Triple Play

by Joy Devilish


Foreward: This story was written in response to several requests.


A rain soaked Chip Morton fought against the gale force winds that threatened to sweep him off his feet as he headed for the hotel where Admiral Nelson and his CO Lee Crane were staying.  Nelson was on the island visiting with a fellow scientist and marine biologist Walter Kaczmar.


Chip didn’t understand why Nelson had to drag Lee along, Lee wasn’t a scientist and Nelson knew about their relationship.  Surely Nelson would have realised that he and Lee wanted to spend some time together.  Chip couldn’t help feeling jealous at having to share Lee Crane with Nelson.  He and Lee had been lovers, but had split up when they’d gone their separate ways after Annapolis.  They knew a long distance relationship would not work and it was best for both their careers that they ended it.  However, since Lee had taken command of Seaview, they had renewed their relationship and Chip couldn’t be happier. 


Chip had arrived in FS1 to collect both men to fly them back to Santa Barbara.  But they wouldn’t be going anywhere until the weather cleared.  Reaching the hotel, he pushed open the doors to the lobby.  Soaked to the skin and feeling totally miserable, he stood dripping on the polished floor.


A member of the hotel staff appeared and handed him a towel. “Do you have a reservation, Sir?” he enquired, looking around for Chip’s luggage.


“I’m here to pick up Admiral Nelson and Captain Crane,” he informed the man as he rubbed his hair.  His sodden uniform adhered to his skin and no amount of towels was going to help.


“I’ll let the Admiral know you are here.  Why don’t I get you a drink to warm you up while you wait?”


“I’d like that, thanks.”




Within a few minutes a waiter appeared with a tray of coffee and a glass of brandy. “Da Admiral said I was to show yer right up to his suite.”


Chip gave a sigh of relief; he longed to get out of his wet clothes and into a shower, even if it was without Lee.  Chip followed the waiter into the elevator and soon found himself outside the door to Nelson’s suite. The waiter knocked and the door was opened by Nelson.


”Chip, come in.”


“Thank you, Sir,” Chip entered, followed by the waiter, who placed the tray on a table by the sliding glass doors that led out onto the balcony, now firmly closed against the tropical storm.


“Chip, you’re soaked,” Lee observed.


“Yeah, brilliant deduction, Captain.”


“You’d better get out of those wet things.  You can use my room.  There are towels and a robe in the bathroom. We’ll send your uniform to the laundry.”


“Sounds great, thanks,” taking his coffee and brandy with him, Chip followed Lee into one of the suite’s bedrooms.  There was a double bed, dressed in plain white linen; the white voile curtains had been drawn across the full height window. Putting the tray down, Chip shrugged out of his leather flying jacket.  He heard the door close and turned to find that Lee had left.  Disappointed, he poured some of the brandy into the coffee and took a sip.  Maybe he would get to share the bed with Lee later.




When Chip returned to the sitting room Lee and Nelson were sitting having coffee.


Lee gave him a mischievous grin. “It’ll be awhile before your uniform is ready. You won’t need it, anyway.  We can order room service and eat here.”


“Sounds great, I’m starving,” Chip walked over and picked up the menu Lee had pointed to.


“You’re always so hungry?” Lee teased.


 “I’ll have the chicken and mango kebabs with bean and rice salad, and I’m not always hungry.” Except for you, his mind added.


“Lee would you do the honours?  I’ll have the lamb steak,” Nelson said.


“Certainly, Sir,” Lee smiled and picked up the phone to order.


 “It doesn’t look like we will be going anywhere until this storm dies down.”


“Sure doesn’t, ” Chip responded and wondered  what the sleeping arrangements were going to be.




The food arrived some thirty minutes later, accompanied by a basket of bread rolls, a large bowl of fresh fruit  and three interesting looking cocktails.


“Umm, this tastes great,” Chip ate with his usual enthusiasm; he had a healthy appetite and enjoyed most foods.  Lee often teased him about it, but Chip knew that Lee enjoyed eating when he was away from the boat.


The three ate in companionable silence as they concentrated on their chosen meals and sipped the cocktails.  Chip thought he could detect rum in there somewhere. He glanced at Lee; had plans for the two of them later and didn’t want too much alcohol in his system.  He usually only drank beer or the occasional glass of wine. He didn’t want to not be able to perform, but one cocktail shouldn’t hurt.


Lee caught Chip’s gaze, his honey gold eyes blazed with mischief as he seductively bit into a banana  leaving Chip with no doubt as to what he was thinking.  Lee looked so damn sexy that Chip imagined dragging him into the bedroom, stripping him naked and having his wicked way with him right there and then, Nelson be damned.  Chip felt himself flush with embarrassment at his carnal thoughts.  He glanced at Nelson, but to his relief, the Admiral hadn’t seemed to have noticed.


Chip was relieved when Nelson announced that he was retiring for the night.  As soon as the door to Nelson’s room closed and they were alone, Chip grabbed Lee’s hand and pulled him to his feet. “I’ve been waiting to get you alone all day.”




Nelson was relieved to escape. The thoughts of his handsome captain in bed with Chip had been turning him on for some time now.  He had frequently longed to feel Crane’s muscular body and the cock that he had seen outlined under Lee’s Speedos when changing into his wetsuit.


Peeling off his own clothes, Nelson headed for the shower. He needed a cold one and right now.  How could he have a sexual crush on Lee Crane, he chastised himself yet again. Old fool.  How could Lee even be interested in him when he had the tall, lean, athletic Chip Morton?  Feeling his body getting turned on by the image of them doing what he wanted Lee to do to him, he shook his head in self recrimination; Lee was his subordinate and off limits.  


The shower did little to cool his ardour and he crawled into bed to lay quiet, trying to bring his wayward thoughts under control.  Closing his eyes, he hoped sleep would come quickly. It was just too painful with the knowledge that Lee was in the adjacent bedroom, and Chip had nowhere else to bunk but with him.  He lay staring up at the ceiling, imagining Lee’s beautiful body lying naked and aroused while Morton  feasted on that long thick cock. He groaned his own arousal so hard it was painful.


Oh to hell with it!   Throwing off the covers, he pulled on his robe and headed out of the room.




Lee opened Chip’s robe and pushed it off his shoulders letting it fall to the floor. They were both hard and Chip felt his body tighten as Lee’s fully clothed gaze travelled down Chip’s naked body.  

“Lee, I’m not sure…the Admiral...”


“Sound asleep. Besides, he knows about us, doesn’t he?”


“But he’s here, right next door and...”


“Cluck cluck cluck...”


“All right then,  you asked for it,” Chip reached out and grabbed Lee’s waistband, “Take em off,” he growled, pulling the shirt out and running his hands underneath it.


Lee pulled the shirt off over his head, not bothering with all the buttons and then removed his slacks and boxers.  His swollen cock stood to attention, the plump head already leaking pre-cum. “Who gets it first?”


In answer, Chip climbed onto the bed and came to his hands and knees.  He felt the bed dip as Lee knelt behind him.  He’d been yearning about this for hours and his own erection throbbed, demanding attention.  Lee’s long fingers entered him, stretching him, teasing until he was almost delirious with need.  “Oww, it now,” he pleaded.  When the fingers withdrew he felt suddenly bereft, but then he felt the blunt head of Lee’s cock against his entrance.  He groaned as Lee impaled him, burying his full length inside Chip. 


Lee began to move, slowly, driving in and out, one hand gripped Chip’s shoulder while the other stroked and squeezed his cock.  Lee’s cock seemed to lengthen and thicken even more inside him, each thrust hitting his prostate, driving everything else from his mind.  The thrusts quickened as Lee lost control and spiralled towards his own completion.


Suddenly the bedroom door opened.


“Shit,” Lee muttered softly.


Chip was horrified to see Nelson standing in the doorway.  He groaned as he felt Lee slide out of him.


“I’m...I’m sorry to interrupt,” Nelson stammered, embarrassed. “I...that is...I was you mind...if I...if I  joined you?” his blush deepened.


For a moment neither of his boys said anything as they stared at him, shocked.

Chip’s arousal had swiftly diminished at Nelson’s intrusion, and he just wanted to crawl under the covers and hide.  “Er, Admiral, are you asking what I think you’re asking?”


“As the Captain has indicated previously, brilliant deduction, Chip, Lee,  please...I...I’d like to join you in a threesome...”


Chip still couldn’t help feeling apprehensive; this was the Admiral, their boss. He looked at Lee who was just as confused, but nodded his agreement to Chip and waited for his decision.


Well, if Lee was agreeable....Chip nodded to Nelson.


Nelson shrugged off his robe as he approached.  No-one spoke as he sat down on the bed.  Lee guided him back against the pillows until he was lying naked between the two of them.




Lee’s kiss was everything he imagined it would be. Nelson parted his lips, letting Lee’s tongue enter, but he wanted more, he wanted Lee’s cock inside him.  Lee’s hands moved over Nelson’s body stroking, examining, flicking at his nipples, turning him on even more. Lee’s mouth followed his hands and he took one nipple into his mouth a sucked, gently at first, tormenting the swelling nipple with his tongue.  When Chip’s mouth closed over his other nipple heat throbbed in his groin as his cock demanded attention.


They possessed him completely, nibbling and sucking, while Lee’s hand touched his pulsating cock.  Nimble fingers stroked, trailing along the length to cup the tight balls.


Lee lifted his head and gave him a wicked smile. “Are you ready for us?”


“Yes, I’ve for...long time,” Nelson gasped.


“You take him while I take you, Lee,” Chip said


Lee moved down and urged Nelson’s legs apart.  Nelson groaned as a finger entered him.  Soon there were two fingers and he felt the cool lubricant as Lee prepared him.  He watched Lee’s face as Chip moved to kneel behind him and started to work on Lee.


Lee bit his lip, his eyes were hooded as he concentrated on Nelson.   Lee’s cock was rampant and his body trembled with tension. He gave a little moan and moved his hips as Chip continued his ministrations.


Nelson was almost out of his head with need when he felt Lee’s cock nudge his opening and push inside. “Ohhhh, Lee.”


Lee’s ridged cock went deeper until the full length was buried inside Nelson’s channel. Lee groaned louder, his body jerking as Chip penetrated him.


Nelson panted, his heart pounded in his chest.  Lee pumped slowly at first, embedding his cock deep inside him.  Beads of perspiration ran down Lee’s face as his movements quickened. Nelson gasped breathlessly as Lee mover harder and faster and seemed to swell even more inside him, driven even more by having Chip’s cock pounding into him.  Lee’s fingers found Nelson’s engorged length and closed around it, adding to the incredible sensations that engulfed his body and drove him ever closer towards the edge.


Lee’s eyes closed, an expression of total rapture on his handsome face as he approached climax.  The noises he was making drove Nelson wild, then Lee cried out, spilling his hot cream inside Nelson.  Chip continued to ride Lee, prolonging his climax.  The sight of Lee in the throes of passion was so intoxicating. Nelson had never seen anything so erotic and beautiful; he wanted this to last forever. 


Finally Lee withdrew and collapsed, panting beside him.  Nelson reached out and stroked his arm. “Thank you.”


Lee smiled.  “That was...amazing.”


As Chip stretched out beside Lee, he turned and wrapped himself around the blond, resting his head on Chip’s shoulder.


At that moment Nelson knew that he would never replace Chip in Lee’s heart.  But the pleasure he’d experienced was like nothing he had ever known before.  Maybe one day he would have the opportunity to experience it again; he could but hope.