Touch Me?  by Joy Devilish

Takes place after The Magnus Beam.

Lee Crane opened his eyes.  Sunlight filtered in through the bedroom curtains. For the moment he lay relishing the comfort of his own bed. The house was still, nothing disturbed the early morning quiet. 


His body stirred at the thought of a certain blond sleeping across the hall in his guest room.  Chip was sleeping in the spare room because Lee was still recovering from the severe beating he’d received on their last mission, but right now his body seemed to have its own agenda.  Hell, he was getting hard.


Throwing back the quilt, he swung his legs off the bed and cautiously got to his feet. Barefoot, he crossed the landing to the guest room and quietly entered.  Chip was sleeping peacefully, but that was about to change if Lee got his way.  He stripped out of his pyjamas and climbed into bed bedside the blond.  “Chip?”


“Umm,” Chip stirred but did not wake.


Lee groaned. “Come on, Chip – I need you.”  Moving closer, he blew gently in Chip’s ear, while his hand burrowed under the quilt to find the muscular body and tease Chip’s nipples.


Suddenly an arm closed around him and Chip opened his eyes. “Lee,” he smiled. “This is nice.”


Lee withdrew his hand and rubbed his hard length against Chip’s thigh. “I need you.”


Chip turned onto his side, his hand finding Lee’s hot flesh. “Captain, seems like you’re ready to go ballistic,” he joked.


“Yeah, and I need you to defuse me, please!” he pleaded.


“Yes, Sir, Captain, Sir,” Chip grinned. “I all ways do what my Captain wants.”


“Then get on with it,”


“Turn over.  Which is your good side?”


Lee rolled onto his side with his back to Chip. “Will you stop fussing and take me.” He didn’t have a good side, there was hardly an inch of his torso that wasn’t black and blue, but he wasn’t going to admit that to Chip.


Chip’s hand stroked his butt cheeks, before moving up his back and around to his chest, his fingers circling the nipple, while he kissed and nibbled Lee’s shoulder.


Lee groaned, he wanted the hand on his throbbing cock.  He could feel Chip’s burgeoning erection rubbing against him sliding along his crease. “Ohh, I can’t stand it, get it in,” he gasped.


“Patience, Lee, I don’t want to hurt you.”


“You won’t hurt me, I’m fine.”


The fingers lightly trailed over his ribs and down to his stomach, but Chip still did not touch him where he wanted to be touched. 


“Hold me,” growing impatient, Lee grabbed Chip’s hand and moved it to his groin to clarify his request.  He closed his eyes and groaned in pleasure as Chip cupped his testicles, gently stroking the tight balls. Finally he moved his hand to Lee’s swollen cock and began to stroke up and down the length.  Lee nearly came right there, but Chip stopped. “Owww, don’t stop.”


“I want to be inside you when you come,  Chip lifted Lee’s leg and slipped into him.  They both cried out as he buried his full length in Lee’s channel.


Lee’s mind splintered, all he could think about was the feel of Chip’s hard cock rubbing against his centre and his hand working Lee’s cock.  He could feel his own juices starting to flow as a bead of moisture dripped from the head of his engorged length.  “Owww, Chip!”


Chip’s other arm tightened around him, pulling him closer as he speeded up, sliding in and out. “You feel so good.”


Lee could only moan as he spiralled towards completion and all too quickly exploded, spurting into Chip’s hand as he felt Chip climax inside him.  When his body quietened and he could breathe again, he rolled over and pulled Chip close, burrowing into him. “That was amazing,” he whispered.


“So are you,  Chip’s arms closed around him.  “I was so worried about you when I heard that you’d been captured, and then when I saw you...”


Lee winced, but refused to acknowledge the pain that Chip’s fierce embrace had caused.  He wanted, needed this closeness.  “Yeah, well I’m okay.”   Damn, he was getting hard again.  He knew that it was too soon after his last orgasm to do it again, but his body wasn’t listening.  “Er, Chip, could you move your hand down a bit?”


Chip moved one hand down until he found Lee’s burgeoning erection.  “What again?  You’re randy this morning.”


“I can’t help it, I’ve missed you.”  With Nelson and the woman hovering over him, he’d hardly had a chance to be intimate with Chip on the return trip.


“Yeah, I missed you too,” Chip’s hand closed around Lee’s swollen length and held it. “Do you want to do me?”


Lee shook his head. “Too soon, I need a few minutes.  Then I’d love to.”


“We’ve got all day.”


“Ummm, I like the sound of that.”