talk about it?”

“Oh gawd, she didn’t…”

“She only said I must have scared you off…Lee, I might not like her sexual habits, but I sure as hell would never forbid you to indulge yourself…”

“I wouldn’t have listened anyway…what sexual habits…she was good…it was…me…”

“She likes threesomes…in fact…she likes doing it with dogs, in particular one called Rawlf.”

“You can’t be serious?”

“It’s the general consensus among the scientific community…Lee, she said you were doing fine, then…just stopped. I’m not asking…but…”

Crane sighed and sipped the soup he’d poured into a coffee mug.

“Kind of personal, sir.”

“I see…”

“I just couldn’t…I mean, how would you feel if there you were smack in the middle of things and just as you were about to…er…finish…you had the sudden revelation that someone you cared about…you really cared about, if you know what I mean…I felt like a heel. I had to stop.”

Nelson pursed his lips…so, Lee did have a special someone…no wonder looking like that…his hair still damp and curled, even his chest hair. Were those goose bumps? Lee’s  nipples even seemed to be swelling as the sea breeze was chilling them both.

“I…I couldn’t ever jerk off to relieve myself…I felt so filthy. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to talk about my personal problems…”

“I’m the one who opened the door, Lee. You can talk to me about anything, you know…well, when I’m in my right mind that is…I really am sorry about earlier…you’re exhausted…go on to bed…” Alas that it isn’t mine…

“I’m still a bit too hyped up…mind if I just sit here with you and look at the waves…”

“Of course…er…maybe a sweater’s in order…”

“It is a bit chilly in these wet trunks…I’ll be back…”


Nelson had pulled on a sweater and resumed his seat, but Lee had taken another hot shower, and in pj’s and plaid  robe, rejoined him in a few minutes. He looked all of 12 years old.

It was with great difficulty that Nelson avoided taking him into his arms…paternal feelings for Crane were not all that uncommon, he’d had them an untold number of times,  but what unnerved him was also the desire to rip the robe and pj’s off of him and ravish him right there on the balcony, come what may.

“I wonder what they’re doing back home right now…”

“Well, even though they’re three hours behind us if they have any sense they’ll all be in bed.”

Lee laughed… “And sleeping in the middle of a meeting or something.”

“Or something…”

“What’s the topic tomorrow?”

“I’m thinking of reneging.”

“You can’t!”

“Lee, I think one presentation was enough. I might opt for a massage or a workout in the gym or something.”

“Uh…okay…I’ll join you…but…let me give a talk.”

“Lee, these are scientists. They’re not going to be interested in how to sail a sub.”

“No, but they might be in the dangers of amorous dolphins to divers.”


“Well, it happened, didn’t it…”

“Yes, but…”

“And there’s scientific interest in the testosterone levels that enable a male to stay erect for an incredible amount of time, considering, as well as the volume of…”

“Lee, Lee, Lee,” Nelson laughed, “You talk about that and they’ll think we have sex on the brain!” Which I do by the way, with you alone though…

“I’ll call the duty watch and have them fax over some of those reports and pictures…”


Lee was finishing setting up for his presentation as the scientists began to meander in at 9 AM the next morning.

“Well, if it isn’t Mr. Coitus  Timorous,” Dr. Whitman chortled as she and a few female companions giggled, casting him sad looks, shaking their heads. “I’m surprised you’re here Captain. I thought Admiral Nelson decided against today.”

“He did. He’s at the spa. This is for my presentation.”


“Yes. Since we began with the mating habits of the whale, I thought we’d finish up with the mating habits of dolphins, a very clear and present danger to divers, Naval and otherwise.”

“Flipper is a danger?”Dr. Carroll snorted.

“Sir, as my documented sources will prove, the illegal dumping of certain chemicals into the oceans have made a rather unexpected impact on the increased testosterone levels in many mammals…though dolphins already have quite a sex drive, if these undiluted chemicals are ingested  it can make them even more amorous and aggressive than normal.Now..if we’re all settled? Let’s begin…”


“Mr. Nelson? Sir?”


“Session’s over sir.”

“Already? Heavens, I must have fallen asleep.”

“You did indeed. I knew I graduated first in my Masseuse class but I had no idea I was that good,” the young man in the lab coat joked.

“Well, I’d be the first to congratulate you…I’d like another session…perhaps later this afternoon?”

“Certainly sir.”

“Oh, er…make it for two…I have a feeling my traveling companion will need a bit of relaxation after,” he sat up, outsized towel firmly in place,  and checked his watch, “about an hour…”

“But you said…”

“No, no. I don’t want our session then…perhaps after lunch…say, around 1?”

“I can fit you both in at 3.”

“Very well, 3 it is.”


Nelson had taken one of the seats in the back, and marveled at how good a speaker Lee was. He had the audience rolling in the aisles or nodding their heads in agreement as he reported his own experiences with certain over sexed dolphins and the desperate need for certain manufacturing companies to dilute or destroy the artificially created hormones that were finding their way into the seas of the world.

“So, Captain,” Dr. Whitman asked, “if these creatures are already over sexed, why are they attracted to humans instead of their own kind?”

“Oh they’re attracted to their own, but sometimes, if they see a diver, snorkeling or diving, or even just swimming, and they think they can get away with it, they’ll try.”

“And this happened to you.”


“Even though you were fully garbed in swim trunks or wetsuit? I find that a bit hard to believe. There’s nothing for them to…er….penetrate. Now, on the other hand, if you were naked…”

“I’m not in the habit of skinny dipping if that’s what you’re getting at. Neither is my crew, or the civilian’s who’ve reported the attacks. I had the bruises to prove it as well. If you’d like a copy of the medical reports in all these cases,  I can provide them, as well, as these…”he enlarged some  faxed photos taken from Seaview’s cameras to the screen.

Semen was swirling around the divers as a pod of amorous dolphins tried to hump them, especially between the legs.

“What do you do after an experience like that?”Dr. Carroll muttered.

“Well, first you turn a few shades of red, then you try for a live capture of at least one of them, and verify that their urges were natural or the result of contamination. In one of the dolphins we managed to snag and tag, the blood work showed higher than normal levels of an enhancement drug which shall remain nameless due to some legal matter, though the manufacturer had documentation which showed proper disposal, so it’s a mystery how that high a level got into the area. The other two we managed to snag from the same pod of over 11, showed normal testosterone levels. Dolphins are in effect pack animals…with a follow the leader mentality; if one desires a little action, they all do…no matter if the object of their affections is human, male, or female, and fully encumbered with neoprene.”

“Is this what made the whales so…er…”

“Reports of whales and submarines go back as far as World War 1, decades prior to the invention of these chemicals, so the orca should be considered a highly sexed mammal as well.”

“Is sex with a dolphin dangerous, I mean, if you wanted it,” Whitman asked.

“Uh..actually, I er..don’t know…”

“I can answer that Dr.,” Nelson rose and joined Crane on the podium. “I suppose a great deal would depend on your comfort level. The penis is prehensile, meaning the dolphin can move it around while erect, and it’s usually between 10 and 14 inches in length. Vaginal sex would be possible but I wouldn’t try it anally.  In other words, Dr.,  not a good idea, even for you. By the way, ejaculation only lasts about 12 -14 seconds…but they make up for the limited amount of time for release by becoming erect again almost immediately…so I suppose if all you wanted was  a continual source of penetration then the dolphin is for you.”

There were a few guffaws at that. Everyone knew of Amelia’s reputation. Polite applause followed as Nelson helped Lee gather up his notes and the shut down the projector.

“That was a cheap shot Nelson,” Whitman hissed as they passed by.

“If the shoe fits…by the way, we have two male dolphins we rescued from a shark attack in our facility. I suggest, when you’re in Santa Barbara, you leave them, and us,  alone.”



“I can’t believe you said that,” Lee snickered over his Florida Fizz on the snack deck. He was surprised Nelson had spent the time with him following the presentation walking on and taking a dunk in the Atlantic instead of listening to the rest of the morning’s presentations. It wasn’t long before Crane managed to  convinced him to return to the relative cover of the pool deck’s awning and some lunch.

“She deserved it.”

“Huh, oh, yeah…”

“You seem miles away…”

“I…I don’t know what to do about something.”

“Well, why don’t you tell me about…”

“Excuse me Admiral?” Dr. Carroll approached, “but may I ask you to assist me? My presentation’s in a few minutes and my assistant’s come down with something…”

“It’s okay,” Lee grinned, “besides you get out in that Florida sun anymore and you’ll turn into a beet.”

“I’ll need to change out of these tennis shorts…I’ll meet you in a few minutes Emile. See you later then, Lee 3 o’clock, Swedish massage remember?”

“I’ll be there.”

As Lee watched him leave, he couldn’t help thinking what kind of massage he’d like to give Nelson…a ‘classic’ massage…an ‘erotique’ massage…the kind of stimulation Amelia had only hinted at but never performed…Oh lord…when will I have the courage to tell him how I feel…




“Lee? Wake up. It’s Nelson. I’m sorry I’m late. Carroll went over…”

“Humm? Oh, hi,” the half draped Lee turned from his treatment table, oiled and totally relaxed.  “That’s all right…”and burrowed his head back down onto the small pillow. “Try the the lava rocks…”

“Any more heat and I’ll explode. No thank you. I’ll have my usual…”

“Its’ the second time in your life you’ve had a massage.”

“Well, it’s going to become a habit,” he began to disrobe, just out of sight, and returned to take his own table next to Lee’s, suitably toweled.

“It’d be better without the towel,” Lee mumbled.


“Oh, uh, I only meant sheets would be better. Easier to feel the massage through linen than terrycloth.” But that wasn’t what he really meant and he hoped Nelson didn’t either. Being this close to Nelson, naked but for the damn towel…damn it was hot in here…


Within minutes the masseur was working on Nelson, another returned to Crane and for a few blissfully soothing minutes both bodies were prodded and smoothed, oiled and bones cracked or crunched…while both men found themselves dreaming of each other roaming their hands over each other…


All too soon their session was over, the men dressed and returned to their room. Quiet. Subdued and scared.


“Lee,” Nelson was the first to broach a delicate topic, ‘I know you came here for the beach, but would you mind if we packed up and headed home early?” The sooner we’re both back home and in uniform maybe I can keep my thoughts off of stripping him naked and taking him right there on Seaview’s deck.

 “Fine by me.”  I have to get away from Nelson like this. If he’s in uniform I won’t think the things I’ve been thinking so much…

“Good. I think there’s a flight in a couple of hours.” Hours? How on earth can I last hours? Then even more hours to get back West. I know. Think the new  chemical equation Emile was touting to absorb pollutants…

“I’ll uh…just go get some swimming in…” Anything to keep myself from acting like the sex crazed dolphins I was speaking about just a few hours ago…


“Well, you two look healthy,” Morton met them at the airport. “Did you learn anything?”

“You’d be surprised,” Lee said. I learned I have the hots for Harry Nelson but I can’t  dare let him know.

“Indeed,” Nelson added. I learned that I’m in love with Lee and I’m a chicken for not having told him. But I’ll be damned if I let it wait much longer. Until tomorrow, Lee Crane. Until tomorrow.


The End