Driven To Distraction by Joy Delivish

Set on an extinct volcanic island in the Pacific, The Nelson – Doubleday research laboratory was buried in the rock face, making it invisible to any passing ships.  Only a handful of people knew of its existence.  The research facility was studying the processes taking place in the earth’s upper mantle, analysing chemistry and isotope composition of a new volcanic gas. They worked closely with the Nelson Institute on the project, and it was hoped that it would eventually lead to accurate prediction of volcanic eruptions.


The small inflatable dropped Lee Crane at the base of the rock and shoved off, headed back to Seaview.  For a moment Lee watched it leave, before turning his attention to the short climb up the ragged face to the concealed entrance to the lab.


Reaching the entrance, he pressed the call button and waited.  The titanium-shielded door slid aside and Lee entered.  As the door closed softly behind him, he started down the corridor to the guard stationed at the end.  The guard came to attention as Lee approached.


“Good morning, Sir.”


“Morning, sergeant, Professor Doubleday is expecting me.”


“Yes, Sir.  Professor Doubleday sends his apologies for not being able to meet you, but his assistant Dr. Stratton will look after you,” the guard picked up the receiver to call Stratton.


The man appeared shortly after. “Good morning, Captain,  I’m Doctor Stratton.  If you will come with me, we have a room prepared for you.” 


Lee nodded and entered, following Stratton down a corridor into the complex.  Stratton was tall, with a mop of unruly blond hair that made him look younger than his thirty years. Crane had familiarised himself with all the personnel at the research station.  In some ways the complex reminded him a little of Seaview. With the installation being buried in the mountain, the only lighting was from fluorescent tubes and the narrow corridor was similar to those aboard the sub.  It was quite a feat of engineering.


Stratton led him through another door.


“The accommodation block is in this wing. I am afraid we do not have space for everyone to have their own en-suite.  There is a toilet and wash basin in the room, but the shower block is at the end of the corridor.”  He stopped outside a door and opened it. “I hope this will be suitable.”


“Thank you, I’m sure it will be fine,” Lee entered the room.  There was a tubular steel framed bed along one wall that reminded him of a hospital bed, with a small nightstand.  A tallboy wardrobe with drawers and a desk completed the furnishing. 


“The Professor left those for you,” Stratton indicated a pile of folders on the desk.


“Thank you, I will get started right away.  The Seaview will be back for me tomorrow.”


“Lunch is at 1300, I’ll be back to show you to the Mess.”


Lee nodded and walked over to the desk.  Shrugging out of his jacket, he hung it on the back of the chair and sat down.



Chip Morton straightened up from the charts, and let his gaze move around the control room. “All stop.”  Seaview was conducting a check of the underwater seismic detectors that had been placed around the island, although the volcano had been dormant for hundreds of years.


Taking the mic from its clip, he called the missile room. “Chief, we’re at the coordinates; send out the divers.”


“Aye, Sir,” Sharkey acknowledged from the aft missile room.


“Switch on nose camera.” Chip moved to stand behind the crewman as the TV screen came to life, showing the seabed outside.  Chip watched as the divers came into view and swam towards the first detector.  Provided that there were no problems with any of the detectors, they should complete the work within twenty four hours and return to pick up Lee.  Nelson was supposed to have made the trip, but had been called to Washington, so Lee was acting on his behalf.  Chip didn’t know much about the work being done at the lab; it did not involve him, and he was happy with that.


The divers had reached the detector.  The motion detectors would set off an alarm inside the complex if any vibrations of sufficient magnitude were detected, giving the scientists’ time to evacuate, and also alerting the institute back in Santa Barbara, so that a rescue ship could be sent to the area.  He continued to watch until the divers started back towards Seaview, before returning to the chart table.  “Stand by to get underway.”




Lee closed the folder and rested his chin on his hands.  The report on Professor Doubleday’s report on seismic readings, tremor patterns and gas measurements was long and complex. While he was an experienced diver and familiar with a lot of underwater exploration techniques, this was really Nelson’s domain.  He would take the reports back to Santa Barbara and they could go through them together. 


Yawning, he was about to go in search of coffee when there was a knock on the door. “Come in.”


The door opened and Doctor Stratton entered. “Are you ready for lunch Commander?”


Lee got up and moved around the desk. “Yes, thank you.  I could definitely use some coffee.”


“You look a little tired, Commander.” Stratton observed.  “Are you alright?  We have a medical doctor here if you are feeling unwell.”


Lee smiled. “I’m fine, Doctor - thank you.”  He hadn’t been sleeping well, but that was not unusual.  What was unusual was the reason he was not sleeping.


Stratton nodded. “This way.”


The coffee wasn’t half bad and Lee had two cups with his chicken club sandwich.


“You should try and cut down on the coffee, Commander.  It really isn’t good for you,” Stratton smiled genially.


Lee took a deep breath, suppressing his annoyance.  It seemed that wherever he went there was someone concerned for his health.  “Could we continue the tour now doctor?” he asked, changing the subject.  He found himself wanting to get this over with and get back to Seaview; he hoped that there would not be anything to delay Seaview’s return to pick him up.


“Certainly,” Stratton swallowed the last of his water and stood, pushing back the chair.


“Is there anything you need, doctor?” Lee asked as they left the mess hall and turned down the corridor.  They would be back with supplies in four weeks.


“I’ll have a list for you before you leave.”


“Maybe Professor Doubleday and yourself would like to have dinner aboard Seaview before we leave?” Lee suggested, acting as Nelson’s representative. “I’m sorry that The Admiral couldn’t be here in person.”


“Thank you, Commander.  I’ll ask the Professor.”



Seaview was holding position over the next sensor while a team of divers checked the device.  Chip Morton moved to stand behind Kowalski at the sonar station and looked at the screen over the man’s shoulder.  The only contacts were their divers and he hoped that it would stay that way.  After a minute he moved on, checking the other stations before returning to the plot table. 


So far everything had been routine, but he couldn’t help feeling slightly ill at ease with Lee off the boat.  This might be a simple mission, but Lee had a knack for finding trouble. However, there wasn’t much Chip could do now except carry on with the inspection and wait for Lee to return.


“Divers report the detector is in good working order and are returning to Seaview,” Chief Sharkey reported from the missile room.


Morton unclipped the mic. “Very well, Chief.”  Returning the mic to its clip, he checked his watch.  They were making good time on the inspections and might finish ahead of schedule.  He had already plotted the course to the next detector






“Arr, Lee – I’ve waited a long time for this,” strong arms enfolded him in a full body embrace.


Lee felt the hot touch of his lover’s swollen cock pushing into his crease.  His heart was pounding and his own cock throbbed with need. While in contrast, the cool ocean lapped around his feet.  There was something exciting about doing it here, in the secluded cove.  He’d been thinking about it all day.  One of the hands moved up his chest to tease his nipples, and his whole body tightened.


“You like it?”


“Owww, yes,” he wanted the hot pulsing cock inside him. “Please, I need you inside me.”


“You have always been impatient.” The hand continued to work on his nipples, rolling them between thumb and finger and pinching the hard nubs, while the other cupped his balls. “I love your juicy cock. I could play with it all day.”


Lee groaned. “Stop tormenting me, I can’t stand it.”


“You seem to be standing it just fine,” the other chuckled as his hand closed around Lee’s arousal.


Excitement coursed through him, making him even harder, driving him crazy. He moved his hips, pushing back against the hard length trying to spear himself on it.




Lee sat up in bed and groaned. Another damn dream, he seemed to have the same dream every time.  What the hell was wrong with him?  Running a hand through his dark hair, he looked at his watch. 04.00. Disentangling himself from the quilt, he swung his legs off the bed and sat on the edge, feeling a familiar ache between his legs.  He really needed to get laid.


Pushing to his feet, he walked to the washbasin to splash some cold water on his face before looking in the mirror above the basin, get a grip, Crane.  This had to stop; these erotic dreams about a man he could not have were not only disturbing his sleep.  Jamieson was sure to notice, and what the hell was he supposed to tell him?  That he was obsessed with his Exec and wanted to have mad passionate sex with him?


Shaking his head, he returned to the bed and sat down.  He felt like he hadn’t slept in days.  While that was not unusual while he was aboard Seaview, it was beginning to take its toll. Normally when he couldn’t sleep, he would walk the boat, or go and sit in the observation nose.  Watching the view through the windows helped him relax.


He may as well get an early start; he wasn’t going to get any more sleep now.  Collecting his shaving kit and toiletries, he left the small room and headed for the showers.  Once Seaview picked him up, they could head back to Santa Barbara.  Maybe he should spend his leave with his mother.  Some time away from Chip Morton might help him get his head together.


The accommodation block was quiet, the staff would be asleep.  There was no need for them to work 24/7.  He made his way down the corridor and again he was reminded of Seaview.  Could he stand being around Chip Morton for the five day return trip to Santa Barbara without being able to touch him; he needed a cold shower.




Santa Barbara, 5 days later:



He loved walking along the beach; it helped him relax.  The cool sea breeze ruffled his hair as he walked aimlessly.  The beach was silent at this time of day; the only sound was the surf breaking on the shore.  Again he found his thoughts returning to the blond who haunted his dreams.  He’d managed to keep his feelings in check on the return trip.  When not on duty he had spent his time in his cabin, claiming that he was studying the reports that he had brought back from the facility. He only socialised with his friends at meal times to belay any concerns on their part about his eating habits.  He knew that he could not keep up this masquerade much longer, but he feared that if he told Chip how he felt, he would lose even their friendship.


With a sigh, Lee turned to retrace his steps back to his beach house.  He had to go into the office today as Nelson would be back from Washington and would want a full report.




Chip Morton was up early as always. It was difficult to break the habit.  His internal clock was attuned to the boat and although Seaview was in dock, he still had paperwork to take care of.  He wondered if Lee was down at the boat, his workaholic friend and Captain could often be found aboard his beloved Seaview, even when he was supposed to be on leave. He hoped that some leave would do Lee good; he had seemed a little on edge and withdrawn towards the end of their last cruise.


After pouring himself second cup of coffee, he walked through to the lounge to pick up his briefcase.  A few minutes later he was opening the front door and stepping out into the early morning sun.  It was a cool 64 degrees, with a forecast high of 77 degrees later.  Fishing the car keys out of his pocket, he pressed the remote button to unlock the doors and walked around to the passenger side. Opening the door, he tossed his briefcase and cap on the seat and closed the door.  Maybe if he got into the office early, he could get the paperwork done while it was quiet.  If he finished early, he might be able to persuade Lee to take the rest of the day off and have an early dinner.  He had a suspicion that Lee had not been eating or sleeping properly.  Sliding in behind the wheel, he started the engine and reversed onto the road.  His house wasn’t far from the institute.



Sitting in his office, Lee stared at the printout on the desk in front of him.  His body still throbbed with unfulfilled desire.  With a sigh, he put down the pen and yawned. His eyes were smarting from the lack of sleep and there was an empty ache inside him.  Damn, he was a mess.  Resting his elbows on the desk, he dropped his head into his hands and closed his eyes.


“Lee?” the familiar voice intruded a short time later.


Lee lifted his head at the sound of Nelson’s voice. “Admiral.”


“Have you been here all night?  You look exhausted.”


“No, of course not,” Lee snapped, wishing that everyone would stop fussing and leave him alone.


Nelson frowned as he approached the desk. “Is something wrong, Lee?”


Lee forced a smile. “No, I’m sorry, Sir.” He quickly apologised, realising that he was out of line. “I’m a little tired,” he lied.


“You certainly look it. Go home, Lee – get some rest.”


“I’m all right, Admiral,” Lee returned his attention to the printout.


 “Don’t make me order you.”


“But, Admiral...” Lee protested.


“Lee, you’re about ready to drop.  When did you last sleep, and I don’t suppose you’ve eaten?” 


Lee sighed heavily and rested back in the chair, he was too tired to argue any more.  He wasn’t even sure he had the energy to stand. At that moment the door opened and they both turned to see Chip enter.


“Chip, take Captain Crane home and make sure that he goes to bed,” Nelson took Lee’s arm to help him up.


“Right away, Yes, Sir,” Chip moved to stand beside Lee. “God, Lee – what have you been doing?  You look terrible.”


Lee pushed to his feet, “I’m tired, that’s all.  I’ll be fine after a few hours sleep.” With you.  He thought silently.  Being so close to Chip was almost unbearable.  It was impossible to stop himself reacting when Chip took his arm.  He pulled away, feigning anger. “I’m all right.”


Chip shrugged. “God, you’re touchy this morning.”


Lee instantly felt guilty.  He lowered his gaze, knowing that his eyes would betray him. “Sorry,” he mumbled.


“It’s okay, buddy.  Come on. I’ll drive you home.”




Chip glanced at the sleeping man in the passenger seat. Lee must have been exhausted to fall asleep in the car.  He looked so young and vulnerable.  Since becoming Seaview’s Captain, Lee had pushed himself too hard, working all hours and skipping meals when some crisis over took them.  Always being the one to take the risks. If he carried on like this he’d get himself killed.  But Chip knew better than to argue with his friend.  Lee was stubborn and would only dig his heels in if someone tried to tell him not to do something.  The only person who could sometimes get away with it was Nelson.  Like today, Lee would never have let anyone else tell him to go home and rest.  Chip had considered taking Lee to his place so that he could keep an eye on him, but Lee would be more comfortable in his own bed.


Pulling into the drive, Chip parked and gave Lee a gentle shake. “Hay, wake up, buddy, we’re here.”


“What?” Lee opened his eyes, and for a few seconds seemed confused, before recognition dawned. “Thanks Chip.  I guess I was more tired than I thought.”


“No problem,” Chip smiled. “Want me to tuck you in?” he joked.


Lee gave him a shy smile. “Yes, actually.”


“You’re joking aren’t you?” Chip asked, caught by surprise by Lee’s answer.  He’d expected some kind of rebuff.


Lee took a deep breath before answering. “Chip, you’re probably going to hate me for this.  I’ve been...having these dreams...about you.  I want...” he hesitated.




“Will you sleep with me?”


Chip stared at him for a moment.  Could this really be happening? 


“Say something, even if it’s no,” Lee said nervously.


“I...” Chip stammered, his throat tightening.  He knew that he should say no, for the sake of both their careers, but he could not leave Lee now, not like this. “Yes.”


“You mean it?  You’re not angry? “


“No, I’m not angry, you idiot, and yes, I mean it.”


Lee smiled and reached for the door handle.


Chip followed him into the house, his mind in a whirl.  He wasn’t sure why he had agreed to this, but deep down he knew that there had always been something more than friendship between them.



Still grinning, Lee closed the door before turning to Chip. “You don’t know how long I’ve dreamt about this.”


“Lee, I, er…I’ve never done this before.”


Lee took his hand. “Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.  I want you to enjoy it.”


“I know you wouldn’t hurt me, it’s just...I might not live up to your expectations.”


Lee couldn’t help laughing.  “Sorry, Chip – believe me, you have nothing to worry about.”  He’d seen Chip naked once or twice, and even through the uniform he could see he had a good body. “Come on, let’s go to bed.”


“I thought that you were tired, are you sure you’re okay doing this now?”


“Shut up Chip and come to bed,” Lee ordered gently as he tugged him towards the stairs.  He could hardly wait to get his hands on the sexy blonde’s body.




He couldn’t take his eyes off the muscular body stretched out on his bed, but he resisted the urge to take Chip’s ample length in his hand.  Bending his head, he ravished Chip’s mouth while his hand moved over the broad chest, fingers gently circling the budding nipples.


Chip groaned, his hands stroked down Lee’s back.


Moving lower, Lee kissed his way down to Chip’s chest and took one nipple in his mouth.


Chip groaned again.


Lee let his hand roam further down over the taut stomach to Chip’s cock and closed his fingers around it.


“Owww, Lee!” Chip gasped, arching his back.


Lee smiled. “Shhh, lay still and let me pleasure you,” he whispered.


“Owww, Lee,” Chip’s eyes closed, his head rolled on the pillow.


Lee continued to stroke and tease the swelling length, refusing to give in to his own body’s demands.  He wanted to be sure that Chip was ready for him before he penetrated him.  Pausing for a moment, he reached for the tube of desensitising lube before he urged Chip’s legs open and slipped a finger into his opening.


Chip gasped as the finger went deeper, seeking his prostate.  He was soon writhing in pleasure as Lee’s fingers worked to open him.  “Do it!”


Kneeling between Chip’s open legs, he positioned himself and pushed into the ring of muscle, groaning in satisfaction as he sank into the tight passage.


Chip cried out, bucking his hips, his muscles contracting around Lee’s cock.


Lee couldn’t wait any longer; it felt so good to be enclosed in Chip’s warmth he started to thrust, burying his whole length inside the pulsating channel.  Overtaken by the intense mixture of emotions that he was experiencing, Lee couldn’t control the powerful orgasm that over came him.


Breathless, Lee collapsed boneless on top of Chip, almost incoherent.



“Lee?” Concerned, Chip rolled Lee onto his back, groaning as his cock slipped out of Chip’s body. “Lee, can you hear me?  Are you all right?”


Lee’s eyes fluttered open. “All...right,” he panted, reaching for Chip.


Chip caught his hand.  “You can have me again later, after you’ve slept and had something to eat.”


“Not fair,” Lee grumbled, “You’re always...bossing me around.”


Chip smiled and kissed his forehead. “Go to sleep.”


Lee rolled onto his side to snuggle against Chip, wriggling so that that his cock was against Chip’s hip, his arm across his stomach.


“Go to sleep.”  Chip repeated firmly as he slipped his arm round Lee.  It was hard to resist Lee when he was being so affectionate.  Normally Lee never let anyone get close, but Chip only had to look into his eyes to know what he was thinking.  However, this time he had totally missed the signals and had no idea that Lee was sexually attracted to him.  He couldn’t stop his own body from reacting to the feel of Lee nestled against him.




Groaning softly, Lee rolled over to find the other side of the bed empty.  Raising himself up on to his elbows, he looked around for Chip.  Had he sneaked away while he’d been asleep?  Was he now regretting what had happened?  Throwing back the quilt, Lee swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat on the edge.  He was about to reach for his robe when the bedroom door opened and Chip entered carrying a tray with two mugs of what smelled like coffee.  “I thought you’d run out on me.”


Chip smiled.  “Never. I’m not that type of guy.”  Approaching the bed, he put the tray down and handed Lee a mug, “Thought you might be needing this.”


“Thanks,” Lee accepted the mug and sipped the hot coffee; it was strong and sweet. “Umm, just the way I like it.”


 Chip sat on the bed next to him and sipped his own coffee. “Are you hungry? For food I mean, before you get any other ideas.” He amended.  Never mind Lee getting ideas, he had a few of his own.  Being so close to a naked Lee Crane, with his hair tousled from sleep and his honey gold eyes veiled by black lashes as he concentrated on the coffee mug, did things to his insides.  Chip hadn’t been aware of his feelings for Lee until now.  Yes, they were friends, and he worried about him at times, but...  Chip reminded himself of the reason he was here in the first place; to look after Lee and make sure that he ate and slept. “Well?”


Lee looked at him blankly. “What?”


“Food,” Chip reminded him.


“Oh, yeah, I guess I am hungry.”


“Well, come on then,” Chip handed Lee his robe. “I’ll order in, what do you want?”


“Italian, but there’s no need to send out, I make a pretty good spaghetti Bolognese.”




“God, you look good enough to eat,” Chip smiled as Lee walked into the kitchen.  Wearing black jeans that hugged his slender frame and a white T shirt, with his hair still wet from the shower, it curled, untamed, Lee looked gorgeous.  But then, he would look gorgeous in anything.


Lee smiled and ran a hand through his unruly hair. “Does that mean that you’ll let me play with you again later?”


“I have a few ideas of my own,” Chip got up from the table and snagged Lee as he headed for the fridge.  He slipped an arm around Lee’s waist.


Lee laughed, allowing himself to be pulled against the blond.  Chip nuzzled his neck, while his hand moved to Lee’s groin.  He felt Lee’s body react to his touch before Lee pulled his hand away. 


“I thought you wanted to eat.”


 “Umm, I do, but I want a starter first,” Chip moved his hand to Lee’s chest: he could feel Lee’s nipples harden under the T shirt as his fingers teased.


Lee squirmed, trying to free himself from Chip’s hold. “Later.”


Remembering how Lee had looked earlier back at the institute, Chip reluctantly released him; Lee needed to eat.





Lee lay on his side with Chip behind him.  He loved doing it this way, every thrust of Chip’s swollen length thrummed against his prostate.  Heat radiated out from Lee’s cock as Chip’s hand stroked him and he moaned.  It was better than he had imagined it would be.  His hand gripped the pillow and he closed his eyes, losing himself in the exquisite sensations that radiated through him.  His cock hardened further until he felt that he would explode.  Chip speeded up, his hot flesh sliding back and forth along Lee’s channel.


For endless minutes the sweet pleasure continued and Lee wished that it could last forever. They were both gasping and groaning as they spiralled towards completion.  A drop of moisture formed on the tip of Lee’s engorged cock.  He tried to control his body, wanting to prolong the pleasure but he couldn’t stop his climax and he erupted, calling Chip’s name.  His insides contracted around the hard cock inside him, taking Chip along with him. 


“God, you’re noisy,” Chip panted as he rolled onto his back.


“Sorry,” Lee turned over to face Chip. “You get me so excited.”


“I get you excited   I’ve never been so hard.”


“Yeah,” Grinning, Lee sat up and threw back the quilt.


“What are you doing?”


“I want to look at that amazing cock of yours.”


“Come here,” Chip grabbed Lee, pulling him down. He easily pushed Lee onto his back.  “You know, for someone who was half dead earlier, you sure have got a lot of energy.


Lee didn’t resist, he lay, looking up into Chip’s sparkling blue eyes. “You’re all I needed.”


“I’ll have to remember that the next time you return from a mission the worse for wear.  It will save Jamie a lot of grief.”


Lee grinned. “You can play doctor any time.”


“Now there’s an invitation too good to resist.”  Chip’s normally passive expression had changed to one of pure devilment as his eyes roamed over Lee’s body.


Lee was beginning to realise that he might regret that last statement. “No Chip, please.  I can’t.”


Chip came to his knees and straddled Lee. His fingers played with Lee’s dark curls. “You’re incredible.”


Lee felt himself blush. “Thanks, you’re pretty amazing yourself.”


Chip’s fingers trailed down Lee’s face and neck to his collar bone.  He continued to explore every inch of Lee’s torso, trailing a finger around one nipple.  Lee sighed in pleasure.  Chip’s touch sent shivers of arousal through him and his cock jerked in response.


Chip smiled.  “So you’re not finished after all.”


Lee groaned. “Heaven help me.”  His body continued to respond to Chip’s administrations.  This was going to be the best leave ever, and he was going to spend as much of it as possible, right here in bed with his beautiful blond.













Coming soon:  ‘Mixed Doubles’ - a mansion in the heart of the Suffolk countryside hides a closely guarded secret that only a handful of people know about. But why has Nelson taken Lee there?