Surprise! by Joy Devilish


Chip sat bolt upright in bed, ears straining to identify what had disturbed his sleep – something was wrong.  Then he heard a noise from down stairs, someone was in the house.


Throwing back the covers an swinging his feet to the floor and crept to the half open bedroom door. He paused and surveyed the empty landing.  Again he heard a thud and muffled cursing.  Not wanting to alert whomever might be downstairs by switching a light on; Chip gripped the stair rail and started barefoot down the stairs.


Reaching the bottom step, he paused at hearing a loud clatter, followed by a grunt emanate from the kitchen.  Quietly heading for the kitchen, he pushed the door open.  A body clad in a black Halloween costume painted with a white skeleton, was sprawled on the floor amid the debris that had fallen from the worktop.  “Stay where you are,” Chip warned as he reached for a heavy, copper bottomed pan and raised it ready to strike.


“Chip, don’t – it’s me,” Lee pulled of the hood/skull of his costume and smiled up at Chip. “Surprise.”


For a moment Chip stared at him. “Lee, what the hell?  You’re not supposed to be back until Monday.”


“I got back early,” Lee put out a hand and grabbed a door handle to pull himself up.


“What are you doing dressed like that?”


Lee looked down at his attire and grinned. “Do you like it?”


Shaking his head at his friend, Chip relaxed and returned the pan to the stove. “You idiot, I almost brained you.” He snapped, angry at Lee, he would never have forgiven himself if he had hurt Lee, even by accident.


“Yeah, well you didn’t.”  Lee stepped closer. “I’m sorry, Chip.  Let’s go up stairs and I’ll make it up to you.”


Chip couldn’t resist Lee, dressed in the body hugging costume and his hair tussled, he was so damn attractive and he couldn’t help wondering if Lee was wearing anything underneath.


“Come up stairs and I’ll show you,” Lee grinned wickedly, his honey gold eyes sparkling with mischief.


Raw excitement ran through Chip and he felt his body tighten. “How did you know?”


“Because of the way I feel about you,” Lee grabbed Chip hand and dragged him out of the kitchen. “Bedroom now.”





Although, with his olive skin, Lee looked gorgeous in the black and white outfit, Chip couldn’t wait to get him out of it.  He smiled at the tell tale bulge that betrayed Lee’s arousal.


Quickly stripping off his own pj bottoms, the blond reached for Lee and helped him out of the tight costume.  For a moment he stood drinking in the sight of a naked Lee Crane, his manhood already filling and lengthening without Chip even touching it.  He wanted Lee cock, wanted to suck it, but also wanted it inside him; it had been too long since they’d had sex.


They tumbled onto the bed, both eager for release. Chip climbed on top of Lee, his mouth claiming Lee’s in a passionate kiss, while his hand stroked the dark curls.  He loved Lee’s hair like this and wished that Lee would wear it a little longer. Lee’s arm was around his neck, his hand cupping Chip’s head.

They both moaned as their cocks collided.


“I’ve missed you,” Chip whispered breathlessly between trailing kissed down Lee’s neck. He wanted to devour all the beautiful body beneath him.


“,” Lee gasped.




Lee was lost in a sea of pleasure as Chip’s warm lips kissed his neck, slowly moving down across his chest.  He groaned as the lips kissed and sucked each nipple in turn.  Gentle fingers moved over his body, stroking and teasing.  He gasped and arched his back as a finger entered him.  He spread his legs wider, eager for his lover’s hot flesh.


He cried out as Chips bulk penetrated, pushing deeper. When Chip started to move, his hard length collided with his centre, Lee’s own need drove everything else from his mind.  His body spasmed around Chip’s cock, drawing it deeper.  Fingers closed around Lee’s straining erection and he cried out, driven crazy by the maelstrom of sensations flooding his body.  He gasped for breath, writhing and moaning as they both spiralled towards a shattering climax.


Chip slowly lifted himself and rolled off.  They both lay panting, bodies soaked in sweat. Finally Lee summoned the strength to turn onto his side to snuggle against Chip feeling contented.


“You didn’t answer my question,” Chip said suddenly.


“What question?”


“What were you doing dressed in that costume?”


“Oh, part of my disguise,” Lee told him.


Chip pushed up on one elbow and looked at him. “Disguise?”


“Yeah, New Orleans, big mansion, Halloween party.” Lee explained.


Chip shook his head. “I’m not even going to ask.”


Lee smiled. “I brought you back a treat.”


“You did?  What?”


“Strawberry flavour body paint,” Lee grinned mischievously.