Mixed Doubles by Joy Devilish


With thanks to Pauline for introducing me to this beautiful part of the country. And to Liz for her help.  This takes place sometime after’ Cyborg’ and is a second generation Cyborg/Clone.



Nelson smiled as Lee slid sideways and cuddled into him, his honey gold eyes drifting shut as he fell asleep in the back of the car.  Nelson slipped an arm around his lover. Lee needed a break after their last mission and so Nelson had rung his friend Owen and arranged for them both to visit his estate in the unspoiled rolling Suffolk countryside.  Here they could relax and be themselves, without fear of being observed


Owen Chalmers was an independently wealthy and well respected man.  His historic Georgian mansion set in ten acres of beautiful English landscape, hid a well guarded secret that only his most trusted of friends knew about. Nelson had been introduced to Owen by a friend, after being invited to give a talk to students on navigation at Lowestoft College.  He was excited at the thought of spending time here with Lee, but also a little nervous about how Lee would react to some of Owen’s games, sex games.  When it came to sex, Lee knew what he wanted and how he wanted it, but he was still a very private person and guarded about who he allowed to get close to him.  Only a handful of people knew the real Lee Crane, and Nelson was grateful to be able to count himself as one of them.




They approached the house along an avenue of trees, known as Plane trees here or  Sycamore’s in the States. The car drew to a halt in front of the impressive white  mansion.  Their driver, Aaron, got out and came around the car to open the door.  He had been with Owen for some time, and Nelson knew him to be a physcially well developed young man, whom Owen often invited to join in their games.


Nelson gave Lee a gentle shake. “Lee, wake up, we’re here.”


“Ummm,” Lee’s eyes opened.


“We’re here,” Nelson smiled as the young captain levered himself upright and rubbed his eyes.  “Are you all right?”


Although Lee would never admit to it, he was still feeling the effect of two back to back cruises with no breaks for the busy captain.  Nelson knew that if he’d left Lee in Santa Barbara, the workaholic Captain would spend his time in the office instead of taking a proper break.


“Could use a nap, I guess..”


The front door opened and Owen greeted them. He was a few inches short of six feet in height, with dark brown hair and large brown eyes. “Harri, welcome!” he  ushered them inside. “So this is your Captain? I can see why you keep him to yourself,” he joked as he studied Crane appreciatively.  “But he looks tired, Harri. What have you been doing to him?”


 “Classified, I’m afraid,” Nelson replied as Lee’s face reddened.


“I’ll bet it is,” Owen winked and held out his hand,  I’m very happy to meet you, Captain, I’ve heard a lot about you from Harri.”


Lee took the proffered hand, “I’m happy to meet an old friend of Harri’s, this is a lovely home.” And Lee indicated the beautiful foyer with its marble flooring and tasteful decoration. 


Owen smiled at the compliment, “Yes, it’s been a labour of love looking after this place. I hope  you’ll enjoy the house and exploring the grounds.   I’ve put you both in the same room.  I hope that’s all right?”  He started up the stairs.


“That’s fine,” Nelson followed him up the stairs and along the landing.  He would have been disappointed if they had been given separate rooms.


Owen opened the door and Aaron entered ahead of them with their luggage.  “I hope you will be comfortable.”


The spacious bedroom was dominated by a large four poster bed with a deep crimson damask bedspread and curtains.  The floor was carpeted in a luxuriously deep pile natural white wool carpet. “I’m sure we will, Owen.  Thank you.”


“The bathroom is through there if you want to freshen up. Dinner is at seven pm, or 1900 in your time. Feel free to  join Trevor and I for drinks before then.”


“Trevor?” Lee asked after Owen had left.


“Owen’s partner.”


“As in business or….”Lee raised an eyebrow.




“Big house for just the two of them.”


Nelson chuckled. “Not quite. Aaron’s here. A housekeeper, and two maids at last count. A big house like this takes a lot of looking after.”


Lee nodded as he slipped off his leather jacket and sat on the bed.  Kicking off his shoes he stretched out.“Sorry, Harri, I’m just so tired, he  burrowed into the pillows and closed his eyes.


Damn, I don’t want him to nap. I want him to…Nelson stared at Lee with longing.  He wanted to take him in his arms and hold him. He wanted to….oh well, perhaps later.   With a sigh, he reluctantly walked over to one of the room’s two windows.  It looked out over sweeping lawns and shrubbery.  With another glance at his sleeping lover, Nelson decided to re-acquaint himself with the grounds.  He planned to take Lee for a long leisurely boat ride on the river while they were here. He wanted to show Lee all that this place had to offer.





Owen and Trevor were already seated at one side of the table when the maid led Nelson and Crane into the wood panelled dining room.  Two crystal chandeliers hung from the sculptured ceiling and made the highly polished hardwoord floor glow.


Champagne?” Owen offered as they took their places at the table.


“You’re spoiling us, Owen,” Nelson smiled as the maid poured champagne into the crystal cut glass.


“We see so little of you Harri, you should visit more often.” Owen complained.


“My work prevents it I’m afraid.”


Owen indicated the handsome man seated beside him, “Let me introduce you to Trevor, my partner.   Trevor – this is Lee Crane, Captain of Harri’s submarine.”


“So glad to meet you Lee, and Harri, you’re looking wonderful.  Something must be agreeing with you!”


Harri buried his nose in his champagne glass to cover just what he was blushing at.


Trevor appeared to be younger than Owen by maybe five years.  His light brown hair was highlighted with blond and he had a healthy light suntan that was probably the result of living near the sea.


“Lee, we are delighted to have you here,” Owen eyed Lee with fascination over the rim of his glass.


Clearly uncomfortable, Lee toyed with his glass before taking another sip of the champagne.


The room fell silent as the first course of melon with raspberry sorbet was served. Nelson kept a discreet eye on Lee as the meal progressed, making sure that he was eating.  He wondered what entertainment Owen and Trevor had planned for later, and whether Lee would consent to participate, or refuse and demand to leave the next day.  He hoped not.  He wanted Lee to learn the joy of sex in all its forms.  He had noticed that the maid kept Lee’s glass filled and Lee imbibed glass after glass witout even noticing. At this rate, Lee might lose some of his natural reserve, but Nelson would not embass him by making any comment.  By the time the chocolate chip ice-cream cake was served his young lover was looking a little flushed and Nelson chuckled at the thought that he might have to carry Lee upstairs to bed.


“Shall we have coffee in the conservatory?”  Owen suggested.


Lee got to his feet and swayed, his legs suddenly weak and he couldn’t seem to get them to do what he wanted which brought Nelson to his side, slipping an arm around Lee’s waist.


“Careful, Lee.”



“You’ll feel better after some coffee,” Owen told him.


“I think I need to lie down,” Lee confessed, loathe to  show himself tipsy even  in front of Nelson.


Nelson steered him into a chair by the open conservatory door, and he gratefully sank into it.


The maid returned with a tray of coffee cups and Nelson handed one to Lee. “Drink this; it will help clear your head.”


Lee doubted that one cup of coffee would do anything to help.  Damn, he should have been more aware of how much he was drinking.  He wasn’t in the habit of drinking champagne and it had gone straight to his head.  “Sorry, Harri,” he apologised quietly.


Nelson dropped a hand onto his shoulder. “It’s okay Lee, you can make it up to me later.”


Lee swallowed his coffee. He was doubtful that he would be able to do anything later except fall into bed and pass out.




“Harri, What...how’d I get here?”  Lee looked around the semi-dark room, two bedside lights revealing Nelson beside him on their bed, equally naked.


Nelson just smiled. “Here, drink some water,” he produced a glass from somewhere and offered it to Lee.


Lee propped himself up and took a drink, while Nelson placed another pillow behind him.


“Warm enough?”  Nelson asked. “You fell asleep.  Owen helped me to bring you up and put you to bed.  How are you feeling?”


Lee felt slightly uncomfortable with the idea that Owen had helped Harri put him to bed. “Tired,” he admitted with a yawn.


Nelson smiled as he lay down beside him and pulled the covers back over them. “Come here, let me hold you.”  He put an arm around Lee’s waist and pulled him close.


“Harri, I don’t think I can manage anything tonight.”


“It’s all right, just relax and close your eyes,” Nelson’s hand gently caressed Lee’s chest.  “You do trust me, don’t you Lee?”

“Of course I do,” Lee closed his eyes, enjoying Harri’s touch as his hand roamed over his chest, gently teasing the nipples.  He groaned softly as his body hardened in response.


Nelson chuckled.  “While we’re here, I’d  like us to try some new things,” his hand moved down and he stroked Lee’s cock.


“What sort of things?” Lee asked, trying to concentrate on what Harri was saying.


“I’d like to...” Nelson hesitated, continuing to stroke Lee’s growing erection.


“Owww, Harri,” Lee forced his mind to focus on what Harri had said. “You’d like to what, Harri?”


“I’d like to...I’d like us to join in some of Owen’s games.  I’d like to watch you being fucked.”


“I don’t think I understand,” Lee said, his brain still foggy, “You want me to let Owen screw me? And you want to watch?”


“I know you must be apprehensive, but I’ve know Owen and Trevor a long time and I trust them.  I want to watch Owen’s monster cock fuck you, then I want you to fuck me.”  All the time Harri’s hand continued to stroke Lee’s cock.


“You’ve got to be kidding!” Lee was stunned.  He pushed Harri’s hand away, pushing back the covers, swinging  his legs over the side of the bed sitting on the edge. “You planned this, that’s why you brought me here?”


“Lee, please, wait a minute. Listen to me,” Nelson shifted across and put an arm around Lee.


 “No, Harri!” Lee shrugged him off. “I’m not into watching other people having sex and I sure as hell don’t want to have sex with anyone else.” He felt a sudden surge of panic. “Don’t I satisfy you?”


 “Of course you do, “Nelson massaged Lee’s back.  “You’re magnificent. You know I can’t get enough of you.”


“Then why?” Lee’s eyes pleaded for some kind of  explanation he could accept from the man he loved.


“Because I love you. But I’d like you to experience greater sex that we two alone have. And because I want you to be sure that I’m what you actually want.”


 “How could you ever doubt that?”


“Because you’re  young and virile! You could have any man or men, that you wanted.”


“You’re not old, not to me, and I don’t want anyone else! How could you think such a thing?.


“Lee, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you, I thought you might enjoy something  a bit adventurous.  Come back to bed, please?”





Lee’s eyes felt like they were glued shut and he was feeling less than one hundred percent.  He definitely shouldn’t have drunk all that champagne.  He rubbed his eyes, forcing them open and squinted at his watch, but they refused to focus.  With a groan, he hauled himself up and rested back against the headboard.  The first light of dawn was filtering through the curtains.




“Sorry, didn’t mean to wake you.”


“That’s all right.  Is something wrong?” Nelson propped himself up on one elbow to look at him.


“You mean how bad is my hangover?”Lee rubbed a hand over his face. “I’ve had worse, but…”



“No. But I’m stiff and sore..must’ve been that long drive…”


Nelson smiled sympathetically. “Slide down and turn over. I’ll massage some of that tightness away.”

Lee stretched out on his stomach and closed his eyes.  He always enjoyed the touch of Harri’s strong hands on his body.  His touch was gently and relaxing as he stroked and kneaded Lee’s shoulders and back.




“Ummm, yes; you have wonderful hands.”


Lee didn’t notice Harri reach over to the bedside table and quickly take a  tube of lubricant from the drawer. His hands moved lower to Lee’s rump and continued to caress and squeeze the firm buttocks before parting them and sliding a gel coated finger along the crease.


Lee moaned as he felt the cool  finger entered his passage. “That’s not fair.”


Harri chuckled. “It will help you forget about how you feel.”


“You make me forget my own name.. Owww, Harri, you’re making me hard,  his cock was trapped beneath him against the mattress. 


“Turnover then and let me do this properly.”


Lee rolled onto his back and smiled up at Harri. He could see the excitement in his blue eyes and his own cock was swollen with arousal. Lee’s own excitement grew as Harri positioned himself between Lee’s legs, spreading them wider.  Then he thrust into him, burying his full length inside Lee’s channel.   Lee muscles tightened around Harri’s cock.  Lee writhed beneath him as he repeatedly plunged into him, each stroke impacting with his centre.  Lee’s cock was so hard it was almost painful. “Harri...please touch me,” he breathed.


Harri’s hand closed around Lee’s engorged length, squeezing gently in time with his own thrusts.  Lee’s whole body was flooded with need, he bucked, totally lost in the excitement that coursed through him.  His body responded to  the heat of Harri’s ejaculation and he came in a explosive climax that seemed to go on forever, until he lay exhausted.




Lee was the only one in the dining room.   After their energetic activity, Lee had gone back to sleep, feeling much better.  Harri was right; sex was great for a hangover. When he woke again Harri had gone.


The maid served him a full English breakfast and he was ravenous.  After the maid left the room he became aware of how quiet the house was, making him wonder where everyone was.  There was no sound to indicate that anyone else was in the house.  He didn’t know either of the men Nelson had introduced him to and found it a little un-nerving. What was this place and what exactly went on behind the respectable facade?  Harri hadn’t told him much; only that he had known Owen for a long time and had visited the house in the past. Harri’s mention of group sex last night had hinted at something Lee was not comfortable with. Lee kept his personal life private.  It had taken him a long time to get the courage to tell Nelson how he felt about him.  He wasn’t sure that he would ever be happy with the idea of letting anyone else get close enough to be comfortable having sex with them.


Lee shuddered and pushed his plate away; he’d suddenly lost his appetite.  He stood and walked over to the window.  It looked out over the formal gardens with their mown lawns and clipped box hedges.  Seeing no sign of anyone in the garden, Lee decided to take a look.




Owen and Trevor were stretched out  on sun beds on the terrace in the shelter of the house. But to Lee’s surprise, both were naked.


 “Morning, Lee, looking for Harri?” Owen asked.


“Yes actually, ” Lee tried very hard not to look at the man’s crotch. It was indeed massive, at least 9 inches long flacid; probably 12 engorged.


“I believe he went down to the river.  Why don’t you join us while you wait? Surely you don’t catch many rays on your sub.”


 “Er, no, thanks – I’ll go for a walk,” Lee quickly headed down the steps from the terrace toward the gardens.  The suggestion of stripping with the men  had embarassed him. And  Nelson’s suggestion of having sex with Owen still bothered him. But  he couldn’t help wondering what Owen’s cock would feel like and whether he would be able to take it. Despite his misgivings, his body had reacted to the thought


Lee followed the path through the geometric lawns, bathed in sunlight.  A light breeze caressed his face and bare arms.  He’d dressed in jeans and T Shirt; not sure of what Harri had planned for the day.  At the end of the path steps led down to a stone arch and Lee found himself in a more informal garden, with wide boarders full of shrubs and shaded by trees.  Bees were busy flying between pink and blue Hydrangea, while butterflies flittered amongst the long spires of Buddleia. The path weaved between the borders.  The house could not be seen from here, giving a tranquil and secluded feel to this part of the garden.




Nelson’s thoughts were occupied by Lee while he  walked by the river that bordered Owen’s property.  He felt a surge of heat as he recalled their early morning union, with Lee writhing under him, heightening his own response.  He had never had such good sex before Lee; he did things to him, made him loose control.  And when Lee slept he looked even younger.  Nelson smiled as he turned back, eager to see and hold his lover.


The sound of a boat’s engine took his attention; a motor cruiser was approaching at speed.  At first he wondered if they were off course from the nearby Broads, but as they closed he could see a man with a rifle.  Realising the danger, he started to run, but he didn’t get far before a tranquiliser dart hit him in the back.  He staggered another few feet before his legs gave out and he sank into oblivion.


The boat pulled alongside and two men jumped out.  They carried Nelson back to the boat and took him below before stripping him of his clothes.  A short while later another man jumped ashore and headed towards the house; he was the image of Nelson.




Lee had lost track of the time and it was almost lunch time when he found his way back to the house.  Lunch was being served on the terrace and everyone was seated around a circular table. At least they were clothed now.


“Lee, we thought that you’d got lost.”


 “Sorry, I lost track of the time,” he sat down  beside him.


“Never mind, you’re here now.  Have some punch,” Owen handed him a glass.


Lee accepted the glass and took a cautious sip.  It was cool and refreshing after his long walk.  It seemed to be a concoction of fruit and lemonade but he wondered how much alcohol it contained.  He didn’t want a repeat of the experience with the champagne.


“I hope the food is to your liking.”


“Yes, thank you. It’s very good as always,” Nelson replied.


“We have guests coming to dinner and after I have a little entertainment planned; I do hope you’ll both join us.” Owen addressed Nelson.


“Of course we will, won’t we Lee?” Harri smiled as he stroked Lee’s arm.


Lee nodded, he didn’t particularly enjoy social functions as Harri well knew. But they were guests and he didn’t want to upset Harri.




Lee picked at his food while he listened to the conversation around the table.  Owen whispered something to Trevor, who blushed, leaving no doubt as to the subject of the muted comment.   Lee was relieved when Owen and Trevor left them alone.


“Something wrong?” Nelson asked.


Lee shook his head ‘no’ and forced a smile.


“Come on,” Nelson stood and grabbed his arm. “I know what you need.”




Aaron drove them into Lowestoft and dropped them at North Denes.  They visited the Maritime Museum and climbed up through the gardens. Lee had wanted to look at the lighthouse, but it was not open to the public. The white tower stood looking out over the Denes, at night its powerful light reaching 23 nautical miles out to sea.  Afterwards, they walked along the sea wall towards Corton.  It was quite breezy near the front and several degrees cooler, but Lee didn’t care.  He was near the sea, even if it was a cold North Sea and not the Pacific.  They walked in silence; Lee’s gaze was fixed on the water as he listened to the waves breaking on the shingle beach.


Soon the wall gave way to sand and gorse.  The only sound was the sea and the gulls; they could have been miles from anywhere.  Lee stopped to take off his shoes and socks which were filling with sand as his feet sank into the soft grained sand.  Nelson watched him but made no comment.


“Harri, are you all right?” Lee reached out to take his hand, frowning at how cold it felt. “You’re freezing.”


Nelson pulled away. “No, I’m okay, just wool gathering.”


For a moment neither of them moved, Nelson seemed to hesitate before he smiled and took Lee’s hand.  His other arm reach around Lee’s back and pulled him closer, his mouth claiming Lee’s.  Harri’s hand moved down to squeeze Lee’s butt while his tongue invaded Lee’s mouth.  Lee groaned, Harri’s kiss made him forget where they were.


When they broke apart, Nelson tugged at Lee’s hand, “Come on.There’s no-one around, besides, no-one will be able to see us,  Harri pulled Lee towards the dense scrub.


“We can’t, not here,” Lee resisted.


“Yes we can,”Nelson  seemed to possess incredible strength and dragged Lee with him.  “Drop your pants,” he ordered, his hands were already working on Lee’s belt.


“Harri, stop it! What’s gotten into you? Lee tried to fend off Nelson’s  attempts to undress him.


“Come on, hurry up, I thought you liked it,” Harri forcefully pulled down Lee’s zipper and pushed his jeans down over his hips, taking his boxes with them.  “Well, what are you waiting for?”he paused, impatient.


“No. I can’t...not here,” Lee took a step back, staggering in the deep sand, his jeans around his hips hampering him.


“Unless you want a butt full of sand I suggest you get down on your knees,” he pushed Lee down onto the pebbles.


“No! Stop it! Harri, stop it. What’s wrong with you?”

“I’m taking you. Here and now,” Harri’s erection bounced out from his now open fly, “You owe me that much from all the times I’ve done it your way.”

“Please, no…no…noooo!”


Nelson struggled back to awareness, forcing his eyes open.  His head ached and when he tried to sit up he was hit by a wave of nausea; the after effects of whatever they had drugged him with.  How long had he been out?  He tried to look at his watch, only to find that his wrist was chained to a bed on which he was lying.  The room was small, the faded flower wallpaper was peeling and the floor was bare boards. The only other furniture in the room was a small table with two chairs and a chest of drawers, on top of which was a small portable TV.


Where was he, and what did these people want?  He hoped that they did not have Lee as well.  Footsteps outside the door signalled the arrival of his captors.  He watched as the door opened and a tall blond man entered.


“Admiral Nelson, so you are awake. Good.” The man approached the bed. “I am sorry about the accommodations, but it was prudent to restrain you.”


“Who are you?  What do you want?”


I am doctor Bruell.  You have probably never heard of me.  I was Dr. Ulrich’s silent partner.  I have been working quietly, developing the cyborg technology, waiting for this moment.”


Nelson well remembered the wheelchair bound Ulrich and his Nelson-cyborg.  That cyborg had replaced him on Seaview and had tried to hold the world to ransom by targeting Seaview’s missiles on Peking, Moscow and Washington. Until Nelson, with the help of his assistant Gundi, had succeeded in killing Ulrich and tapping out a morse code message via the cyborg.  Nelson didn’t want to think what an improved version might accomplish!  


“Ulrich was a megalomaniac, bent on blackmail and world domination.  What do you want?” 


“For now, to simply test my new cyborg.  You see, I built him from the information we collected while you were a guest of Dr. Ulrich.  But he is much more than a cyborg, part clone, part cyborg and a perfect double of you.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, he is anatomically correct and fully functional.   Do you think your Captain will be able to tell the difference?”


Nelson shook his head in degust. “You’re crazy; Lee will know it’s not me.”


“Really? Let’s take a look shall we?” Bruell turned on the TV.


As the picture developed on the screen, Nelson realised that he was seeing through the eyes of the cyborg.  What he saw taking place horrified and sickened him. 


Lee was kneeling on the sand,  his back to the cyborg,  it’s hands holding the back of Lee’s neck and around his abdomen bruisingly hard,  keeping him bent forward.

“Stop it! You’re hurting me!” Lee struggled against the man’s superior strength.

“You like it rough at times. We both do! Enjoy it!”

“Let me go!”

“Stop complaining like a girl. Take it like a man. Keep struggling  and your neck will snap. Now, relax and enjoy it!”



The real Nelson felt his rage deepening, if he wasn’t chained to the bed, he would cheerfully have strangled Bruell.


“Don’t you find it exciting?” Bruell smiled. “I’m looking forward to seeing your boy perform himself in bed tonight.  We can watch it together.”


“You bastard!” Nelson spat, struggling against the chains holding him.


Bruell laughed and turned off the TV.  “That’s enough for now, we don’t want you getting too excited.”




Finally it was over and Nelson released his hold. Lee collapsed, then barely managed to pull his pants back up before he got to his feet.   “Don’t you touch me!” he snapped at ‘Nelson’ when he offered his assistance in dusting the sand off his jeans.


“Come on, Lee – you know you don’t mean that,”. Nelson smiled. “So I was a little rougher than usual, but you’re no innocent virgin.”


“I thought we agreed to honor each other’s limitations! That was…well…it was almost like…”

“Like what, Lee? Rape? Hmm. Now that’s an exciting thought.”

“I thought I meant more to you than that! I thought I loved you! I thought you loved me too! Now, I’m not so sure!”

“I’m sorry, Lee.  You got  me so hot  I couldn’t control myself.”


Lee regarded him as he rubbed his arms and neck;  he would probably have bruises from where Harri had held him.


“Let’s go back to the house…well,  are you coming?”


Reluctantly and very confused,  Lee  followed a few steps behind Nelson.





Lee regretted coming here.  Harri had promised some time away together but now he didn’t know what to do.  His feelings for the man were in conflict with his anger at the way Harri had treated him against his will. 


Lee had gone straight to their room and locked himself in the bathroom before taking a long bath while he tried to work out what to do. He had never run away from anything, but now he wasn’t sure that he could face staying, especially in the same room, or bed. He  felt violated. But maybe it was all a misunderstanding…that Nelson’s hormones had gotten away from him…


“Lee, are you going to hide in there all evening?”  Nelson shouted from the other side of the door.


Lee sighed and reluctantly climbed out of the bath. He quickly dried himself and pulled on his robe before unlocking the door and walking into the bedroom.


Nelson patted the bed he was sitting on. “Lee, I’m sorry,” he  pulled Lee down and  closed his arms around his waist. “Please,forgive me. Give me the benefit of the doubt?”


“I don’t know, ” Lee pushed him away. “I don’t think I can. Not yet.”


“Be that as it may, why don’t I  tell Owen that we’ll have dinner here, just the two of us.”


Lee shook his head. “I’m not hungry.”


 “Lee don’t be like this!” Harri rose and began to pace, then standing in front of him, “You’re mine and you will do as I say,” he pushed Lee backwards on the bed.


“How are you two getting on?”Owen entered the room uninvited and unanounced. “Oh, I see,  a little appetizer before dinner?”he laughed.


“It’s not what you think,” Lee tried to get up, but the cyborg easily pushed him back, his robe halfway open.


“Oh yes it is,” Nelson smirked, his strong arms holding his prisoner’s arms and legs captive. “He likes a little S&M.”


Owen knelt the other side of him and smiled as he gently touched Lee’s face. “You’re so beautiful.”


 “Let go of me, both of you!”


“Shhh,” Nelson  bent and kissed him. “Relax, trust us,” he whispered, nodding to Owen who placed handcuffs on Lee’s wrists and secured them to the bed frame. Nelson’s hands moved over Lee’s chest, twisting his nipples, then soothing them with gentle kisses.


As the real Nelson watched the scene unfold, Trevor joined the group.


Owen and Nelson raised Lee’s knees and spread his legs apart.


“No! I don’t want to! Stop it!” Lee protested, struggling against the cyborg, who was laughing, joined by Owen and Trevor who’s hands were gently stroking Lee’s inner thighs.


The cyborg took Lee’s cock in his hand and began to stroke him. “Come on, lover, get hard for me,”


Owen’s hands moved over Lee’s body, gently stroking, his fingers teasing his nipples, while Harri lavished attention on his cock.


Trevor gently parted Lee’s butt cheeks and his finger pressed against the opening.

Again Lee tensed against the intrusion.


“You don’t have to pretend to fight it to enjoy the fantasy, Lee. ”Harri told him before taking Lee’s cock into his mouth.  Lee groaned and squirmed as his cock swelled unable to resist Harri’s ministrations while Trevor fingered  Lee’s ass and Owen probed his mouth with his tounge.


Nelson was sickened and confused by what was happening on the screen.   He would never force Lee to do something that he didn’t want to do.  Angry and frustrated at not being able to stop what was happening to Lee, he struggled against the chains securing him to the bed, swearing under his breath.  He felt guilty for being responsible for introducing Lee to Owen and Trevor – but the baser, primal part of him couldn’t help but be excited to see his two friends pleasuring Lee to fullness.After all, he had hoped to participate himself in just such an evening – but not like this, against Lee’s wishes.   He just hoped Lee wasn’t going to be hurt.


Bruell smiled and turned off the TV. “You see Nelson; I think it is safe to say that my cyborg is a success.”


“Damn you, Bruell – I’ll see you in hell for this,” Nelson raged.


Bruell  laughed. “I don’t think you are in a position to make threats.”





Lee groaned louder as the first of the flexible anal beads Trevor had in his hands was pushed inside, quickly followed by the next. As each bead pushed past the tight sphincter into his channel the pleasure increased.  He closed his eyes, fighting against the mix of humilitation and physical pleasure.  Owen concentrated on sucking and biting his nipples. By now Lee’s  balls were tight, and was almost unable to lift his hips and thrust into Harri’s mouth. But  Harri cupped Lee’s balls and gently kneaded them, squeezing them, and Trevor manipulated the probe, Lee lost control and erupted into Harri’s mouth, crying out


Nelson/cyborg held him, stroking his arm. “It’s okay, Lee, I’m here, I’ve got you,” he soothed.


“Leave me alone!”


“What’s the matter with him?”Owen draped Lee’s robe around his shoulders. “I thought we did quite well stimulating him.”


“Sensory overload, that’s all, “Nelson licked his cum coated tounge around his lips.  “Give us a few minutes alone will you?”


Ashamed  Lee shuddered as they left, “If you wanted me to have group sex, you could have asked, you didn’t have to..to do this!” the sweat dripping off his brow, his arms still braced to the bed.


“Lee please, listen to me.  You’re right, I should have asked,” Harri removed the handcuffs, “You’re so beautiful when you’re aroused. I’d like to watch you having sex, not just enjoy it with you. You have to believe that I never intended to hurt your feelings. I guess you think I’m a dirty old man. I’m sorry.”


A new worry forced its way into Lee’s mind.  “Have you been having sex with other men?”  Lee asked sittting up and rubbing his wrists.


Nelson/cyborg shook his head. “Not recently. Not since we have been together.”  He put a hand on Lee’s shoulder. “Get dressed and we’ll go down to dinner.”


Lee turned. “You expect me to go and eat dinner with your friends after what just happened?” he yelled shrugging the hand off and getting to his feet. “Have you any idea how I feel?” he spat.


The Nelson/cyborg climbed off the bed. “You did cum you know.”


“I didn’t have a lot of choice,” Lee paced around the room, his mind in turmoil.  He had no idea what to do next, half of him wanted to try and put things right, but another part of him was angry and wanted to get the next flight back to Santa Barbara. Only he hated the thought of running away.  He paused and glared at Nelson, who still sat on the bed watching him.  How could Harri do this to him?  Shaking his head in silent recrimination and sadness, Lee ran a hand through his now tousled hair.  He needed some time alone to think, to consider his future, not only with Harri, but with NIMR.


“Lee?”  Harri slid off the bed and walked towards him, reaching out a hand.


Lee couldn’t stop himself from flinching away. “Don’t you touch me! I need some time...”


“Our hosts are waiting,” Harri said with renewed impatience.


Your hosts. I’m going home. And I told you I am not hungry.”


Harri sighed. “Don’t start that again,” He grabbed Lee’s arm. “You can either get dressed, or I will drag you down to dinner as you are.” A wicked smile came to Harri’s lips. “I’m sure some of Owen’s guests would appreciate seeing you in just a robe.”


Lee tried to pull free, but again found the grip on his arm unbreakable.  He looked down at Nelson’s hand where it was clamped on his arm and something dawned. It should have previously…


Harri smiled and grabbed hold of Lee’s robe, dragging it down off his shoulders. “Do you want me to help you dress?”


The admiral was a strong man, but Lee should have been stronger. The rough treatment in Lowestoft now made sense as did all of this sexual aggression.  “Who are you?  What have you done with Harri?”  Lee demanded.


Nelson laughed. “That really is too bad Commander that you’ve figured it out. Now I am going to have to kill you. My only problem, ”  he surveyed the room. “is how to make it look like an accident, or,” he grinned, “ suicide.”


“You’re crazy!” Lee shrugged the rest of the way out of the robe.He feinted to the right and the fake Nelson followed.  Lee picked up a heavy looking statuette and threw it at Nelson as he dashed towards the door.  Unfortunately the fake Nelson was not only strong, he was fast.  He leapt at Lee, knocking him over and before Lee could regain his footing a blow on the back of his head rendered him unconscious.




The cyborg picked himself up.  He wasn’t sure what Bruell would want him to do but he knew that despite his threat to Crane he wasn’t to kill him.  With some care, he picked up the unconscious man and placed him on the bed.  Using the handcuffs he secured Lee’s wrists and afer a  quick search of the blanket box which releaved a bondage kit,  he fastened the leather cuffs around Lee’s ankles, then secured the chains to the four posters of the bed.  He finished with a strip of cloth round Lee’s mouth to ensure any sounds he made wouldn’t rouse the household.  


Looking down at the naked man spread-eagled on the bed he couldn’t resist a few lustful thoughts, but first and foremost he would obey Bruell.   He quickly dressed himself and avoiding the dining room where he could hear the sounds of laughter, he quickly headed across the hall to the front door and exited the house.





Lee shivered and tried to pull the covers over himself, only to find that he couldn’t move.  Turning his head, he found that he was alone.  His legs ached from being in one position for so long and his arms were almost numb.  He struggled against the restraints but soon realised that it would be impossible for him to free himself.  He worried that now whoever had created the cyborg, would probably hurt or even kill Nelson.


A knock at the door signalled the arrival of Owen. “Harri, Lee, are you here?” he called from the door.


 “Lee, what?  Where’s Harri?” Owen asked as he approached the young man struggling in the bed. “Are you all right?”  Owen knelt on the bed and removed the gag.

“Untie me!” Lee urged. “Hurry man! This is no fantasy!”


Owen quickly unfastened the cuffs from Lee’s wrists and ankles. “How long have you been here?”


“Not sure,” Lee gasped as he tried to move. “What time is it?”


“Eight am,” Owen took Lee’s arm and helped him sit up. “You’re freezing.”


“Been here all night,” Lee shivered.  His legs felt like lead and the blood returning to his arms felt like hot needles.


“Why would Harri leave you like this?”


“Not Harri,” Lee tried to swing his legs over the side of the bed. “I have to find him.”


Owen put a restraining hand on his arm. “Just hold on a minute. What do you mean, it wasn’t Harri?”


Lee shook his head. “I don’t know how, but that was not Harri who tied me up or who you had your sex games with….”




 Lee took the time to shower after filing Owen in on the details. Clothed in his robe again, he felt his circulation returning to normal. “You have to tie me up again,” he told Owen.


“I can’t do that!  We need to call the police,” Owen objected.


Lee sat down on the bed. “Look, if these maniacs  find our that you have freed me and have police crawling all over the place, they will disappear and we’ll never see Harri again.” Lee shrugged out of his robe. “We don’t have much time; he could be back any second.”


“All right,” Owen nodded agreement.





“Sorry to have left you for so long,” the fake Nelson smiled entering the room and turning the key in the lock.  He walked over to the bed and stood looking down at Lee. “I have to take you to join Nelson, but first I’m going to fuck you.  He knelt on the bed. “It won’t be any fun fucking you after my boss has finished with you.”


Lee struggled against the restrains, secretly pleased that he was to be taken to Nelson, but revolted by the thought of having sex with this monster with Harri’s face.  He watched as the imposter removed his pants and shorts.


“You look very sensual stretched out like that,” Nelson/cyborg smiled smugly as he straddled Lee.  His hands moved across Lee’s chest to play with his nipples, teasing them, pulling and rolling them between his thumb and finger, while all the time he watched Lee’s face.


Lee closed his eyes as Nelson/cyborg lowered his head to take one nipple in his mouth and sucked hard, teeth assaulted the tender buds, sending jolts of pain/pleasure down to his groin.  This was not Harri. Lee reminded himself.


Nelson/cyborg continued to tease his body, arousing him, taking control of his mind and body.  Lee felt him move down, his fingers closing around his cock.  Lee opened his eyes.  Nelson/cyborg smiled, leering at him.  His stomach churned at the thought of what his assailant intended.


Lee was unable to resist as two fingers entered him.  He rolled his head, prevented by the gag from making any protest.  Then the hard bulk invaded his body, pushing inside.  Nelson/cyborg rode him hard, slamming into him, while his hand pumped Lee’s cock.


“Come on,” he ordered. “I won’t release you until you come.”


Lee looked up into the empty blue eyes, he felt sickened and shamed. He tried to control his body as the rough hands worked his cock.  He squirmed helplessly, knowing that he could not escape the bonds holding him. While he didn’t want to give his assailant the satisfaction, he wanted this to end.


Nelson/cyborg smiled, “I enjoy watching you struggle...your Admiral Nelson likes rough sex...doesn’t he?” he taunted.


Closing his eyes, Lee vowed silently that he would get revenge for this. And so he surrendered, allowing his body to respond to the exquisite torture.      




Lee was taken aboard a blue and white 24ft cabin cruiser and bundled below, his hands tied behind his back.  His captor had watched while he’d dressed in jeans and sweatshirt, giving him no opportunity to conceal anything, not that he had access to any weapons. To ensure his co-operation, the imposter had told him that if he did not, Nelson would be killed and he would be following him once they had finished with him.  Although exactly what they wanted him for he had no idea.   He hoped that Owen had managed to contact his friend at C.I.5.  Even if he had, it would take him a couple of hours to get here from London; he needed to play for time. 


He heard the boat’s engine start and felt it move away from the bank.  He estimated that they were travelling at between 5 and 6 mph as the craft proceeded along the river, obviously not wanting to attract the attention of the authorities by speeding. The cruiser was a hired boat and there were probably many such boats in the area.  It had doubtless been booked using a false name.


Lee looked around the saloon, there was a fully equipped kitchen and he could probably find something to use as a weapon, but it would be difficult with his hands tied behind his back.  Lowering himself to the deck, he drew up his knees.  He was stiff and a little sore from his captor’s earlier assault.  Finally he could loop his arms under his feet so that his hands were in front of him.


A quick search of the galley revealed a large carving knife and Lee tucked in into his waistband and covered it with the sweatshirt.  He didn’t want to make his move too early, but wanted to wait until he had been taken to where Nelson was being held.  Again, lowering himself back to the deck he repeated the process so that his hands were again behind his back.





The Haven was a three story dis-used hotel on the waterfront.  Lee was dragged out of the boat and up the rusted steps onto the quay, from where he was led to the back service entrance and taken inside.  The interior showed that the hotel had been empty for some time.  Tattered curtains hung at the windows that were obscured by dust and dirt.  A threadbare carpet in the reception area was also testament to the disuse. 

“Captain Crane, I can’t say that this is an unexpected pleasure,” Bruell said as Crane was dragged into what had been the lounge bar.


“Who are you? What have you done with Nelson?” Lee demanded.


“Oh, he’s quite safe, for now.  I would be more worried about yourself if I were you,” Bruell regarded him.  “I hope my cyborg has been keeping you entertained,” he smirked.


Lee didn’t answer. His mind was working frantically. He remembered only too well there last encounter with a cyborg.  A knife would be useless against it.  But the other man was flesh and blood.


“Nothing to say, Captain?  Well, it doesn’t matter.  I suppose you want to see Nelson, maybe have a last fuck before I wipe both your minds and replace you with cyborgs.”  Bruell threatened.  “As to whom I am, my name is Dr Bruell.  I was an associate of Dr Ulrich and I intend to continue his work.


“You’re as crazy as he was if you think you can get away with this.”


“We’ll see,” Bruell smiled. “Bring him,” he ordered the cyborg.


Lee was again forced to follow Bruell up the stairs to one of the bedroom and was shoved inside.


“Lee?”  Nelson gasped in horror.


“Admiral, are you all right?”


“Yes, Lee, I’m fine.  Are you all right?”


“He’s fine, and as long as you are useful to me, he will remain that way, “ Bruell interrupted.


“I’m sorry, Harri,” Lee apologised quietly.


“What for, you’ve done nothing wrong.  It’s me who is sorry for bringing you here,” Nelson told him.


Despite the situation, Lee couldn’t help noticing how attractive Harri looked in the white boiler suit he was wearing.


“Very touching I’ sure, but we have to get moving,” Bruell nodded to the cyborg.


Lee’s hands were still tied behind his back and the cyborg had a firm hold on his arm.  “Where are you taking us?”


“To my laboratory for the next phase of my plan - your cyborg,” he smiled triumphantly at Crane.  “Don’t get any ideas Nelson, my cyborg could easily snap the Captain’s neck,” Bruell warned as he moved to unchain Nelson. “We’ll leave the boat, get the car, and take Crane with you.  I’m sure the Admiral will be more co-operative if his lover is in danger.”


“Don’t you need me alive to make your cyborg?” Lee pointed out as he was dragged out of the room.




With his ankles and wrists chained, Nelson was led to the waiting car and forced into the back. “Where’s Crane?” he demanded as he pushed himself into a sitting position.


“He’s in the trunk, a little insurance in case you were thinking of trying something stupid.”


“You can’t do that,” Nelson protested, worried for Lee; the trunk didn’t look large enough for someone of Lee’s height.


“He’ll be okay, the airport’s not far,” Bruell told him.  The car was moving off with the cyborg at the wheel. 


Nelson swore that if anything happened to Lee he would kill Bruell if it was the last thing he did.  They had mentioned an airport; it had to be a small, private airport, where there would not be too many witnesses around.


The vehicle continued, taking the 2nd exit off a roundabout onto the A12.  At the next roundabout they took the 3rd exit onto the B1531.  After negotiating several more roundabouts, they turned onto the Beccles road.  Some eight minutes or so later, the car turned off onto a side road.  The cyborg drove around to a hanger at the back of the airfield and pulled to a stop. The whole journey had taken less than twenty minutes, but it couldn’t have been a comfortable one for Lee, stuffed in the trunk.


Nelson was dragged out of the car and taken round the back to wait while the cyborg opened the trunk and helped Lee out. 


Lee gasped, falling to his knees.


“Lee?”  Anger welled up inside Nelson.  He wanted to hold Lee and comfort him.


“I’m okay,” Lee said softly as he was hauled back to his feet.


“Like hell you are!  What have you done to him?” Nelson accused.


“Take him inside,” Bruell ordered, ignoring Nelson’s accusations.




A mechanic was closing the panel on a helicopter as they entered the hanger. “Everything all right, Joe?”  Bruell asked.


“Yes, Mr Bruell, she’s all checked out and ready to go,” the man smiled, wiping his hands on a piece of rag.


Lee looked at Nelson, they had to make a move now; once they were aboard the chopper they wouldn’t have a chance. 


“Good,” Bruell smiled.  “Then let’s get moving.”


Lee was shoved hard and almost went sprawling.


“Move,” the cyborg ordered.


“Leave him alone!” Nelson protested.


Sorry Harri, Lee apologised silently.  He had to make this look good.  As they were pushed towards the helicopter, Lee stumbled again, only stopped from falling by the cyborg’s bruising grip on his arm.


“What’s wrong with him?  What did you do to him?” Bruell demanded with annoyance.


“I didn’t do anything except fuck him and he seemed to enjoy that,” the cyborg smirked.  He dragged the apparently unsteady Crane towards the chopper and opened the door. “Get In!”


“So help me Bruell, if anything happens to Crane, there won’t be anywhere you can hide,” Nelson raged.


Lee fell into the helicopter cabin and lay on the floor, playing possum.


“Don’t be so melodramatic, Nelson.”  Bruell shoved Nelson towards the cyborg. “Watch him.”  Bruell climbed into the cabin and bent over Lee. “Commander, if this is some game you’re playing,” he gave Lee a shake.


“Nooo!” Lee moaned, slowly drawing up his knees, waiting for Bruell to move closed.


“Get the first aid kit,” Bruell called to the cyborg before turning back to Lee.


Lee rolled onto his back and kicked out at Bruell with both feet, sending him sprawling back and out of the cabin.  He then quickly looped his wrists under has feet to bring his hands round to the front so that he could get the knife he had stashed earlier.


Outside the chopper, the cyborg looked from Nelson to Bruell, how was lying unconscious after hitting his head on the concrete floor.  “Boss?”


Nelson shouldered the cyborg, trying to get free and distracting him further, giving Lee the time to cut through the tape holding his wrists and jump out.  He quickly knelt beside Bruell and after checking that he was alive, he held the knife to the man’s throat. “Release Nelson or I’ll kill him,” he ordered the cyborg.


Again the cyborg hesitated, seeming unsure of what to do.


“I said release him,” Lee growled, pressing the knife against the skin just enough to draw blood.


“I don’t have the keys,” the cyborg told him.


Using his other hand, Lee did a quick search of Bruell’s pockets and found the keys; he tossed them to the cyborg. “Now hurry up, I’ve had it with both of you.” He ordered, hoping that the cyborg would believe his bluff.


The cyborg unlocked the chains from Nelson’s wrists and ankles.


“Harri, can you fly that thing?” Lee asked.


Nelson nodded, moving to the front of the helicopter he climbed in.  Lee dragged Bruell towards the helicopter while Nelson started the engines and the blades started to turn.


“If you move, I’ll kill him,” he warned.  Climbing into the co-pilot seat, Lee held onto Bruell, leaving him hanging over the side.


Nelson eased the chopper forward until they were clear of the hanger. Lee released Bruell and he fell the short distance to the ground.  Pulling the door shut Lee turned to Nelson. “Let’s get out of here.”


As Nelson turned the helicopter towards his friend’s estate, a convoy of police cars was descending on the airfield with lights flashing and sirens wailing.  “I think we might have some explaining to do,” Nelson commented.


“We’re not the only ones.” Lee smiled.





“Are you sure that you’re all right, Lee?” CI.5 officer Tom Quinn asked as they stood on the drive beside Tom’s black Lexus.


“Yes, we’re both fine, Tom.  Thanks for all your help.”  Lee shook his friend’s hand. “It was good to see you again.”  Tom had stepped in and taken control of the situation from the police.

“And you.  Take care now.”

“What will happen to the cyborg?”  Nelson asked.

“That’s not up to me and its one decision I am happy to leave to my superiors,” Tom replied.

“It has to be destroyed; it’s far too dangerous to be allowed to continue to function.”  Lee insisted.

“It is not that simple, Lee,” Tom shook his head as he glanced at Nelson. “The resemblance is amazing.”

“What’s not simple?  It’s a machine. A pretty sophisticated one I grant you, but still a machine.” Lee pointed out.

“I don’t think we need to worry unduly, Lee, I’m sure that when the White House realise that it is a matter of national security they will insist that the cyborg is handed over,”  Nelson told him.

Lee still wasn’t happy with the idea of the cyborg being in the hands of the British.  He trusted Tom, but he wouldn’t be the one in charge of the cyborg. “I’m not happy with the idea of that thing still being out there.”

“I’ll do what I can,” Tom promised.  “It was a pleasure to meet you, Admiral.” He extended a hand to Nelson.

“Thank you.”  Nelson accepted the hand.

Tom nodded and opened the car door. “I’ll be in touch if there’s anything, Good bye, Lee, Admiral.”

“Bye, Tom,” Lee waited, watching him drive away before he turned to Nelson and smiled, his eyes roving over Nelson.  “Do you know how attractive you look dressed like that?”


It was the most erotically beautiful sight Nelson had even seen.  Lee was lying naked on the bed, his cock jutting out from his body like a torpedo.  Harri touched Lee’s cheek and bent to kiss him. 

Beside them, Owen and Trevor were also engaged in foreplay. Harri knew that Lee wasn’t completely comfortable with group sex, but he was getting used to the idea  now that he knew his Harri was for real and would never hurt him. And although Lee hadn’t admitted to it, he was fascinated by Owen’s monster cock.

Harri gently moved his hands over Lee’s shoulders, stroking lightly down his arms over the bruises left by the cyborg.  It angered him to see the bruises.  Harri’s tongue invaded Lee’s mouth while his hands moved over the broad chest, his fingers circling the hard nipples.

Lee moaned, shifting restlessly under Harri.  One hand tangled in Harri’s red hair, while the other arm encircled him as Lee tried to wrap himself around Harri.


Harri embraced Lee and for a few minutes they lost themselves in each other.  Holding on to one another, neither wanting to let go.  Lee rarely showed his feelings, but Harri could feel his body trembling as he clung to him, overwhelmed with relief.  Gently Harri eased away. “Lee, relax, it’s okay.”

Lee looked up at him with those expressive honey gold eyes and smiled. 

“Are you sure you’re agreeable to another man invading you?” Harri asked.

Lee nodded. “Yes, with you beside me. The real you.  Will you hold me Harri?”

“Of course I will, Lee,”   Harri shifted, lifting Lee’s head into his lap, trailing his fingers around Lee’s nipples, teasing them back to hard peaks.

Lee’s body jerked as Owen’s hand moved between his legs, his lubricated finger finding Lee’s opening and slipping inside.

Lee bucked his hips and moaned as Owen slipped another finger in. 

“Shhh,” Harri moved his hand down to take Lee’s cock in his hand to distract him.  He knew that it would take a lot of preparation before Lee would be ready to take Owen.


“Lee, would you like the probe again?” Trevor asked. “It’ll help prepare you.”


“Ummm, Okay I guess, ” he remembered the sensations.  


Harri didn’t want Lee to come too soon, not until Owen was inside him so he moved his hand away from Lee’s engorged cock and went back to stroke Lee’s arms and chest.He knew that it would take a lot ofHH


Owen replaced his fingers with the probe. 

Lee loved the feel of the beads and opened his legs wider, wanting more.  The exquisite torment was driving him crazy.

“Owww, now!.

“Only a little longer, Lee.  Owen has to get you ready to take him,” Harri soothed.

“Maybe you should take him first, Harri,” Owen suggested.

“Do you want me to, Lee?”

“Always...want...you,  Lee panted, he couldn’t take much more, he wanted, needed a cock inside him. Right now!

Harri placed a pillow under Lee’s head and moved down between his spread legs while Owen removed the prober.  Lee felt suddenly empty, but then Harri penetrated him, sliding in with one smooth thrust.  Lee moaned, reaching for Harri, but Trevor caught and held his hands.  “Please, touch me,” Lee pleaded.

“Not yet, Lee.”

He couldn’t get much harder; his whole body was on fire. “Harri, please!” he contracted his muscles around the hard cock inside him eagerly, he needed release. He arched upwards meeting Harri’ thrusts.  He watched Harri’s blue eyes blaze, heard him gasp and groan as he plunged into him, his hands holding Lee’s hips.  He felt Harri’s heat as he exploded inside him.

Owen rolled Harri off of Lee as Nelson’s  cock slipped out of him, and took his place between Lee’s legs and positioned the head of his massive cock at Lee’s entrance and paused. Fully erect it was more than 12 inches and about 3 inches accross.

“Are you ready, Lee?”

“Quit stalling! Yes, do it already!”

Lee gasped  in pain as Owen’s bulk began to invade him.

 “Lee, tell me if you want me to stop.”

Lee rolled his head. “No...no. Don’t stop,”

Slowly inch by inch the huge bulk sank deeper. Lee bit his lip to stop from crying out again. It hurt!

“Lee, relax, I know it’s hard for your body to accept it, but you can do it. ”

Lee turned to look at Harri as he stretched out beside him.  Harri stroked his face. “It’ll be okay Lee.””

Lee moaned, turning his attention back to Owen as he pushed all the way in then slowly started to move out and then in again. Slowly a new sensation of extreme excitement flooded his body as Owen continued to thrust increasing his tempo. Lee’s prostrate, unused to this much stimulation as were Lee’s inner tissues, being rubbed raw in his imagination, were overwhelming.  A pearl of moisture had already formed on the tip of Lee’s swollen cock but he came in an uncontrolled gush, crying out ,  buckling wildly as Owen continued to plunder him.

Nelson swirled his fingers in the cum on Lee’ s chest, and sucked them, one at a time, and offereing Lee a taste of his own semen.

It wasn’t very long before Owen’s ministrations caused Lee to grow hard again. It was exciting to watch that enormous cock pummeling in and out of Lee, as Crane grabbed Nelson’s hand hard just to hang on for support as Owen’s thrusts grew harder and faster.

With one final thrust against Lee’s prostrate, Lee screamed in pleasure and his excitement caused Owen to climax himself. 

 As Owen withdrew and his copious amount of cum spilled out of Lee, Harri gathered him into his arms and held him.  Lee’s head dropped onto Harri’s shoulder and he closed his eyes.  He was hardly aware as Owen and Trevor slipped quietly from the bed and pulled the towel from beneath Lee before drawing the quilt up over them both.


Mixed doubles? Nelson had wondered If Lee would accept the idea. Now, he had no doubt.