Cherry Blossom by Joy Devilish

Lee Crane finished towling his wet hair and slipped on his robe before returning to the bedroom to dress. He still had seven hours until he had to be back in Santa Barbara. He'd just pulled on his boxers, when the door burst open and two large men rushed him, heavily armed with guns.


What the...


Shut up Crane. Get down on your knees.


Armed men? Lee knew he didn't stand a chance to take these two down, at least not yet. No sooner than he'd reluctantly done as instructed, suddenly pain engulfed him as he was hit from behind. He pitched forward, dazed and barely conscious. The men laughed as they held and manhandled him, stripping him of his robe and shorts. As both men held him down with knees on his chest, one of them fitted a harness over his genitals, then taking the straps between his legs, turning him and tying his hands behind his back.


Struggle as much as you like, Captain, youll only hurt yourself more, one of his captors taunted.


Who are you...what do you want?" he moaned as the straps on his genitals dug in while they pulled him to his feet.


We want you, or rather our boss wants you, " one of the men snorted, pushing him towards the door.

"What he means, is, that the boss wants your delicious body."


Crane was cruelly manhandled to a car and dumped into the trunk. As if an afterthought, a blanket was tossed on top of him. Wouldnt want you to get cold!"




Chip Morton knocked and entered Nelsons office. You wanted to see me, Admiral?


Yes, Chip come in and sit down, Nelson gestured to the chair in front of his desk. Have you heard from Lee today?


No, hes due back any time. Is something wrong?


Yes, Im afraid there is. Lee is missing. He apparently stayed in a motel last night,but when he didnt check out this morning, the staff couldn't find him. His things are still there, his car too. There's just no sign of him.


"You think somethings happened to him?


I wish I knew. I want you to take some men and see what you can turn up. Make a thorough search of the area. See if you can find any clues as to where Lee might be. Nelson handed him the address of the motel.


Yes, Sir Ill get right on it. Chip stood and hurried out of Nelsons office and down the hall to the elevator. He tried not to think about what might have happened to Lee as he waited impatiently for the elevator car.


Stepping out of the elevator into the foyer, Chip strode across to the door and wrenched it open. Once outside, he headed for Seaviews dock; most of the crew should have reported for duty by now, and they would be only too happy to help search for Lee.



Chip dropped the last few feet into the control room and looked around. Chief?


Aye, Sir, Sharkey turned, clipboard in hand.


I need volunteers for a search party. The Captain is missing.


The Skipper, Sir What...?


I dont know, Chip cut him off; he didnt have time to waste answering questions now.


Sharkey nodded. Aye, Sir. I'll round up everyone I can."






Lee wasnt sure how long he had been in the car. He was stiff and sore by the time he was hauled out of the trunk, and the cord pulled so tightly against his balls he nearly cried out. He was led into what appeared to be an abandoned building, taken up some stairs, to what used to be a large office. A man stood up from behind a desk as he was shoved into a room.


Finn? What the hell is this all about?

Adam Finn was the current director of none other than ONI.


Captain Crane, at last," he walked over and looked Crane up and down with a predatory grin as the guards had to hold him even tighter. Ive waited a long time for this opportunity, and it was worth it. Why, in person, your body is all I imagined it should be." He smirked as he pushed a hand between Lees legs. "You're nothing at all like your old black and white medical photos. Struggle if you must, but you just may enjoy it." Then Finn pushed a finger into Lee's ass, "Tell me, Captain such a good looking boy like youhave you ever done it with a man?


Go to hell! Crane spat back, writhing against Finn's probing finger, which was massaging and squeezing his prostrate through the inner musculature.

"Oh, I promise by the time I am finished with you, youll be begging for it. Perhaps, even from Nelson," he laughed. A clock chimed. "Alas. Time waits for no man," and he withdrew his finger. Until later. Take him away. I hope you don't mind helicopters."


It was one of the most uncomfortable flights Crane had ever been on. Naked, chained facedown by handcuffs on his wrists and ankles to rings on the decking, he'd even been blindfolded, presumably to keep him from recognising the pilot.

The chopper dipped and angled and changed direction frequently as if to confuse him further. Was this some kind of test? No. Even ONI wouldn't go this far.

His shoulders and arms ached. His genitals had been rubbed raw from the cords. Apprehension had been replaced by fear. He'd been tortured by enemies before, but never by his own countrymen.




Chip stood in Lees motel room, the disgarded shorts and robe were all wrong. Lee wasn't in the habit of leaving clothes lying around. Chip shivered and suppressed some of the unwelcome thoughts that were going through his mind. He finished packing Lees things into his holdall and took it out to Lees car, dropping it onto the back seat. That was another thing. Lee would never just abandon his car.


Mr Morton, Sir, Sharkey broke into his thoughts.




Nothing, Sir not a dickybird, no-one's seen or heard anything.


Morton let out a sigh. Great. They didnt know any more now than they did before.


What do we do now, Sir?


Round up the men, Ill contact the Admiral and see if he has heard anything."




The blindfold had been removed as Lee was dragged from the helicopter almost as soon as it had landed. He saw a house of white masonry with a red tiled roof around a courtyard.


"I see you're impressed," Finn smiled as they approached and entered the dwelling, "Form follows function,' as it were. The masonry's so thick, no one will hear you scream so I wouldn't get any ideas about a rescue. There aren't any pesky neighbours to hear you anyway."


Arms badly bruised by his bodyguards, Lee soon found himself on his back, locked onto an examination gurney, his legs raised and held wide apart by the shiny metal foot rests. Trays of instruments glistened beside him. Lee thought he recognised a few other 'toy's used in S&M games. Hed heard of sexual assault being used on agents, but had never experienced it firsthand. Oh gawd, this wasn't trueit couldn't be.

"You gotta' nice thick cock Capn'," one of the guards chuckled, "Gonna' enjoy getting you ready for the boss."


"You can play with him later. Get the ball harness off him," the other said, as he brought over an old fashioned 'combination' enema set. "You ready Crane? The boss like's his toys nice and clean," he inserted the tube into Lee's arse.


"Get your hands off me! Stop that you bastards! Just stop it! This is sick!"





After the enema, Lee had been pumped with some kind of arousal drug and a butt plug had been inserted. Hed been re-tied, a rope had been wrapped around the base of his scrotum, stretching his balls and pulling them away from his body, then it had been wrapped around his penis and the remainder of the rope had been tied around his neck, holding his penis erect against his stomach. Then he was taken to a cell. There was no furniture, just a padded floor and stark white walls. He was locked in.


Sinking to the floor, arms cuffed behind him, he knew there was nothing he could do to relieve the growing mixture of pain and pleasure. The butt plug was pressing hard against his prostate, aiding the drug to keep his erection while the rope pulled on his balls. He couldnt even try to touch himself because of his bonds. Embarrassed and humiliated, he wondered if the overwhelming need to pee as well would embarrass him further. He looked up at the sound of the lock turning. The door opened and the same two men came in, one carrying a tray. Lee quickly scrambled to his feet, gritting his teeth against the pain in his guts and an over full bladder.


One of the men grabbed him, On your knees, he ordered, forcing him down. He was held while the other man removed the plug and sprayed something onto his anal ring, massaging it with his finger.


Lee moaned. Please, I need to pee.


Not until the boss says so. Better get used to it, he usually makes 'em wait twenty four hours.


I cant wait that long!


Suddenly something heavy and hard was pushed up inside him. Owww, no, stop! Please! he moaned as the hard object moved up and down his passage and pressed against his insides. He collapsed forward, helpless. "I'm telling you. You have to let me pee! It's going to rupture!"


"So pee already."


You know I cant like this!. It was almost impossible to pee with his genitals tied.


He looks sick. Better tell the boss when were finished," the other said, removing Lee's cuffs and turning him onto his back while the other recuffed his wrists together above his head and locked them into a chain on the baseboard.


The other man spread and kept Lee's legs raised and wide apart, while the other continued with the instrument. His penis continued to swell pressing hard against the rope. After several more minutes of torture, the men stopped, unlocked the cuffs, and pulled him to his feet. Come on, time to see the boss.




Nelson put down the receiver. Hed spoken to ONI, and they apparently knew nothing of Cranes disappearance. The director was on leave, but his deputy had assured Nelson that he would call him if he heard anything.


Lee may not have time! Nelson thought irritably. Taking the cigarette packet out of his shirt pocket, he shook one out and lit it before turning to the speaker on his desk. Angie, can you get me the chief of security, please.


After a few minutes the phone rang and Nelson picked up the receiver. Nelson.


Morgan Fisher here, Admiral.


Anything yet? Nelson asked, taking a drag of the cigarette.


No, sorry, Admiral. Ive contacted a friend in the L.A.P.D. If he hears anything hell let me know.


Thanks, Morgan. Nelson once more hung up the phone. He felt so frustrated, unable to do anything. The search of the motel had come up empty. They didnt have a single clue as to Lees whereabouts. Unable to remain still any longer, he pushed himself to his feet and paced the office, taking a drag on the cigarette while his tried to stem his whirling thoughts. He paused in front of the windows that overlooked the ocean and Seaviews pen. Hed spent too many hours worrying about the young Captain. There was no doubt in his mind that Lee had been taken by force, and as there had been no demands, he could think that whoever had taken him, had something personal against Lee. Was Lee already dead? Fear knotted him stomach. NO, he didnt want to contemplate losing Lee. He had to believe that he was alive.





He needs to pee real bad," the guard said as he and his companion dumped Lee on the floor.


No one's stopping you Captain, Finn smiled sadistically as he appraised him. "Help him up. Nobind his arms behind his back and untie his cock. You aim himover there."



But it wouldn't come despite his need to relieve himself.


"Oh for heaven's sake," Finn shoved the guard away and grabbed Lee's penis. Using the palm of his hand, he pressed hard against the bladder wall, Lee's penis exploded in a stream of yellow liquid. Finn seemed to take great pleasure in watching him humiliate himself, You will come to understand that I own you now. You do nothing without my permission. That includes such bodily functions as taking a pee. You will submit to me any time you are told to. It will do as I want with your cock, your arse or any other part of your body I please. If you don't, well, I'm not sure your precious Admiral would be able to survive my attentions"


"You leave him alone!"


"Yes, it could quite literally kill himGive him some more of the drug, He's gone flaccid."




Once again he was taken back to the room where he was strapped down yet again. He was sick, angry, humiliated, and dizzy.


Youll soon be horny again soon," the man said as he swabbed Lees arm and gave the injection.


The other laughed, took hold of Lees penis and started to move it around. Do you like that? he teased.


Get your hands off me you pervert!"


Relax and stop fighting it, You were hard enough a while ago..


Lee moaned as the plug was yanked out of his body. Soon a finger pushed up inside.


Stop struggling! You enjoyed it before, the man laughed.


It wasn't long before Lee felt his body react to the mixed signals he was experiencing again from the re-stimulation of his prostrate and penis.


The men took turns pushing in their fingers and toying with him.

Lee stifled a groan, but he couldnt stop his body from betraying him, his burgeoning erection swelled in the grips of his tormentors.



By the time Finn arrived Lee had been moved to another room and strapped spread eagled to a king sized bed complete with butt lift mattress and built in restraints. Finn smiled as he approached. I know youre going to be a good fuck, he removed his pants and shorts and knelt between Lees spread legs. Ready to let me in? he grinned,


Lee gasped in agony as Finn began to rape him.


Ahhhh, yes, Finn groaned as he penetrated Lees body.


The torment was almost unbearable. Lee was more troubled by his body's reaction than the increasing pain.


Suddenly Finn withdrew. Turn him.


The bed was adjusted, and an exhausted Lee was turned onto his stomach, his hips raised, the restraints adjusted, Then Finn entered his body again his violent thrusting rocking Lee, while his hands stroked and squeezed Lee's swollen length. Lee's balls were tight now, and the movement of Finns hard rod inside him was driving him wild. He was going to come. God knew he didn't want to buthe moaned as he felt the pre-cum form on the tip of his cock pressed against the mattress. The hard length inside him continued to drag at his insides and Lee's body clenched around it unbidden. He was panting hard, just a little more and he knew he would come.


Abruptly, Finn's hand grabbed Lee's penis and squeezed to spot him from coming.


You dont come until I say so, Finn panted. Still holding Lees cock, he continued to thrust again until with one final lunge, he came.


Lee felt the mans spasm inside him, as much as the thought revolted him, his body had enjoyed it. Finn was still very hard and for a few moments the man remained inside him, still holding Lee's throbbing cock. Lee couldnt stand it. Please, let me come," he pleaded, his swollen cock aching for release.


Now, Captain, you must learn the rules, Finn ordered as he withdrew.


What...rules? Lee asked, almost afraid of the answer.


I told you. You will submit to me any time you are asked. You will wear only a robe to facilitate easy access. Disobey and you will be punished. Also, you will learn to enjoy sex without the aid of the drug. Reinsert the plug. I want him to feel me inside him even when we're not together. Release the restraints then take him away. "


As Lee turned, held by the two guards, Finn grabbed Lee's penis again and began to stroke it. "Yes. You will learn to enjoy it. See? You're already hard again. Take him back. For now."


Youll pay for this, Finn, Lee threatened, renewing his effort to break free from the men holding him.


Now, now, dont make me punish you. I dont want to hurt you. At least, not much.




Chip stood looking out of the windows in Seaviews nose, sightlessly watching the activity on the dockside. His mind dominated by thoughts of Lee Crane, growing more concerned for his friends safety with every passing hour. Turning he glanced towards the plot table, missing Lees presence there.


Sparks was using Seaview's superior radio for any emergency signals or news. The police would not do anything for twenty four hours, and had suggested that Cane may have staged his own disappearance. Chip had considered taking the Flying Sub out on an aerial search, but without anything to go on it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Chips stomach rumbled, reminding him of the time. Hed spent the morning at the motel with the men, looking for clues, and talking to the receptionist. After checking with the Admiral, hed driven Lees car back to the institute; he hadnt even thought about lunch. Turning, he walked towards the aft hatch. Sparks, Ill be in the wardroom if Im needed.




Several junior officers were seated in the wardroom, talking and drinking coffee. With the Captain missing, it was the logical place for several of his men to gather, on shore leave or not. Chip helped himself to a cup and sat down.


Mr Morton, any news of the Skipper? Cookie asked as he approached.


No, nothing. You're missing your shore leave.


I feel better hereCan I get you something, Sir?


May be just a sandwich, thanks.


Sure, coming right up."


For a moment, Chip watched him walk away before turning his attention back to his coffee. He and Lee usually ate together when they were aboard, except when Lee was consumed with something and skipped a meal or two. Where was Lee at this moment? Locked in a cell somewhere? It was unlikely that wherever Lee was, that he was being given any care, let alone being fed. Why bother to feed someone you are going to kill.


Chip gave himself a mental shake as Cookie arrived with his food, and smiled in thanks. He ate without giving any real thought to what he was eating. It was almost as if he was on auto-pilot.




Lee was spread eagled on the floor of the cell, his wrists and ankles secured to metal rings set into the floor. It seemed as though he had been there for hours, his joints ached from the unnatural position his limbs had been in for too long. Adding to his discomfort, he still had the plug inside him, and he was still erect, the tip swollen and purple and his balls ached with need. How much longer was it going to take for the drug to wear off? This was his punishment, but it was preferable to being violated by Finn and his men.


He had to find a way out, but it was difficult to concentrate on anything but the demands of his body. Revolted at having allowed his body to enjoy Finns assault, his anger flared; anger at Finn, and at himself. He kept telling himself that it was the drug and that he wasnt responsible, but it didn't help.


The sound of the lock signalled the arrival of his tormentor. He stepped into the room and stood looking down at him. Arrr, Crane, you look so appealing stretched out like that, I could do whatever I wanted. But there will be time for that later. You must be hungry and I wouldnt want you to pass out on me. He turned to the two men standing behind him. Take him to the guest room and bathe him before dinner."





He was taken to a bedroom dominated by a large king size bed. The decoration was expensive, with satin sheets on the bed and a plush carpet on the floor.


See, you could be very comfortable if you consented to sex with him.




They shoved Crane towards the open door of the ensuite. They handcuffed him to the grab rail before turning on the water. Ill enjoy this, one of the men leered as he stripped off to reveal his erection. Stepping into the shower, he squeezed some gel onto his hands and began to spread it over Lee, paying particular attention to genitals and arse. He took his time tormenting Lee, his fingers rolled his nipples before moving down to spreading the foaming liquid over his hot flesh, careful not to go too far.


Lee was so turned on by the drug that he couldnt stop his body from reacting to the arousing touch. The butt plug still inside him added to the stimulation as the man manipulated it. Lee tried to close his mind to the torment, concentrating his thought on what he was going to do to Finn when he finally escaped.

He was snapped back by the feel of the mans hard penis rubbing against his backside. NO, surely they were not going to take him as well. The swollen cock moved between the crease of his buttocks as the man rubbed himself against him.


That's a preview for when I get to fuck you after the boss has finished with you.


Yeah, well take turns, the other agreed.


Lee felt a chill run through him; this was a nightmare. He had to get out of here.



Finn was already seated at the large dining table when Lee was escorted in. Come in Crane, sit down," he waved to a chair.

Lee was pushed into it and his ankles shackled to the legs, while chains were still attached to shackles on his upper arms, leaving his hands free to eat. He had been given a towelling robe to wear, and was grateful for the modicum of coverage it gave. Still, he hoped he could find something else to wear before he escaped. For ecape he would. Somehow

Sorry about the restraints," Finn said casually, "I know you're trying to figure out a way to escape. But, trust me, you won't," he smiled.

Another man that Lee had not seen before entered the room with a tray and placed a bowl of soup in front of Finn first, then Lee.

Captain, do help yourself to rolls.

He didn't want to give Finn the satisfaction. However, Lee was hungry and needed some sustinence. He took a roll from the basket and turned his attention to the soup. Maybe he would get the chance to flee tonight.

How about some wine, Captain?

Lee shook his head. Water only."

Wine would help you relax,

"I don't need to relax."

"Very well, give him some water," Finn nodded to the attendant.


The soup was followed by roast chicken stuffed with walnuts and served with salad, and apple pie for desert. Finn enjoyed every morsel. Crane reassured himself that he was eating this meal with the man to survive and escape.


After the meal, his escorts returned. One knelt to unlock the shackles while the other hauled him to his feet, pulling his arms behind his back. This was his chance. Lee kicked the chair away, knocking the one kneeling beside it off balance causing him to fall back with a started groan. Wrenching his arms free, Lee turned on the other man, landing a punch to the mans jaw. The first man was recovering, and grabbed Lees ankle. Crane drove his other foot into the mans face, almost losing his balance in the process. As he bent to finish him off he felt a sharp pain. Finn stood behind him with a syringe which he had stabbed into Lees right buttock.

Really, Captain that was rather sloppy. You're getting lax. You had to know that I would be prepared for you to pull something like this.

The tranquiliser took effect almost immediately. Crane's legs buckled and he slumped against the table, then darkness overtook him and he crumpled, sliding off the table and was out before he hit the carpeted floor.


Lee opened his eyes, feeling disorientated; his head felt like it was full of cotton wool, and his mouth was dry. He was lying on his side, and when he tried to move, he found that his wrists were secured - he was back on the gurney, and back in the nightmare.

So, youre awake at last, Finn approached the gurney. I thought that you were going to deprive me of my pleasure tonight.

Im...going to...kill you, Finn, Lee groaned, struggling feebly against the restraint. He felt woozy and un-coordinated.

Finn laughed. You know I'll have to punish you after your feeble attempt to escape. Finn surveyed the trays of instruments pointedly.

Lee stomach heaved and he closed his eyes, swallowing hard, fighting down the nausea. He wanted this hell to end, one way or another.

Youve gone very pale; maybe we should wait until you are feeling stronger. I wouldnt want you to miss any of what I am going to do to you.

Lee didnt answer. He kept his eyes closed, trying to shut out Finns voice. He would fight every step of the way, until either he escaped or died trying.

Captain, see here, you're not dead are you? Finn shook him hard.

Lee had let his body go limp, playing for the time he needed to recover his strength.

Captain? Finn gave him another hard shake, his fingers digging into the skin of Lees arm.

Still Lee didnt react.

All right, Crane - If you want to play games. Take him back and let him sleep. Well start again in the morning.

Lee listened to Finns footsteps and he left and closed the door.



Chip had spent the night aboard Seaview, his sleep filled with nightmares about Lee, and he was up early. He took the time to shower and shave before checking if there had been any news - There wasnt any. He couldnt take much more of this, there had to be something they could do. There were plenty of people who would like a piece of Lee; mad scientists, aliens, and assorted megalomaniacs hell bent on world domination, not to mention some top navy brass.


Angies office was still empty when Chip arrived and he walked through to Nelsons office, sure he was already in, pausing to knock.

'In," Nelson responded.

Morning, Sir.

Morning, Chip. Nelson looked crumpled and tired, and Chip wondered if he had gotten any sleep either.

Help yourself to coffee, Nelson gestured to the percolator. Ive just made a fresh pot.

Thank you, Chip poured himself a mug and walked over to stand in front of the desk. What are we going to do, Sir? We cant just wait around, Lees in trouble. We know he is.

Im open to suggestions.

Someone has got to know something. Maybe I should go back to the motel and shake things up a little.

Nelson shook his head. Its a dead end, Chip. Im as anxious to find Lee as you are, but there is no use going off half-cocked, we need something concrete.

Chip was about to say that it was better than doing nothing when the telephone interrupted.

Nelson reached for the receiver. Nelson. He listened for a brief minute before speaking again. Have him brought to my office. Hanging up the phone, he looked up at Chip. Well, Chip, it looks like we may have a lead. That was the deputy director of ONI, he flew in from Washington. He wants to talk to us about Lee.


Lee picked at the food left on the floor of his padded cell. The thought of what Finn had in store for him robbed him of what little appetite he had. At least they had left him alone last night, but he had gotten little sleep. Having his ankles manacled and chained was not the most comfortable way to spend the night. Abandoning the food, he drank the coffee, hoping it would help to clear his head. Finn had promised to punish him for his escape attempt and he was nervously awaiting the arrival of Finns two thugs.

He didnt have long to wait until the door opened and they came in. Lee struggled to get to his feet, hampered by the chains. He was forced down on to his back and his wrists secured once more to the rings, then they did the same to his ankles.

Time for your punishment, one of the men smiled, before finally blindfolding him.

Unable to see what they were doing, Lee tensed, waiting. He heard the door open and he heard Finn.

Good, were ready. Dont worry, Crane. As I said, it may hurt, but I wont damage you.

He felt the cold touch as Finn swabbed his arm, then the sharp pain as he administered the drug.

You really must learn to do without this. I cannot keep putting holes in you.

Lee didnt answer. The blindfold increased his unease, and he wondered what Finn intended to do to him. A hand touched his chest and moved slowly down over his stomach to his cock. There was an unpleasant feeling as something was inserted into his urethra and all the way up until it reached the base.

Its called a sperm stopper, Finn told him. It should be interesting to see what happens when I make you come.

Lee felt sick, his stomach cramped and he groaned in pain.

Really, Crane, Ive hardly started. Where is all your hyped up discipline and training?

Lee gritted his teeth as a mouth closed over one nipple, sucking hard and then another mouth closed over the other one drawing the whole nipple while the tongue licked and tormented it. Lee struggled, trying to pull away as a finger entered him, quickly followed by another. Then teeth closed on his nipples, and he bit back a cry of pain.

The fingers were quickly replaced by a dildo. It felt enormous as it was pushed into him, stretching him so much he was afraid that he would split. Slowly, it penetrated deeper, inch by inch. He tried to relax his muscles, but again his stomach cramped and his muscles contracted. He was beginning to realise that the coffee must have been laced with something. Dammit, how had he let himself fall for that one?

Are you ready to give in?

Lee shook his head; it took all his concentration not to give into his bodys demand to use the bathroom. The dildo penetrated deeper still and he was grateful when a hand took hold of his penis, distracting him.


Captain Keenan, Nelson greeted, reaching across the desk to shake hands with the deputy director. Please, sit down.

Thank you, Admiral. Keenan smiled. He was a tall, slim man in his early forties. His light brown hair cropped short.

Nelson settled back into his chair. Coffee?

No, thank you. I take it there has been no news of Crane?

No, nothing.

You believe that Commander Crane has been kidnapped?

Nelson nodded. Lee would not disappear without telling anyone where he was going. Besides which, his car and luggage was left behind.

You realise the implications." It was not a question.

Yes, of course I do, Captain, Nelson snapped. "I'm well aware that Lee might be undergoing interrogation or torture even as we speak. I take it then that this isnt some top secret mission gone bad?

I assure you, Admiral; ONI has no involvement in Cranes disappearance. But I do have a suspicion.


Crane isn't the first agent to disappear like this. Furthermore, all, I repeat, all of these disappearances have happened while one particular person has been on leaveI may be grasping at strawsbut that personis the director.

Are you mad? Finn? " Nelson asked, not quite believing what he was hearing.

He's on leave, but no-one knows where. Totally against regs. Last time he said it was a need to know basis and we had no choice but to accept it. But with Crane gone missingwell,...I began to wonder if maybe Finn's actually a double agent and your man had info that could expose him. The only way to stop him would be to kidnap him orkill him, or boththen again, there could simply be a personal vendettaI did hear Finn mock him once

"What do you plan to do?"

Keenan shrugged. There is not much we can do at the moment, Finn could be anywhere. We have searched his home for clues, and we have people watching the place, and Finn could be innocent,...

These other agents, what happened to them?

They're still missing.


Lees body was slow to react, but finally it responded to the feel of the dildo moving inside him. His muscled contracted around it, his cock swelled in the skilful hands that tormented and teased. He couldnt control his body, and he hated himself for being so weak. His cock continued to harden, and he writhed against the bonds.

Come on, Crane. I want to see you come. Finn sounded impatient. And by the way, the rooms all have cameras. If you dont co-operate, Ill send a tape to Nelson; carefully edited of course. In fact I may send it to him regardless.

The dildo started to move faster, while his cock was squeezed and pumped. He tried to resist the rising tide of pleasure, the overwhelming need for satisfaction, but his body was totally controlled by Finn and the drug. His heart was racing, his face flushed with heat, as Finns hands continued to work him.

Suddenly the restraints were released and he was pulled roughly to his feet. Unable to see, unable to control his arms or legs, he stumbled, trying to reach out for something to steady himself. The dildo slipped from him and strong arms pushed him to his knees and bent him over. Almost immediately he felt Finns hard length nudge his opening and push inside.

Lee felt Finns breath against his shoulder as he buried himself inside him. Finn was ruthless, not caring about the body he was using. It was just about satisfying his perverse sexual hunger. He slammed into Lee again and again, his swollen length forcing itself deeper with each thrust. Lee buried his face in the padding, stifling his own moans as pain mingled with pleasure.

Come on, Finn urged as his hands worked Lees cock, heightening his arousal.

They had tormented him for so long, and not let him come, his body cried out for release. He knew he couldnt continue like this. Take that thing out of my dick! Let me come already!

Say you consent to sex with me, willingly, Finn panted. "That you'll consent to everything I demand."

Yes, yes, I consent, dammit! Lee forced the words out, hating himself. The thought of getting even with Finn for subjecting him to this humiliation made it bearable.

"Remove the sperm stopper," Finn ordered his thugs. You'll have to forgive me, Crane, but I cant stop fucking you just now. I'll just have to wait to have you come inside me later."

As the narrow object was finally pulled out of Lee's penis, Lee ejaculated in abject shame, the viscous fluid splattering his chest, and the padded floor to pool beneath him.

"Good boy!"Finn laughed as he continued to pound into Crane. "What a lotI'm going to enjoy you flooding me."



As soon as Keenan had left, Nelson filled Morton in on their conversation

Do you think that Finn has Lee?

I dont know, Chip but if he is a double agent, he may have already killed Lee or sold him out to whichever government he's working for. Then there's the other possibility. A personal vendetta, which would mean he's keeping Lee's alive for his own purposes. Whatever the case, I'm afraid Lee's probably being subjected to torture and God knows whatbut all of thisis pure supposition. No proof. No trace. Nothing. "

So what are we going to do? We cant just wait around."

Nelson regarded the blond across the desk. He knew that Chip would not give up on Lee until he had a body. Thats a good question; I wish I had an answer. Finn wouldn't be stupid enough to use any thing to connect Lee's disappearance to ONI. But if he's involved, what he's done with Crane is anyone's guess."


Lee had been taken to the guest room hed been in earlier, although still shackled by the ankles and wrists, Finn did not trust him that much. But at least he was able to move around within the room, and had a comfortable bed, if he was ever allowed to use it. He had a feeling that he would be spending most nights in Finns bed, until he found a way to escape.

He ran the hot water into the large bathtub, and managed to get into it without falling, despite the manacles and chains. He winced as the water touched his sore and aching arse and tried to ignore the thin stream of blood swirling in the water. He lay letting the heat of the water relax his aching body, before scrubbing himself vigorously to wash away the stench of Finns abuse.

Finally, he climbed out of the tub and towelled himself dry with a large bath sheet from the pile that had been left on the side. Walking out into the bedroom, he looked around. Finn had said that all the rooms had cameras, and he assumed that this one was no exception was Finn watching him now? There were windows in the room, but they were high, and had bars. Lee had the feeling that a lot of thought had been put into the design of this house, no-one could see in or out. Finn had said that there werent any neighbours. And where Finn had gotten the money for all of this?

Sitting on the bed, he wondered what was happening back in Santa Barbara. He knew that his friends would be looking for him, but he also realised that Finn would have been very careful to cover his tracks. There was little hope of rescue; he began for the first time to wonder if he could escape. Right now, he was tired. Hed had little sleep in the past how many days? Hed completely lost track of time. Pulling back the duvet, he lay down and pulled it back over him, then closed his eyes.



Lee didnt know how long he had been asleep before he was awakened and escorted to the dining room.

I trust your accommodations are comfortable, Captain, or should I say Lee, now that you've agreed to a more accommodating relationship?

Lee didnt answer; he was just waiting for the chance to wipe the smile off of Finns face.

I thought you might enjoy some exercise before lunch, Finn stood. Come along, Lee, You men, follow."

The indoor pool was heated, and the water certainly looked inviting. Lee waited while his shackles were removed.

"Dont get any ideas, Captain; the guards have tranquiliser guns, Finns gaze lingered over Lees body while he removed his own clothes. Crane should certainly appreciate his firm and muscular body. He'd spared no expense to stay in shape. His large penis stood out from his body, proudly erect. Like what you see?

One of the guards gave Lee a shove towards the edge of the pool as Finn dove into the water with a splash.

Finn was treading water, watching him. Join me."

Crane reluctantly got into the pool.

"Tell me Captain, have you ever done it in the water?

No, Lee mumbled.

"Don't worry. I'll teach you. But first, we do some laps. " Finn said and began to swim the length of the pool, pausing once, "you can swim can't you?"

Not bothering to answer Lee began to swim and wondered when Finn would make his move for them to stain the water with more conjugal exercise.



Theres a detective Kurtz to see you Admiral, Angie announced over the speaker on Nelsons desk.

Send him in, an overwhelming sense of dread suddenly hit him, was the detective here to inform him that they had found Lees body?

The detective reached into his pocket as he approached, and pulled out a leather case. Admiral Nelson, Im detective Kurtz, LAPD, he held out the open wallet containing his I.D and badge.

Detective, please have a seat, Nelson indicated the chair in front of the desk and waited.

We have some video footage we would like you to take a look at, Admiral. If you could come down to the station? We think it might be your missing man.

Is Lee alive? Nelson gulped.

Well, he was then. Its from a security camera in an industrial area. The security company was checking out a break in. When they saw the tape, they immediately contacted us.

Nelson reached for the speaker. Angie, have Chip Morton come to my office on the double.



Sitting in Kurtz office, they watched the TV screen as a silver Ford Saloon pulled to a stop in front of one of the buildings and two men got out. They walked around to the rear of the car and opened the trunk. The detective froze the picture as a naked man was hauled out of the trunk.

Is that Lee Crane?

Nelson glanced at Chip, seeing his own reaction mirrored on his face. Yes, it is.

Kurtz turned off the video and ejected the tape. Im sorry, Admiral It doesnt look good for Crane.

Nelson nodded. Could I have a copy of that tape? Our people might be able to get some clues from it.

Kurtz handed him the tape. We have a copy downtown. Our own people have tried. I wish you better luck.

We're checking the car for prints and anything else we can find. We'll let you know right away of anything. "

Thank you, Nelsons mind was already thinking ahead. He was anxious to return to the institute and contact ONI and NCIS to see if they could identify the men on the video.


Sure enough, Finn had Lee pinned against the side of the shallow end of the pool where it was just deep enough for the men to reach the bottom. One hand moved down to close around Lees length. I'll take you now.

Finns hard flesh prodded against him. Open up and let me in. He squeezed Lees penis, threatening what would happen if he didnt.

Lift your legs and spread them, Finn instructed impatiently. Unless you would rather return to the cell?

Logic told Lee that he would stand a better chance of escape if he submitted, but he was really struggling with the idea of just letting Finn screw him.

I understand that this is difficult for you, perhaps you need some help. Nodding to the guards, they aimed their tranquilizer guns at Crane, while one of them dangled the sperm stopper in front of him.

"Remember our agreement Crane? Yes, I thought you would," he added as Lee's head drooped in defeat.

Lee could hear Finn moving behind him, he felt his hands spreading his cheeks and Finns hard length pushed into his passage.

Relax, Captain.

He couldnt relax; every fibre of his body protested this invasion. Finns hands took possession of his cock, the expert fingers tormenting the already sensitive head. The thrusts got harder and harder, driving Finns full length deeper, the water splashing violently around them. Finn gasped in pleasure as he enjoyed plundering his victim. The intensity of the thrusts was almost unbearable and Lees rectum cramped in protest, but that seemed to excite Finn more, until at last Lee felt liquid heat gush into him. It wasn't long before his own ejaculate swirled around in the water joining Finn's which was oozing out of his ass as Finn withdrew.

See, now, that wasn't so bad was it?"

As Finn climbed out of the pool leaving Lee behind, the guards laughed as they pointed to the streaks of blood mingling with the white semen as it merged and melted away in the filtered water, before aiming their guns at him and ordering him out of the pool.


Chip Morton worked at the computer, trying to enhance the images from the video, watched by Nelson and Jamieson. Hed managed to get stills of both of the men from the car, which had been faxed to ONI. Now they were looking for clues, but there did not seem to be any sign of them coming out of the building, so they must have left some other way, and taken Lee with them. Another dead end.

Jamieson studied the screen as Chip worked to get a closer shot of Lee. Well, he doesnt look injured, but the way hes tied...

Yes, Nelson nodded grimly. Hed seen prisoners tied like this before. Not that it was approved of officially, but it was a good way of getting information out of them. He could only image what they were doing to Lee. I dont think we are going to get much more from this. Keep at it Chip. Doc, you and I are going to take some men and go over that warehouse with a fine tooth comb.

After the Admiral and Jamieson had left, Chip stared at the image of his friend. It didnt take much imagination to know what these people were probably doing to Lee. Sexual assault was very effective against men like Lee, who were trained to stand up to normal methods of torture. Bastards!

He would like to have gone with Nelson. They had gotten all they were going to get from the video. With a sigh, he leaned his elbows on the desk and rubbed his eyes. He needed coffee.


Nelson had arranged to meet someone from the security company at the warehouse. While Kowalski and Patterson searched the ground floor, Nelson and Jamieson took the stairs up to the offices. In one of the offices, the floor had been swept and the only furniture, a desk, had been cleaned. Nelson looked at Jamieson. Someone's been here recently. He searched the drawers, but nothing had been left behind. They probably used this as a drop off point.

So where do we go from here?

They must have had some other form of transport. Nelson thought for a moment, "Come on, Doc lets check out the roof.

You think they used a chopper? Jamieson asked, following Nelson out of the office.

It could explain why there was no sign of them leaving.

Where would they get a chopper? They couldnt risk a private hire.

Which implies that they were well equipped and organised; this was a professional job.


A quick inspection of the flat roof confirmed that a helicopter had indeed been used. There was a distinct pattern where the blades had cleared dust and dirt from the surface of the roof.

I dont suppose they filed a flight plan, Nelson commented, thinking aloud. "But its worth checking. Even professionals make mistakes. And they may have been picked up on radar.


After diner that evening, Finn took Lee to his suite and handed him a glass of wine while the guards took their positions on both sides of the door. Lee didnt want the wine, he knew that it was probably laced with something.

"We made a deal, you and I. Anything I want."

Crane pretended to take a small sip.

Come and sit on the bed.

Slowly Lee forced himself to walk over to the bed and sit down. He was extremely uncomfortable with the thought of what Finn had planned.

I hope you are going to get hard for me quickly, Finn sat beside him, taking his penis in his hand. Finish your wine and we can begin.

I dont want it. Lee sat rigid; I took all his control to remain where he was. Finns touch revolted him.

How much longer do we have to go through this? Hold him.

The two men aimed their tranquilizing guns at Lee, then used brute force to push and hold him his back on the bed. Finn grabbed his hair. Drink! he poured the wine into Lees mouth and forced him to swallow. I don't really want to punish you, but it appears I must."

Finn went to a cupboard and came back with a whip; he raised it, showing it to Lee. Smiling, he trailed the rubber strands over Lees penis. Have you ever had your cock and balls whipped? Im told it can be very arousing. Shall we try?" He lifted the whip and brought the rubber strands down across Lees penis.

Lee screamed in pain, struggling against the hold the men had on his arms. Again the whip came down an inch from where it had struck before and Lee wished that he could pass out and put an end to Finns fun. Although the whip had not torn through his skin, his penis was throbbing and he vowed to pay Finn back with interest.

Finn smiled sadistically. When are you going to learn that I am in charge?

I cant do this...Im not gay.

There's no such word as cant. I had hoped that we could spend the night together without the need for restraints. They get in the way.

Yes, the wine had been drugged. He was beginning to feel drowsy, and his limbs felt so heavy he could hardly move them, but other parts of his body seemed unaffected. What was worse was the fact that his penis was throbbing painfully and swelling, rising from it's nest of pubic hair. Nooo, he moaned in protest.

Yes, Captain.

The two men released him and pulling back the quilt they turned him onto his side and covered him with it. He struggled to keep his eyes open, He couldnt allow himself to sleep, this might be his only opportunity to escape. He felt the bed move as Finn got in beside him, and the guards were dismissed.


Lee waited until he was sure that Finn was asleep. Finn had taken him several times during the night, and he was sore. He moved carefully, turning over to look at the man asleep beside him. His arms and legs were still affected by whatever had been in the wine but he managed to sit up and grab the pillow. Almost falling on top of Finn, he put the pillow over his face, and using his weight to hold him down, he held the pillow until Finn stopped struggling.

He had expected more of a struggle, but Finn had been asleep and slow to react, Lee had no regrets about killing him; only that Finn hadnt suffered. He sat on the bed and pulled the duvet around himself. He was shivering and he knew that he was in danger of going into delayed shock; he had to get help.

There was a telephone on the desk in Finns suite, and still draped in the quilt, Lee sank into the chair beside it and with shaking hands, dialled the Nelson Institute. It seemed to be a long time before security answered. This is Crane," he panted, " I need help

He heard voices shouting in the background and then there was the comfort of Nelson's voice, Lee, are you all right? We're tracing the call. What happened? Are you hurt?

No...Im all right...Admiral, Adam Finn is dead...I had to stop him, Lees voice faltered.

Never mind that nowwe've got the coordinateswe'll be there as quickly as we can.

Hurry, please, Harry, "Lee's voice trembled. "I have to hideothersguardsarmed"

Lee? Lee? We're launching FS-1Lee?"

There was no answer. Crane had slumped back into the chair, relieved, and praying for rescue before the guards discovered Finn's body. He began to move in the hopes of getting out of the building, but passed out before he could even reach the door.



The Flying Sub wasn't designed for a full search and rescue, but to a man, all of Crane's crew had volunteered. It had been left to the XO to select the team to accompany Nelson, Morton and Doc.

"So, you don't know anything more?" Doc was asking Nelson who was at the controls.

"No. He seemed disoriented, but he did say he killed Finn and he had to hide from some othersI've contacted ONI and NCISGod only knows what went on"

Nelson checked their position. The co-ordinates they had been given were in a sparsely populated area, and it would not be easy to find one house in the dark. Chip, can you see anything with the night vision binoculars?

Morton raised the binoculars and scanned the area below them. Nothing yet, Admiral.

Keep looking, Ill take us down lower. Nelson moved the controls forward, taking SF1 down in a smooth decent, he circled the area.

Down there, Admiral.

Nelson followed the direction Morton had indicated, adjusting their course. He didnt want the noise of their engines to alert anyone.


Lee barely noticed the commotion and a couple of gunshots when the door burst open.

There he is!" Ski yelled,

"Are you all right? Nelson knelt beside him, as Doc shone a penlight in his eyes, and felt his pulse.

Everyone noticed he was bruised and naked under the quilt.

Lee nodded, unable to speak, trembling. He closed his eyes, fighting not to break down.

"Give us some room," Doc ordered.

Nelson went directly to the phone, dialled a number and spoke briefly to the person on the other end then hung up.

Captain...Lee? Jamieson spoke softly. Are you hurt?

II. Im just tired, was all he admitted. He wasnt ready to face everyone; he just wanted someplace to hide until he could come to terms with what had happened to him.

Doc, you Chip and Ski, take Lee back to the medical centre. The Chief, Pat and I'll take care of things here. Nelson said.

Come on buddy," Chip said gently, "lets get you out of here.

Lee looked up as the men helped him stand shakily.

"My arms and legs feel like rubber," Crane panted, loosing his grip on the quilt which dropped to the floor.

Aghast, Crane whimpered and sank back down to his knees. Ski quickly grabbed the quilt and wrapped it around his Captain. No one knew what to say. They'd all seen the swollen nipples, spunk splattered chest and pubic hair, but worse, at least to Lee, was the fact that they, even Nelson, had also seen his raw abrased ass and trails of dried semen and blood which had oozed from it and dried on his legs.

There was no room for doubt in the men's minds. Crane had indeed been raped. And from the look of it, repeatedly and brutally. He was going to need all their support after Finn's violation.

"Admiral?" Doc motioned him over. "I think maybe you'd better let Chip take over here. Lee's going to need you more.'

In seconds, Nelson and Doc had supported Lee up, and helped him out of the house to the Flying Sub and home.


"So there's evidence that Lee penetrated Finn?" Morton gulped as the NCIS and ONI forensics teams compared notes with Doc and Nelson a few days later at NIMR.

"DNA doesn't lie," the NCIS agent said, "But, judging from what the wounded guards said, not to mention the drugs in Crane's bloodstream, and the tapes, he didn't have much choice in the matter. As for the why, well, seems Finn simply wanted Crane sexually and went to a lot of trouble for the privilege. He wasnt a double agent that we can tell. How's Crane doing?"

"As well as can be expected," Doc said, "It'll take some time for him to get over what happened. The pain, the humiliationbut because of the solid support of his friends, he's already begun to feel safe again. It's over. And he's free."




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