A different Kind of Treasure by Joy Devilish

Foreword:  This is my take on ‘Dead Men’s Doubloons’ and may have a passing resemblance to the original story.


Coughing, Lee straightened in the pilot seat of FS.1; the cabin was full of smoke. They had been approaching the area where the Mini-sub had exploded, when they had been fired upon by a square rigger.  With the power out, they had quickly gone to the bottom.


“Skipper, are you okay, Sir,” Kowalski asked as he leant against the co-pilot seat.


“Yeah...Yeah, I think so,” Lee rubbed the side of his neck as strained muscles protested him moving his head to look around the interior of the small craft.


“She sure hit us full with that broadside,” Kowalski grimaced, leaning on the co-pilot seat,and dropping his head.


Lee Groaned. “Something hit us,” turning his attention to the control panel he flipped switches.  “Whatever it was, it knocked out the radio and controls.”


“Main circuitry’s out too, Sir.”  Kowalski confirmed as he stumbled to the rear of the craft.


Lee swung round in his seat and pushed himself to his feet. “Try and fix it.  If you can fix it in time, return to Seaview and report to the Admiral.”


“What about you?”


Lee opened the storage locker and pulled out his scuba gear. “I’m going to find that pirate ship that blasted us.”





Lee dragged himself ashore on the island and sank down beside a rock. Looking around, he started to remove his gear and stowed it behind the rock. Getting to his feet, he started to move inland when a sword embedded itself in a tree near his head, and he found himself confronted by a man dressed as a pirate.  “Captain Brent?”


“Welcome to The Island of Death,” Brent pulled a pistol from his belt and levelled it at Crane.  He and two of his men advanced on Crane. “What is that sound?” Brent asked as Lee’s radio started to bleep.


“You wouldn’t understand, they, er, they didn’t have them in the 16th century,” Lee removed the radio from his belt.

“Someone’s  trying to get in touch with me,” Lee raised the radio. “You see all I have to do is say this is Crane, I’m here with Brent on the island.”


One of the men hit Crane, knocking him down and the radio fell from his grip.  Lee flinched away as Brent shot the radio.




Semi-conscious, Lee was dragged to a cave where Brent and his men were holed up.


“Place the prisoner on the table,” Brent ordered.


Lee was roughly manhandled on to the table, and Brent stood over him, holding a sword. “Mr Sebastian, our captive Captain requires a drink.”


Something was thrown in his face, making him choke.


“It would be wise for you not to move too quickly, Captain.  My men are touchy about strangers who would steal their treasure.”  Brent jumped down from the table to stand beside a chest.


Lee pushed up onto his elbow and sat up. “Is that part of it?”


“It is,” Brent closed the lip.


“La Reina Isabella, is that the name of your treasure ship?” Lee voice was hoarse.


“It is for a fact, Captain.  The most dangerous, most powerful ship afloat.”


“Am I supposed to believe that?”


“It is a matter of complete indifference to me what you believe, Captain.” He waived to his men, who again forced Lee down on the table.  Brent watched with indifference as the men stripped Lee of his scuba gear and trunks.   One man stood over him, holding a candelabra, letting the hot wax drip onto Lee’s chest, while the others stood laughing.


Lee struggled harder. “Get your filthy hands off me!”


The men just laughed and jeered. They grabbed his legs and spread them.  Hands moved over his body, flicking away the wax that had solidified on his chest.  His arms were raised above his head, adding to his feeling of helplessness. He was unable to stop the eager hands that groped at his naked body.  He tried to squirm away as a finger entered him and searching for his prostate.  Another hand grabbed his penis and squeezed.  Other fingers teased and pulled at his nipples. “Stop it. Let me go!”  he demanded as he renewed his efforts to break free of the men holding him down.


One of the men grabbed his head and forced his swollen cock into Lee’s mouth, he gagged as it pushed into his throat.  Lee thrashed, trying to turn his head, but it was gripped hard, fingers digging into his temples.  The man thrust enthusiastically and Lee was afraid that he was going to choke.  His heart was racing and he fought to breathe as the man continued to ram his cock down his throat.  Another finger joined the first in his arse, spreading him open, while his penis was rolled and pulled and his balls squeezed.


The rest of the men watching cheered as the man ejaculated in Lee’s mouth, the warm, sticky semen filled his mouth and ran down his throat until he was forced to swallow or choke.  Finally the man withdrew, Lee’s throat felt sore and he was totally humiliated.  But it didn’t stop, to his horror, another finger pushed inside him making him groan in pain.


“Don’t hurt him too much,” Brent interceded, but didn’t stop his men from carrying on their assault.


“What...do you...want, Brent?”


Brent shrugged. “In less than one hour I will have my victory.  That’s just enough time for each of my men to take a turn with you.”


Another cheer went up in response.




Agitated, Nelson ground his cigarette into the ashtray.  Repairs to the Flying Sub where taking too long.  The repair crew were doing their best, but there had been so much damage to the electrical circuits, it was a miracle that Kowalski had managed to get back at all.  God knew what was happening with Lee on that island.  Why did he have to be so gung-ho, going off on his own?  Dammit, Crane knew the regs about going in alone; they had already lost three men.


Admiral Howard had made it quite clear that he could not pull Seaview off her present assignment to look for Lee, which only added to Nelson’s frustration. He looked at his watch; they only had two hours before the undersea defence system went live.  Nelson was convinced that Brent was involved in this somehow.  As soon as the repairs to the Flying Sub were complete, he would turn over command of Seaview to Morton, and take FS-1 to the island to investigate himself, and hopefully find Lee.





“NO! NO! Please stop,” Lee pleaded as a second man positioned himself between Lee’s spread legs.  His muscles trembled from the strain of trying to free himself.  Semen from the first assault still dribbled from him, but at least it eased the passage of the next hard cock forcing its way inside.  He cried out, powerless to resist the invasion.  Pain shot from his rectum into his stomach and chest bringing tears to his eyes.  It felt like his insides were being torn apart when the man started to pound into him.  Fear knotted his stomach at the thought of what damage was being caused.  He could bleed to death while they had their fun.   “No, you’re tearing me up.”


“It’s all right, Captain, you are doing very well.” Sebastian told him. “But by the time I have finished with you, there will not be much left for anyone else,” He laughed, moving closer so that Lee could see his engorged length.


Lee swallowed; his mouth dry and tainted with the taste of salt.  He couldn’t pull his gaze away from the large cock.  There was no way he could take that inside him.  An explosion of heat pulled his attention back to the cock inside him as his assailant flooded him.  He bit back a groan as the man withdrew and slowly the pain subsided. 


“We’ll let you rest for a minute,” Sebastian said.


Lee turned his head away and closed his eyes in an attempt to shut out the men gathered around him eagerly waiting their turn.





Nelson descended the spiral stairs into the control room, pausing at the bottom to glance in the direction of the open hatch to The Flying Sub before continuing to the plot table to join Morton.  “Anything from Lee?”


Morton shook his head. “Nothing since his last garbled message, Sir.”


“How much longer before the Flying Sub is ready?”


“They’re just finishing up now, Admiral.  She should be ready to go any time now.”

Nelson nodded.  At least something was going right.  “All right, Chip.  I’m turning command over to you.  Continue on course and checking out the defence system.”


“Aye, Sir.”


“Kowalski, you’re with me.  Bring the subterranean scanner.”


“Aye, Sir,” Kowalski turned over the sonar watch to Jackson before hurrying aft to the fetch the scanner.


While Nelson waited for him to return, Patterson climbed out of the Flying sub and handed him a clipboard. “ She’s all checked out, Admiral.”


“Has the electronic shield been installed?” Nelson asked before glancing at the report.


“Yes, Sir.”


Nelson scanned the report and handed it back, “Carry on.”




Nelson was strapping into the pilot seat when Kowalski climbed down into FS-1 and quickly strapped into the co-pilot seat.  “All set?”


“Yes, Sir,” Kowalski nodded.


FS-1 dropped smoothly out of her berth and Nelson poured on the power, headed for the surface.  Once airborne, Nelson checked his instruments, setting a course for the island, while beside him Kowalski operated the scanner.


“No sign of anything down on that island, Sir,” Kowalski observed as he leant forward to get a better view through the forward ports.


“What does the subterranean scanner show?”


Kowalski lifted the scanner and turned it on. “Not a thing, Sir.  No underwater installations of any kind.”


“Something around here destroyed the mini-sub and attacked you and Captain Crane,” Nelson glanced sideways at Kowalski.  “I’ll make another pass.”


As Nelson started on another pass of the island, a square rigger suddenly appeared on the surface below. Nelson tapped Kowalski on the arm. “Kowalski, look there.”


Kowalski shifted his attention from the scanner to the forward ports and stared. “It’s that ship again.”


“Activate the electronic scattering field, fast,” Nelson ordered, watching the seaman.


“Hope this works, Sir.”


“It had better work.”  No sooner had Nelson spoke when the flying sub was hit by a force field and rocked violently.  “Kowalski, give me a hand with these controls, pull her up,” Nelson ordered as he struggled to bring the craft under control. “Pull her up.”


“I’m trying, Sir.”


Nelson continued to struggle with the controls as they were flung around in their seats. “Try harder.”


“She won’t come, Sir.”  Kowalski yelled above the whine of the engines.




Lee was exhausted; the assault seemed to go on for hours.  His whole body ached.  The over-strained muscles in his arms made his hands shake.  His over stimulated nipples where red and sensitive; his thigh muscles ached from hours of having his legs spread wide.  Semen and blood mingled, staining the cloth covering the table.


“Nooo, No!” he tried to shrink away as Sebastian prepared to take his turn. He couldn’t help crying out in pain as the man touched his swollen, abused cock, lifting it out of the way.


Sebastian paused, looking up as the unmistakable sound of the Flying Sub could be heard from the mouth of the cave.


Lee held his breath, the hope of rescue waning as he heard the straining engines.


“Bring the prisoner,” Brent called.


Lee groaned as he was roughly pulled from the table to his feet.  His legs wouldn’t support him, and he hurt so badly that he couldn’t walk.  He was dragged to the mouth of the cave and held between two men.


The flying sub was tumbling, apparently out of control towards the water.


“You see Captain.  It is as I said; nothing can withstand the power of La Reina Isabella.”  Brent boasted.  “Back inside with him.”


Lee was dragged back inside, but instead of being returned to the table, he was shackled to the wall.


“We will continue this later, Captain,” Brent smiled.




FS-1 settled gently on the bottom. “Are you all right, Kowalski?”


“I think so, Sir.”


“The reflecting electronic shield absorbed most of the force field that hit us.”


“The way we hit the water, you could have fooled me, Sir.”


“Let’s hope it fooled the people we wanted it to fool,” Nelson reached down to retrieve the scanner from where it had fallen.  “See if you can take her ahead dead slow.  I’ll operate the scanning gear.”


“Aye, Sir.”  Kowalski smiled as the controls responded. “Admiral, Sir – just what are we looking for?”


“I wish I knew.  But whatever it is, we have to find it.”


Kowalski continued to edge the craft forward slowly, searching the seabed for anything unusual.


“All stop.”


“Picking something up, sir?” Kowalski asked, turning to Nelson.


“I think so, take a look,” Nelson moved the scanner so that Kowalski could see the screen.


Kowalski lent across to look at the scanner. “That’s pretty unusual, Sir.”


“It’s a cable, running from the Island of Death, in the direction of the main cable linking our weapon system.”


“Our charts don’t show anything like that, Sir.”


“They wouldn’t.  I think someone’s patched into our cable.”


Kowalski frowned and glanced at Nelson. “Another cable connected to ours, there’d be no reason for anything like that, Sir – unless...”


“Unless, someone wants to send an electronic pulse through the cable to explode our warheads.”  Nelson finished what Kowalski had been thinking. “Kowalski, get into a wetsuit, we’re going to splice into that cable.”


“Aye, aye, Sir.”





Lee could see the keys to his shackles, lying on top of a barrel, but the chains stopped him reach them.  He had to try to rescue his friends, he didn’t want them to find him like this.  The thought of going back to Seaview with everyone knowing what Brent’s men had done to him was almost intolerable.  He felt used and dirty, ashamed. But worse he knew that it would be impossible to hide his injuries.


Groaning aloud, he stretched his left leg, and managed to snag the ring holding the keys with his foot.  Slowly, painfully, he dragged the keys to where he could reach them, and with shaking hands, unlocked the shackles around his wrists.


With his wrists free, he tried to get to his feet.  His legs felt wobbly and every movement caused pain from the still tender parts of his abused body.  His insides ached and he could feel the dried blood and semen that had trickled down his inner thighs.   On hands and knees, he started to drag himself towards the mouth of the cave.


He had just reached the opening, when he doubled over, closing his eyes and moaned in agony as cramp knotted his stomach, holding him immobile.    His nails dug into the palm of his hand as he clenched his fist against the burning that clawed at his insides.  It seemed to last a lifetime, but finally the pain subsided and he rolled onto his side, curling up, exhausted and unable to move.



Kowalski had completed splicing into the cable and had returned to the Flying Sub.  Still in his wetsuit, he stood near the main reactor panel where the cable had been patched into the controls. “Anything out there yet, Sir?”


“Umm,” Nelson glanced from the forwards ports. “No.”  He turned back just as a pulse started along the cable from Brent’s island. “Here she comes. Reverse the electronic power, and hang on.”


The small craft started to rock and sparks erupted from control panels, filling the cabin with an eerie blue-white light, and the smell of burning insulation. “She’ll burn out, Sir.  The circuits can’t take a bigger load,” Kowalski yelled to make himself heard above the noise.


“They’ve got to, pour it on.”


Kowalski adjusted the power while the sub continued to shake, forcing him to hang onto the overhead supports.


“We’re starting to push the current back.”


A few minutes later they were hit by a shockwave from the explosion of Brent’s underwater installation. “That takes care of Captain Brent,” Nelson smiled. “Now let’s go find Captain Crane.”


“Aye, Sir,” smiling, Kowalski moved to the co-pilot seat as Nelson started FS.1 moving towards the island.  “You don’t think that Captain Crane could have...?” Kowalski hesitated to voice what he was thinking.


Nelson shook his head. “I’m sure we will find Captain Crane alive.”





Nelson manoeuvred the Flying Sub into the shallows and they both waded ashore.  They didn’t need to go far to find the entrance to the cave, and a naked Lee Crane curled on his side, his arms wrapped around his middle.


“Lee!”  Nelson dropped to his knees beside Crane and gently put a hand on his shoulder. “Lee, can you hear me?”


Lee moaned and opened his eyes. “Admiral,,,?”


Nelson cast a quick eye over the young Captain, assessing his condition.  It was clear from the bruising on his arms and legs that he had been roughly treated, but worse was the blood staining the ground beneath his rear.  Nelson looked up at Kowalski. “Get a blanket.”


“Aye, Sir.”


Nelson turned his attention back to Lee. “Hold on, Lee.  We’ll get you back to Seaview.”


“Can’t move, hurts too much,” Lee gasped.  His eyes closed and he moaned, his face creased with pain.


“It’s all right, Lee.  Just lie still.”  Nelson wished that there was something he could do to help Lee, but he hesitated to move him in case he had internal injuries.  Lee needed urgent medical treatment.  Looking up, Nelson was relieved to see Kowalski returning with the blanket and first aid kit, although he doubted that there would be little of use to Lee in the kit.


He nodded to Kowalski and took the blanket, spreading it over Lee.


“How is he, Sir?” Kowalski squatted down in front of Crane.


“Not good.  Kowalski, get back to Seaview and bring Doc back here with a stretcher. As quick as you can.”


“Aye, Sir.” Getting to his feet, the crewman hurried back towards the Flying Sub.


Nelson knew that Lee’s condition was bad, his face was covered with a sheen of perspiration and his skin felt clammy. “Easy, lad.” He gave Lee’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze. “I’m here, and help is on the way.”




Sitting at his desk aboard Seaview, Nelson picked up the glass in front of him and downed the last of the whiskey then looked at his watch.  It had been over an hour since they had returned with Lee, and there was still no news from Sickbay.  He resisted the urge to call, knowing that Jamieson would let him know as soon as he had finished treating Lee.


Anger flared inside him as he thought about what Brent’s men had done to Crane.  How could someone do that to another person?  Lee was going to need all the help and support they could give him if he was going to recover from this.  Beneath the calm assured exterior, Lee was a sensitive and very private person.  What Brent’s men had put him through would have a deep psychological effect on him.  He couldn’t imagine what mental torture Lee must have suffered during his captivity, being subjected to the repeated gang rape by god knows how many men.


The sound of the Jamieson’s voice from the speaker on the desk broke into his thoughts.  Nelson pressed the button. “Nelson, go ahead, Doc.”


“I’ve finished working on the Captain.  I’ve sedated him and have him on intravenous fluids and antibiotics.”


“Okay, Doc – I’ll be right there.”  Nelson pushed to his feet and left the cabin, heading for Sickbay.  Worried by what Jamieson had not said, it did not take him long to cover the short distance from his cabin to Sickbay.



Jamieson was standing beside Lee’s bunk, watching his sleeping patient; he turned as he heard Nelson enter.


“How is he?”


Jamieson moved away from Lee’s bank and gestured to his office, he didn’t want to chance disturbing Lee. “Sit down, Harry.”  Settling into his own chair behind his desk, he rested back. “He’s going to be uncomfortable for a while, it will take time for the swelling and internal damage to heal, but he should be fine.  However, his mental state is another matter.”


“You think he’ll need psychiatric help?”


“We’ll have to wait and see how he is when he wakes up.  But he has been through a very traumatic experience, and for someone like Lee, I think that is going to be difficult for him to come to terms with.”


Nelson nodded.  “Rape victims often feel guilty and ashamed.”


“Yes, but we are going to have to convince him that it was not his fault.  That he could not have prevented what happened.”


“When can I talk to him?”


“Maybe tomorrow, he’ll sleep for several hours yet and that is the best thing for him right now.  The first twenty four hours will be the worse pain wise.  But you have to be prepared for the fact that he might not want to see you.  It is going to be difficult for him to face you to.”


Nelson couldn’t wait any longer, after a shower and breakfast he made his way to Sickbay. Upon arrival, he poked his head around the door to Jamieson’s office, but there was no sign of the doctor.  Entering, he closed the door and entered Sickbay proper.  The doctor was standing over Crane’s bunk, checking his blood pressure and Nelson waited until he had finished. “How is he, Doc?”


Jamieson paused to make a note on the chart before answering. “He had a good night.  I’m going to keep him on fluids until his stomach can cope with solid food.  He has a slight temperature, but the antibiotics should take care of any infection.”


“Jamie...Owww, it hurts,” Lee moaned, his head rolling on the pillow.


“Easy, Lee,” Jamieson soothed and quickly moved to the cabinet to prepare an injection.


Nelson moved closer to the bunk. “Lee, it’s okay, you’re going to be all right”.


Lee turned his head further away, “No...Go away.”



Nelson reached out and touched Lee’s arm. “Come on, Lee.  Don’t shut me out”.


Brent?” Lee finally turned, gasping in pain.


“We blew him and his pirate ship out of existence.  He can’t hurt you anymore.” Nelson moved aside as Jamieson returned.  He watched as the doctor pulled back the covers enough to expose Lee’s thigh, then swabbed it and gave the injection, finally replacing the covers.


“Thanks, Jamie.  Damage?”


“You have a lot of bruising, and have probably strained nearly every muscle in your body.  You also have some internal swelling and inflammation, but I have already started you on intravenous antibiotics, and I’m afraid you’re going to have a catheter until the swelling has gone down, but there is no permanent damage.”


Lee nodded, looking from Jamieson to Nelson. “I’m sorry, Admiral, I shouldn’t have let this happen.  I feel so...”


“Now stop it, Lee.  This was not your fault,” Nelson interrupted. “You couldn’t have done anything to stop Brent and his men doing what they did.”


“Then why do I feel so ashamed?”


“It’s a natural reaction; you were raped and violently assaulted, but it wasn’t your fault.  You’ve done nothing wrong.  It was Brent and his men that are to blame.”


“But why?  I’m not gay.  I didn’t encourage them! I didn’t want it!”


“Of course you didn’t. Everyone knows those perverted bastards forced themselves on you.”


“I can never face you…the crew…”


“Haven’t you heard a word I’ve said? Our respect for you hasn’t changed. We all feel badly about what happened to you, but no one feels any of it’s your fault.”


Lee gave another moan and his eyes drifted shut. “Sorry...the pain,”


“It’s all right, Lad.  Go to sleep now.”  Nelson waited until Lee had drifted off to sleep. “Take care of him, Will.”


Jamieson nodded. “I will, Harri.”






Chip made his way down the corridor headed for his cabin.  Seeing a light under Lee’s door, he paused and knocked.


“Come,” Lee called from inside.


Chip opened the door and stepped inside.  Still in uniform, Lee was stretched out on the bunk, his back resting against the bulkhead.


“I thought you’d be asleep,” Chip perched on Lee’s desk.


“I’m not tired.”


“But you’re okay?” Chip tried to sound casual as he studied his Captain and friend.  Lee appeared to be okay, but there were still dark lines under his eyes.


Lee turned, glancing in his direction. “Yes, I’m fine, Chip.”


“Do you want to talk about it?”


Lee shook his head. “I just want to forget about it.”


“Might be easier said than done,”  Lee had a tendency to bottle things up, rather than talk about them.  The last ten days hadn’t been easy for him, recovering from the rape, both mentally and physically.  Jamieson had only released him from Sick bay three days ago, with instructions to rest.


Lee sighed, staring sightlessly ahead. “I thought that they were going to fuck me to death.”


“Must have been hell.  I’m not sure that I could have survived.”


Lee turned to look at him. “You wouldn’t have gotten yourself into that situation to start with.”


Chip got up from the desk and moved closer to the bunk. “Lee, don’t go there.  You can’t blame yourself for what happened.  Come on, I think you’ve been hiding away in this cabin for too long.  What say we go raid the wardroom?”


For a moment Lee looked annoyed, then “Yeah, okay.” Swinging his long legs off the bunk, he got to his feet. “Just for the record, I was not hiding.  I was just following Jamie’s orders.”


“Whatever you say,” Chip put a hand on Lee’s shoulder and urged him towards the door.  He was relieved to see Lee moved freely, with no sign of any lasting effects of his injuries. “So, when is Jamie going to release you back to duty?”


“Tomorrow, just in time to take her into port.” Lee paused at the door and waited while Chip opened it and gestured him through. “Any plans for your leave?”


“Why don’t we start with dinner at that Italian place?”


Lee laughed. “You’re always thinking about your stomach.


Chip smiled. “I enjoy good food.”  Everything was going to plan. Lee didn’t have a clue his real motive was to get Lee to eat.  With being on intravenous feeding for three days, Lee had lost weight that he couldn’t afford to lose. He’d wait until later to tell Lee that he was expected at the Morton house hold for the duration of their leave.  He wasn’t going to leave Lee alone and give his him the chance to brood about what had happened.


Lee shook his head and mumbled something about a bottomless pit.


Chip ignored him and continued towards the wardroom. You just wait, Lee Crane.



The End



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