A Christmas Wish

by Joy Devilish

Chip Morton buttoned his shirt and glanced back to the gorgeous man still sprawled on the bed.  Sex appeal radiated from the dark haired man as he smiled, and Chip quickly turned away before he was tempted to walk over to the bed and kiss the seductive mouth.  He took a calming breath and resolutely tucked his shirt into his pants. “Are you going to get up?”


Lee sat up; his dark hair was tousled and his jaw darkened by stubble. “Are you sure that you don’t want to come back to bed?” he countered.


Chip’s heartbeat quickened and his body hardened as he remembered the pleasure that Lee’s masterful hands had given him last night. “Don’t start; you know that we both have flights to catch.”


Lee grinned and swung his long legs over the side of the bed, getting gracefully to his feet. “I know how to change your mind.”


“Lee!” Chip warned firmly as he tried to concentrate on his tie.


But Lee ignored him; he slid his arms around the blonde’s waist. “Come on, Chip – please?”


Chip almost lost it.  The closeness of a naked Lee Crane very nearly had him stripping off again.  He knew that if he didn’t get out of there quickly, they would never make it to the airport. “Lee, we promised.”


I know, but I don’t want to go. I want to spend Christmas with you.”


I  know,” Chip sympathised, trying to free himself from Lee’s hold. “I would rather spend it with you, but we can’t let everyone down.” The arrangements had been made months ago.  Lee was going to his mother’s and Chip  to his family.  He turned to find himself looking into Lee’s expressive, honey gold eyes.  “Don’t look at me like that, Lee.”


Something indiscernible flashed in those golden eyes before Lee lowered his head and kissed him, then pulled away. “I love you,” he whispered before turning away.


Damn it!  Chip swore silently as he watched Lee grab his robe and head for the bathroom.  A part of him wanted to run after him, but common sense told him to let him go. 



Retreating to the seclusion of the bathroom, Lee locked the door and stepped into the shower, where he slid down the tiled wall and sat on the floor, drawing his knees up to his chest, feeling despair wash over him.  Shit!  He needed to get his head together and stop acting like a teenager.  They had been apart before without him falling to pieces.  So why was he acting like an idiot?  It was only for the holiday and not as if one of them was heading into anything dangerous.  But it was Christmas; their first Christmas.


Lee shook his head. Get a grip, Crane, he chastised himself as he climbed to his feet and turned on the shower.  He didn’t want to make Chip feel guilty by letting him see how miserable he was.  Chip was bound to be as disappointed as he was.  Besides, he owed it to his mother to visit for the holiday.  He was all that she had since his father died, and although there would be other relatives dropping round, Christmas was a time when families should be together. But Chip was family.


He wished that they could just tell everyone about their relationship and stop hiding.  Then they could be together for the holiday. He wondered how his mother would react; he hoped that she would be happy for him.  One thing was for sure; he wasn’t going to solve anything by hiding in the bathroom.  Besides which, he wanted time to say goodbye to Chip properly, before they got to the airport.




Mrs. Crane could tell from the moment her son walked through the door, that something wasn’t right.  He’d given her a quick kiss, and then disappeared upstairs to his room. A little later, after giving him time to change and settle in, she walked up the stairs and knocked on his door. “Lee, when are you going to come and help me decorate the tree?”


Lee opened the door and smiled. “Right away, Mom, umm, what’s cookin?” he asked as they headed downstairs.


“Just your favorite.”

He laughed appreciatively.  When Lee was young she’d needed eyes in the back of her head to keep him from sneaking the just baked cookies he’d ‘helped’ her make.


But she’d caught some sadness in his expression behind the smile. “Is something wrong, Lee?”


“No, Mom, everything’s fine.  Now where is this tree?”


Suppressing her maternal instincts, she led the way into the family room where a large tree stood in one corner. “You make a start while I check on your cookies.”


“Okay,” Lee knelt beside the large box of decorations on the floor in front of the tree and started to rummage inside.


Heading to the kitchen, she grabbed the oven mitts and took the trays of cookies out of the oven, setting them onto a rack to cool.  After dinner she intended to drag Lee to the evening carol service; he would probably complain, but she knew he’d go with her to keep her happy.


It was good to have Lee home for the holidays.  She wished that he would tell her what was troubling him; he’d always had a tendency to bottle things up.  Turning her attention back to the stove, she stirred the still warm mulled cider.  They could have it later tonight, when they returned. She wasn’t sure about the cookies.




The cookies and whisky laced cider had helped to cheer him up a little, but Lee was still missing Chip.  Stretching out in his bed, he lay, staring up at the ceiling. He would be sleeping alone tonight with no-one to cuddle.  He closed his eyes and let this thoughts drift back to the blissful nights they had spent together; the wild, passionate sex and how it felt to bury himself in that beautiful body.  Remembering the feel of Chip’s hands on him, stroking and teasing and his magnificent cock fucking him. He groaned in frustration and rolled onto his side.  Pushing down his pyjama pants he took his own cock in his hand and tried to imagine it was Chip’s hand holding him. But it was no use; no amount of masturbation could bring him the relief he needed.




“Lee, breakfast is ready,” Helen Crane called from the bottom of the stairs the next morning.  It was Christmas Day and she had a busy day planned.  Her two younger sisters, Lydia and Jessica, were coming over, and she had to prepare the turkey and all the trimmings.  “Lee, are you awake?” she called again after getting no response.  Shaking her head, she returned to the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee.  She wasn’t in the habit of waiting on her son, but it was his first morning back home and she didn’t get the chance very often.


It wasn’t long before she headed upstairs and knocked on his door. Still no response.  She frowned, worried. “Lee?” she opened the door and looked in.  Lee was lying across the bed, the quilt wrapped around him, one pillow  on the floor. His head was almost over the edge of the bed; it looked like he’d had a bad night.  “Lee, honey, come on, wake up. Lee,” she sat next to him and stroked his hair, “it’s Mom, are you okay?”


“Chip,” he mumbled, curling up.


Did he have a fever? She felt his forehead, glad it wasn’t warm.   “Lee, come on, it’s Christmas day. We have visitors coming.”

Maybe she shouldn’t have dragged him to the carol service. He must be exhausted from his trip. 




“It’s about time; I thought that you were going to sleep in all day…Lee, has something happened?  Is Chip okay?” she asked knowing the other young man was the brother that Lee had never had.


“No, Chip’s fine, why?”


“You called his name in your sleep,” she told him, watching his reaction. “Have you two had an argument?”


Lee shook his head. “It was just a dream.”


She could tell by the way he wouldn’t meet her gaze, and his long fingers tangled in the quilt, that he was not telling her the truth.  She reached out and took his hand. “Lee please, tell me what’s wrong.”


Lee hesitated, but decided to take the plunge,  Mom, don’t be mad – Chip and I...we’re  a couple.  We love each other, Mom.”



“Oh, Lee,” she sighed, “It’s okay,” she reached out and took his hand. “I just want you to be happy.  Now give your mother a hug.”


For a long minute the two hugged each other. She hoped that now Lee would stop taking so many risks.  He never talked about his work, but she knew, he’d come home injured too many times.


“Thanks Mom,” he said quietly as he eased away.


“What did you think I would say?  You’re my son and I’m proud of you.  You deserve to be happy with whoever you choose.”


“Mom, no-one else knows….”


 “I won’t tell anyone,” she assured him, giving his hand a squeeze. “Hurry, get up and have some breakfast. Everyone will be here soon.”




Lee picked up his spoon and concentrated on the first course, a very distinct soup.  He wasn’t in the mood for conversation.  He’d plastered a smile on his face and tried to be polite to his Aunts and Uncles, but he couldn’t stop his thoughts returning to Seaview and his lover.  What would he be doing now if he was in Santa Barbara?  He and Chip would be having a romantic and intimate candlelight dinner together with all the trimmings.  Followed by a cuddle on the couch, maybe watching a film and or course then bed; he almost groaned aloud.  He was hopeless when it came to Chip and couldn’t stop himself behaving like an adolescent teenager.


“So, tell us about the Seaview,” Aunt Lydia broke into his wayward thoughts.


“She’s the best boat in the world.  I couldn’t have wished for a better command.”


And  Admiral Nelson?  What’s he like to work for?” Lydia’s husband asked - he owned C & C Marine in Newport.


“He’s a genius. I’ve learned a great deal from him; he’s  given me opportunities that I never would have had if I’d stayed in the active Navy.”


“But what about your career? I hear promotion’s not really an option working with him.”


Lee shrugged. “That’s true, however we’re still Reservists and it’s feasable I’ll still get my fourth stripe. But  I love what I do more than having an extra gold braid.”


“Enough about work,” Helen Crane interrupted. “Come on, Lee – you can help me with the turkey.”




Lee was sitting on the rug in front of the fire, leaning back again an armchair.  A glass of mulled cider was in his hand and a plate of nibbles was on the floor beside him.


“You miss him, don’t you?” she asked sympathetically as she moved to sit in the armchair and put a hand on his shoulder.  She’d watched him trying to put a brave face on things in front of her sisters and their husbands.  Now they were alone and could talk.


He nodded, staring into the flames.


“Lee,” she started hesitantly. “You know that I want you to be happy, but this relationship with Chip...You know that it is not going to be easy.  If it ever became public, it would mean the end of your career.”


“Yeah, I know, but I can’t help the way I feel, how I’ve felt, for a very long time. Now that I know Chip feels the same way about me, I can’t, I won’t give him up.”


She squeezed his shoulder. “I’m not saying that you should, just that you need to be careful…are you living together?”


“No, but we do spend as much time together as we can without raising suspicion.  We take turns in sleeping at each other’s place when we’re ashore.”


“Does the Admiral know?”


“No, but I honestly don’t think he would mind.”


“Lee, honey, why don’t you call Chip?  Invite him over, you could spend as much time together as you want.”


“It’s late, and he’s with his family, I don’t want to intrude.”


“He’s probably missing you to and thinking the same thing,” she knelt beside him and squeezed his arm. “Call him, Lee.  I know you didn’t sleep well  last night, and I don’t want a repeat of this morning. I thought you were sick.”


Lee smiled and placed his hand over hers. “I’m okay, really.  I’ll call him tomorrow and invite him for New Year’s.”


“Good, and don’t stay up all night.  I don’t want to find you still sitting here in the morning,” she warned.


“Yes, Ma-am, and thanks,” Lee grinned.




“Hey...what?” Chip asked, finding himself in a fierce hug.


“Put the poor boy down and give him a chance to get in the door,” Helen Crane chastised jokingly.


“Sorry, come in, Chip,” Lee blushed as he backed off to let Chip in.


Lee’s mother appeared from behind him and smiled. “Hello Chip, it’s good to see you.”


“Thank you, Ma’am,” Chip smiled in return. He was still feeling a little apprehensive, even though Lee had told him that his mother was fine with them being a couple. “Thank you for inviting me.”


“Why don’t you show Chip your room and then I’ll fix something to eat.  I’m sure that Chip must be hungry after the journey.”


“Thanks Mom,”  Lee took Chip’s duffle. “Come on up, Chip.”


Chip followed Lee upstairs to the bedroom. “I can’t believe that your Mom is okay with us sleeping together.  I never thought this would happen.”


“Yeah, isn’t it great?  We can relax and be ourselves.” Lee stepped closer and slipped an arm around Chip’s waist, pulling closer. “I really missed you and I don’t ever want to have to do that again,” Lee kissed him.


“I missed you to,” Chip returned the kiss, moving his hand to stroke Lee’s hair.  For a few minutes they lost themselves in each other before Lee pulled away, We’d better go back down before this gets out of hand.”


“Yeah,” Chip agreed reluctantly with a glance at the bed. He wanted Lee hot and hard buried inside him.


“Later,” Lee promised, giving him a knowing look that told Chip he knew what he was thinking.  He grabbed Chip’s hand and turned towards the door.





Chip lay in Lee’s bed watching him as he approached  wearing only a towel around his middle.  He had been looking forward to this even since he had arrived.  It didn’t hurt that Lee’s mother was attending a New Year’s party and would not be back until the early hours.


Lee smiled, letting the towel drop to the floor before he pulled back the quilt and slid into bed next to Chip.  Propping himself up on one elbow, he looked into his eyes.


Chip reached out and touched Lee’s face, gazing into the honey gold eyes, loosing himself in there depths. “Come here and kiss me,” he moved his hand to Lee’s neck and pulled him closer.


Lee shifted closer, bowing his head to meet Chip’s mouth in a deep kiss.


Chip pushed Lee onto his back, wriggling so that one leg was across Lee’s thigh, pinning him to the bed, while his mouth ravished Lee’s and his hands played with the dark curls.


Lee moaned, wrapping his arms around him.


They were both aroused; Lee rolled, pushing Chip onto his back and lifted himself to straddle him.  Chip’s hands moved down his back to grip his buttocks.  Chip could see the excitement in Lee’s eyes that mirrored his own and the effect his touch was having on Lee.  Lee touched Chip’s swollen cock, his fingers stroking it from root to tip, making him groan.


“I want to make this last,” Lee whispered.


“Not sure I can.”


Lee moved further down the bed, lowering his head to nuzzle his way up Chip’s inner thigh.


Chip relished the touch of Lee’s hands and mouth on his body, arousing him even more.  He closed his eyes, enraptured by the lips and tongue that teased his flesh.  When Lee’s tongue swirled around his balls he almost arched off the bed.  “Owww...hell...you’re killing me.”  He writhed on the bed, gasping for breath as Lee continued to play havoc with his senses.  He opened his eyes as he felt Lee move, urging his legs further apart.


“Are you ready for me?” Lee smiled.




Lee reached over for the tube of lubricant.  Chip felt the cool gel and Lee’s fingers entered him, spreading him open, ready to take his cock. His body responded. “Lee,” he called out as Lee’s hard bulk penetrated his body and Lee buried himself deep inside.  Then Lee began to move, slowly at first, he felt so big.   Lee thrust harder, while he stroked and squeezed Chip’s shaft and moved his hand under his tight balls.


“Owww, feel...good,” Lee panted.


Chip had lost the ability to speak and could only groan in response.  He tightened his muscles, pulling and squeezing Lee’s cock until and he surged forward, burying himself to the hilt.  It felt so incredibly erotic as every thrust nudged his prostate. His heart pounded in his chest. He felt Lee shudder and his own body spasmed, orgasm gripped them both..



Afterwards they both lay motionless, slowly coming back down from the passion driven high.  Outside the sound of church bells echoed through the street.  Lee moved closer. “Its midnight, happy New Year’s, Chip.”


Chip wrapped an arm around Lee. “Can’t think of a better way to celebrate.  Happy New Year’s, Lee.” Reaching down, he pulled the quilt up over them and closed his eyes, content in the arms of the man he loved.








Happy Christmas