Caught In The Act by Devilish


Lt. Command Chip Morton stood watching his Captain and lover sleeping.? Lee shifted restlessly, groaning in his sleep.? He was obviously in pain, but stubbornly refused to take the pain medication Seaview?s CMO had prescribed for him.? He said that it made him feel dopey and Lee hated not being in control.?


Lee was recovering from a broken leg and an assortment of bruises and abrasions he?d suffered when the jeep he was a passenger in overturned.? Doctor Jamieson had wanted him in stay in Med Bay for a few more days, but Lee hated hospitals and had insisted on coming home. Although this was not Lee?s home, but Chip?s beach bungalow. Stubborn idiot, Chip thought silently.? It was hard for him to watch Lee suffer. ?I should shove the pills down your throat,? Chip sighed as Lee?s head rolled on the pillow and he grimaced in pain.


Sitting on the edge of the bed, Chip gently shook Lee awake. ?Lee.?


?Ummm...what?s wrong?? Lee asked as his honey gold eyes opened and focused on Chip, Lee?s usual olive complexion was pale and his black curly hair was mussed from sleep.


?You were moaning in your sleep.? Why don?t you take a pill??


?I was okay until you woke me up,? Lee complained.


Chip knew Lee?s annoyance was from pain and frustration, he loathed people fussing and would never show weakness or pain in front of the crew, but they weren?t on Seaview now. ?You don?t have to play superman with me, Lee.? Take the pills, please, for me??


Lee sighed. ?Okay, if it will make you happy.?


Smiling, Chip reached into the draw for the tablets and shook two out.? He passed them to Lee with a glass of water that he?d left on the bedside table.


Lee swallowed the pills and handed the glass back to Chip with a small smile. ?Sorry to be such a pain.?


Chip leant over and kissed him on the forehead. ?You?re not a pain.?


?God, I?ve missed you,? Lee groaned, reaching out to touch Chip?s face. ?Give me a proper kiss??


Chip caught Lee?s hand and squeezed gently. ?Come here,? he carefully lifted Lee, helping him sit up and pulled him into his arms.? For a moment he held Lee close, it was what he?d wanted to do ever since he?d first seen Lee lying in Med Bay.? ?I?ve missed you too.?




Secretly, Lee enjoyed having Chip fuss over him.? There were not many people that he allowed to get close to him.? He counted himself lucky that fate had brought them together at Annapolis, where they had roomed together.? Then being given command of Seaview had given them another chance to re-kindle their relationship. ?Chip was what he really needed in his life, some-one to love and care for, to give meaning to his life.? Before, all he?d had was his career; his personal life had been empty.? Now he had a family and people who cared about him.


With a contented sigh he closed his eyes. If he hadn?t felt so rotten, he would have been tempted to ask Chip to climb into bed with him.? He missed having Chip share his bed, but with his leg and other injuries, he doubted he?d be of much use; all the same it would be nice to have someone to snuggle up to.? He fought down the sudden compulsion to call Chip.? What the hell was wrong with him?? Was he turning into some sort of wimp?? ?He was angry at himself and frustrated with the situation; he was used to being in the thick of things.? Turning onto his side, he bit back a cry of pain as the movement hurt his leg. Damn!!? ?Punching the pillow into submission, he attempted to find a comfortable position.? When Jamie arrived he was going to demand that he be allowed up, even if he had to crawl.




?How is my favourite patient?? Jamieson asked as he followed Chip into the bungalow.


?Oh, he?s his usual stubborn self.?


Jamieson smiled. The one thing he had learnt when dealing with Crane was not to push too hard, although sometimes the only course was to be sneaky and argue about it later.? ?Is he taking the pills??


Chip nodded. ?Under? protest.?


?Nothing unusual there then,? Jamieson paused outside the bedroom door.? Lee was asleep when he entered the room.? He walked over to the bed to get a closer look at his patient. It seemed a shame to disturb him but he needed to check his vitals.? As Lee was lying on his side with one hand tucked under the pillow, Jamieson carefully pulled back the quilt and wrapped the blood pressure cuff around Lee?s free arm and put the stethoscope into his ears.? He expected Lee to push him away, but the drugs kept him under and he only made a feeble attempt to pull away before subsiding back into sleep.? Satisfied with the result, Jamieson removed the cuff and returned it to his bag.? Deferring from using the thermometer, he placed a hand on Lee?s forehead.? It wasn?t exactly the most accurate ways of checking a patients? temperature, but he did not want to disturb Lee anymore than he had to.? Next he pulled back the quilt to check the injured leg, keeping Lee covered as much as possible.? Lee always felt cold when he was incapacitated.? The colour looked look and he checked the circulation in the foot. Replacing the quilt, he stood. ?Everything looks fine,? he told Chip, who had been standing watching.


?Thanks Doc.?


?I?ve brought some crutches; I know he must be going stir crazy stuck in bed.?


?Yeah, you could say that.?


?Don?t let him overdo it,? Jamieson cautioned. Crane was never an easy patient.? He knew how impetuous the young Captain could be and didn?t want him aggravating his injuries.


?Don?t worry, Doc ? I can handle him.?


Jamieson chuckled; remembering how Chip had a tendency to boss his CO around and Lee let him.? They had been friends a long time and were as close as brothers. ?Yes, I suppose you can.? If there are any problems give me a call, otherwise bring him to Med Bay on Friday.?


?Will do,? Chip followed Jamieson out of the room and walked with him to the front door. ?See you later Jamie.?


Jamieson nodded as he headed for his car. Lee was doing fine and he would probably rest easier here than in hospital.? He opened the car and took out the crutches, returning to Chip who still stood in the open doorway, he handed them over. ?Remember what I said.?


?Don?t worry, I?ve got everything under control,? Chip assured him.



Lee woke to find Chip standing holding a bowl and a towel. ?What?s this??


?I thought you might need to freshen up,? Chip replied as he approached the bed and put the bowl on the nightstand. ?And you could do with a shave.?


Lee rubbed his chin. ?Yeah, I guess I could at that,? he sat up and rested back against the pillows that Chip quickly placed behind him. ?Thanks.?


?I?ll give you a hand,? Chip pulled back the quilt.


?I am quite capable of washing myself,? Lee growled in warning.


?I was hoping you?d let me help,? Chip grinned mischievously.?


Lee groaned. ?If you help, I?ll need a cold shower,? His body was already reacting to the thought of Chip touching him; it had been too long since they had shared a bed.


Chip was smiling at him, a dazzling smile that lit? his whole face, his blue eyes sparkling like the ocean.


Lee swallowed, ?Chip, I really don?t think that would be a good idea.? Not that I wouldn?t enjoy...? Lee felt himself blushing, he might have a broken leg, but there was nothing wrong with his other equipment.


?Are you hungry?? I can fix something while you freshen up,? Chip offered.


Lee nodded. ?A sandwich would be good, thanks.?


Chip stood, ?It won?t take a minute.? Try not to spill, or I?ll have to change the bed linen,? he teased.




With the aid of the crutches, Lee managed to make his way to the kitchen and sat at the table while he munched on his cheese salad sandwich and potato chips.? They had both become apt at fending for themselves over the years; although Chip?s cooking skills didn?t quite match Lee?s.? Lee?s mother had taught him to cook when he was young.? Lee had somehow gained a reputation as a finicky eater aboard the boat, but that wasn?t true when he was ashore.? His favourite food was Italian which he made when he had the time.? The one bone of contention between him and his CMO was the amount of coffee that he consumed.? Jamie had said that he would live on coffee given the chance; one of these days Lee was going to invite the doctor to dinner and give him a Big surprise.? Regardless of their arguments, Lee liked the doctor and wouldn?t want anyone else in his place.


?You?re quiet, anything wrong?? Chip asked, braking into Lee?s thoughts.


Lee shook his head. ?No, I was just thinking about Jamie.? I wonder what he would say if he knew about us.?


?I?d? like to think that he would be tolerant.?


?I was thinking about inviting him to dinner some time.? It might be a good opportunity to talk,? Lee hedged, watching Chip?s reaction.? This affected both of them and he wouldn?t want to do anything to hurt Chip?s career.


?Sounds like a plan.? Maybe we should invite the Admiral as well, kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.?


?Thanks,? Lee reached across the table, feeling the need to touch his lover.


Chip gave him another dazzling smile and got up.? Walking around the table he stood behind Lee and put his hands on his shoulders. ?Come on, let?s go out on the deck, you might not be able to swim, but you can listen to the surf.?


Lee smiled. ?You know me so well.?





Lee sat watching the sun going down.? He had spent most of the afternoon and evening ?taking it easy? as per Jamie?s instructions; something that he rarely indulged in.? Ribbons of red and orange blazed across the sky and reflected in the ocean, bathing everything in a warm glow; sunsets here were beautiful.


They had enjoyed a barbeque of South Pacific Salmon, washed down with non-alcoholic lager.? In spite of his grumbling, Lee didn?t really mind the stuff.? He knew that it was not a good idea to drink with the pain meds. He smiled as he glanced across at Chip. Lee had tried to go for a walk on the beach earlier, but the crutches kept sinking into the sand and he had ended up on his butt.? Fortunately, he had not done any damage.? Chip had shaken his head disapprovingly and told him he didn?t have the sense he was born with, but they had both ended up laughing; only now his leg ached and he was beginning to feel chilled. His shorts and polo-shirt weren?t cutting it; but he didn?t want to move inside yet.

When Chip got up and disappeared inside, the porch felt somehow empty and he suddenly felt lonely. What the hell was wrong with him?? Why was he so emotional?? Hell, he?d suffered worst things.


Chip re-appeared a short time later wearing a sweater over his T-shirt and carrying a sweatshirt, which he handed to Lee. ?Here, put this on before you turn blue,? he said with a hint of amusement.


?Thanks,? Lee shrugged into it, feeling the warm material against his bare arms.


?Are you going to stay out here all night?? Should I fetch a blanket??


Lee gave him a shy smile. ?There are other ways of keeping warm.?


?Why Lee, what are you suggesting??


Chip?s look of innocent naivety was too much and Lee dissolved into laughter.


When they had both regained some control, Chip helped Lee to his feet and followed him inside.? Chip closed and locked the sliding glass doors and pulled the drapes across before turning to Lee ?Well??


Lee?s eyes blazed with gold, betraying his desire as he stood gazing at Chip. Letting his crutches fall to the floor, he took an unsteady step towards him.


?Shit! Lee what...?? Chip grabbed him, wrapping an arm around him to keep him upright. ?Idiot,? he admonished affectionately.


?I had to get a reaction from you somehow,? Lee joked as he wrapped his arms around Chip and held on tight, savouring the smell of his aftershave. ?Umm, you smell good.?


?Changed your mind since this morning, you must be feeling better.?


?Yeah, do you think we could...??


?Bed, together?? Chip asked.


?Thought you?d never ask.?





Lee wanted Chip?s naked body against him, his strong, warm arms around wrapped around him.? He moulded himself against Chip, feeling every inch of Chip?s hot arousal against him.


Chip kissed his shoulder and wrapped one arm around him, holding him close, while the other hand wrapped around Lee?s swollen cock.? Lee moaned aloud, he wanted Chip?s thick cock inside him ? wanted it so much.


?Oww, yes...Chip...please,? he panted breathlessly.


Chip continued to stroke Lee?s pulsing cock and Lee pushed back against him, he needed it bad. ?


Chip?s cock was hot and heavy, stretching him open as Chip buried himself deep inside him.? They moved together, each thrust drove Lee crazy. He groaned as Chip?s touch did things to him.? His insides seized the throbbing cock, squeezing and releasing as it jerked inside him, stabbing at his centre.? Oblivious of everything but the cock inside him and the tightness in his own groin as he hurtled towards climax, Lee forgot about his broken leg and his bruised and battered body.? Nothing else existed beyond the intense pleasure of being joined with his lover.




Lee sat at the kitchen table watching Chip clear away the breakfast dishes.? Normally a complete professional aboard the boat, Lee was having a hard time keeping his hands off the blond.? Even after last nights? activities, he was itching to get his hands on that firm body and that sizeable cock that had given him so much pleasure.? He shifted uncomfortably as his body responded to the thought. He fantasized about doing it right here on the kitchen table. Of peeling Chip out of those too tight pants and sink his swollen arousal into that hot, wet opening.? He almost groaned aloud, he was in danger of coming right there. Hell, didn?t Chip realize what those tight uniform pants did to him?


Drying his hands, Chip turned around. ?I have to go into the office today, are you going to be okay??


?Yeah, I?ll be fine,? Lee hid his disappointment.? He?d been hoping for a long hot shower with his lover and then... He gave himself a mental shake.? He needed to do something to channel all the pent up energy that he would usually burn off running, playing tennis or working.? ?How about bringing me some reports or something to work on, stop me going completely stir crazy??


?If you behave, I?ll think about it,? Chip opened a drawer and pulled out a roll of cling wrap. ?Here, you wouldn?t want to get your plaster wet.? Can you manager the shower on your own??


Lee bit back the urge to say no, one of them needed to take care of things at the institute.?Yes, don?t worry, I?ll be careful.?




Admiral Harriman Nelson closed the report on Lee Crane?s accident and sat back in his chair.? Jamieson?s medical report said that Lee?s leg would take at least six weeks to heal properly, and then he may require therapy. Dammit Lee, why did you have to go and get yourself injured in a stupid accident? ?Nelson shook his head. Everyone was aware of how accident prone Seaview?s Captain was, but sometimes it was extremely inconvenient and un-necessary. If Lee would only stop and think before he plunged headlong into situations that he had very little or no control over.


The Office of Naval Research had requested Seaview?s assistance with an electronic warfare research project, but Nelson was reluctant to have Seaview sail without her Captain unless it was absolutely necessary.? He knew how important Lee?s command was to him and he would not be happy if she left without him.? Nelson was also reluctant to leave Lee behind without Jamieson to keep an eye on him. Lee might be a damn fine Captain, but left to his own devices, there was no telling what hare-brained scheme he may get involved in, regardless of medical advice.


He would just have to fly to ONR headquarters in Washington to see if there was anything he could do without Seaview.? But he would need Lee to take care of things at the institute while he was away.? Straightening, he reached for the speaker on his desk.? ?Katie, would you have Dr Jamieson come to my office please??


?Right away, Sir,? his PA replied.




?You wanted to see me Admiral?? Jamieson poked his head around the door.


?Yes, Will, come in ? sit down,? Nelson waved him to a chair. ?I need to fly to Washington as soon as possible, but I need someone to take care of thing here.? Do you think Lee is fit enough for light duty??


?I don?t know Admiral; he was pretty out of it yesterday when I called,? Jamieson said doubtfully. ?Although? his injuries seem to be healing well.?


?Damn,? Nelson cursed softly.? ?How long before he?s back on his feet??


?Knowing? Lee Crane, a lot sooner than I?d like.?


Nelson couldn?t help smiling at that comment.? The Doctor and Lee often clashed when it came to Lee?s health. Lee was stubborn; it was an immovable object meeting an unstoppable force.? ?All right, I?ll call Dr. Pendleton and see if there is anything we can do in the interim.?




Lee was finding it much easier to move around; he wasn?t so stiff and sore.

He had spent the day pottering around the bungalow, doing what he could. He had even called his secretary to do some shopping for him so that he could cook dinner.? She had been only too happy to help, since his not being in the office meant that she was not busy.


He was standing at the sink, washing the salad when Chip entered. ?How was everything at the institute?? he asked, glancing back at Chip.


?Okay.? What are you doing? Can I help?? Chip walked up behind him and slipped an arm around him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.


?I?ve done Lasagne and green salad for dinner.?? Lee turned his head to return the kiss. ?You could set the table.?


?I think I can manage that.?


Lee put the colander on the side to drain and turned to watch Chip as his thoughts changed from food to what he wanted to do with the blond after dinner.


?What?s for afters?? Chip asked.


?You,? Lee smiled wickedly. ?There?s ice-cream in the freezer and chocolate sauce, I thought we could get creative.?


Chip groaned. ?You?re depraved Lee Crane.?


?Yeah, but you like it.?




Nelson stood looking out of the window in his penthouse atop the institute that he had founded.? He was worried about his Captain and friend, Lee Crane.? He wished that there was something more he could do to help Lee, and yes, he wished that there was some way of persuading Lee to stop accepting missions from ONI.? He had quickly come to realise that it was why he?d been allowed to steal Lee away from the Navy, so that he would be in place should Seaview?s services be needed.


His mind returned to the conversation he?d had with Will Jamieson earlier that day.? Damn young fool should have stayed in Med Bay like Jamieson had wanted him too.? But that was typical Lee, whether he was in Sickbay or hospital, he was always eager to escape before he was medically fit.? At least this time Lee had agreed to stay at Chip?s place.? Lee might be Chip?s CO, but they were best friends and Chip would not hesitate to tell Lee if he thought that he was doing too much, too soon.


Turning from the window he looked at his watch. The evening had dragged with nothing to occupy his thoughts other than worrying about Lee.? It was still early enough that he could pay a visit to his officers; he?d feel better once he had seen Lee.





Lee lay stretched out on the bed, so turned on by the thought of what Chip was going to do.? His cock was already rampant, he wasn?t sure he would last once Chip touched him.?


Smiling, Chip placed the tray with two bowls of ice cream on the bed within easy reach before kneeling astride Lee.? He took a spoon of ice cream and fed it to Lee, following it with a kiss.


?Ummm,? Lee moaned a Chip ravished his mouth. ?More.?


?Ice cream or kisses??


?Both,? I want your mouth everywhere.?


Chip licked his lips while his eyes ran the length of Lee?s body, stopping at his swollen cock.


Lee shivered in anticipation of the cold ice cream on his hot flesh. But Chip?s attention was on another part of Lee?s body.


He took a mouthful of ice cream, then lowered his head to suck Lee?s right nipple.


Lee gasped, the erotic sensation of heat and cold instantly had his nipples hard and shot straight to his groin. He groaned and squirmed as Chip sucked at his nipple.? When he?d finished lavishing attention on one side, he switched his attention to the other.? ?Oww, Chip.?


Chip raised his head and grinned mischievously. ?Tell me what you want.?


?You know what I want, your mouth on my cock.?


A knock on the door interrupted things and Lee cursed silently. ?Leave it, maybe they?ll go away.?


Chip leaned down and gave him a quick kiss. ?I?ll get rid of who ever and we can pick up from where we left off.?


Lee propped himself up and watched Chip pull on his jeans and reach for a T shirt.



?Admiral, Sir, we weren?t expecting you.? Lee heard the surprise in Chip?s voice as he greeted their caller.


Lee groaned, then realised that the bedroom door was open. Shit! ?He scrambled off the bed to close it, but without his crutches he sprawled on the floor.


?I just stopped by to check on Lee,? he heard the Admiral say.


?He?s lying down,? Chip replied.


Lee looked up and froze as Nelson appeared at the door.? He felt himself turning red.


For a moment Nelson stared at him.


?Admiral...? Lee stammered.


There was an awkward silence before a smile slowly formed on Nelson?s lips. ?I?m sorry if I?ve interrupted something.?


?Lee, are you okay,? Chip entered the bedroom to help Lee up.


?I?m fine,? Lee snapped with irritation and embarrassment at being found sprawled naked on the floor by the Admiral; it didn?t take a genius to figure out what had been going on.


Chip took his arm and helped him to the bed where he gratefully crawled under the quilt.


Chip picked up the tray from the bed and moved it to the side table. ?We were having dessert.?


Nelson looked from one to the other. ?I see.?


Yeah, I bet you do. Lee thought, not able to meet the man?s gaze he waited for the impending eruption of the famous Nelson temper.


?Well don?t let me interrupt, your dessert is melting,? Nelson observed. ?I?ll see myself out.? Good night gentlemen.?


?Err, Admiral... we would like you and Jamie to come to dinner.? There?s something we need to talk to you about,? Lee said.


?I?d like that, thank you,? Nelson smiled.? ?I?m glad to see you?re feeling better Lee.?


?Yes, Admiral, thank you,? Lee replied quietly.


?I?ll show you out, Sir,? Chip followed Nelson out of the bedroom.




Chip didn?t often use the dining room, preferring instead to either eat in the kitchen or in front of the TV.? Tonight however, in honour of their guests the table was dressed with a simple white tablecloth with matching napkins and laid with a stoneware dinner set in white, edged with black.


They had enjoyed a meal of succulent steak with herb garlic roasted potatoes and asparagus with hollandaise sauce finishing with apple meringue. Lee sipped his coffee and glanced at Chip across the rim of the cup.? Chip was dressed in white pants and a black shirt.? Lee had never seen Chip wear black, apart from a wetsuit, and he had to admit that Chip looked good in it.


Jamieson rested back in his chair and patted his stomach. ?That was good, I?m impressed.?


Lee smiled, ?That was the idea, now perhaps you?ll stop hounding me about not eating,? he said good naturedly.


?Does anyone need a refill?? Chip asked, getting to his feet.


?Why don?t we move to the lounge?? Chip bring the pot,? Lee reached for the crutch that he had left leaning against his chair and carefully steadied himself before leading the way.


Once they had all settled and Chip had put the tray with the coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl down on the coffee table, he joined Lee on the couch.


Lee reached out and took Chip?s hand. ?Admiral, Jamie, there?s something we have to tell you,? he paused, looking from Nelson and Jamieson. ?Chip and I are a couple.? He squeezed Chip?s hand. ?We love each other very much.?


?Well I guess if I?m honest I?ve always known that there was something more between you two. But don?t worry; I?m not foolish enough to let it spoil anything.? You?re the best command team I could hope for and you have my full support,? Nelson smiled.


Lee and Chip exchanged looks. ?Thank you, Admiral.?


?Your both intelligent adults, I?m sure you don?t need any advice from me.? Jamieson added.? ?But be careful you don?t do anything to aggravate your injuries,?he told Lee.


?Don?t worry, Jamie, I wouldn?t do anything to hurt him,? Chip replied affectionately.


?I hope this means that you are going to be spending less time in my sick bay??? Jamieson said optimistically.?


?I can?t promise I won?t still take risks, I?m still Seaview?s Captain and it?s my responsibility to look out for my crew.?


?And I?m still your Exec, and I reserve the right to take your head off if you do something stupid,? Chip warned.


Lee grinned. ?I wouldn?t have it any other way.?