A Walk On The Wild Side


Joy Devilish


Chip opened his eyes and smiled.  He loved these quiet mornings, waking up next to Lee.  Turning onto his side, he propped himself up on one elbow to look at the sleeping man.  The sight of his lover caused an ache in his chest.  He had feared that he had lost Lee for sure after FS.1 was shot down and Lee was reported missing.   The time had seemed to pass painfully slowly while they had continued with the mission, hunting the rouge sub, unaware that Lee was aboard.  Chip shifted closer, feeling the need to touch the man he had come so close to losing.


Lee murmured softly and turned to wrap himself around Chip.  Their legs entwined as Lee burrowed into him, his dark head against Chip’s shoulder.  Chip wrapped an arm around Lee and held him close, feeling the warmth of Lee’s naked body against his own. “I love you, Lee Crane,” he whispered as he gently stroked Lee’s head.


“Mmmm, want to stay like this all day,” Lee responded softly as he nuzzled Chip’s neck.


“What about breakfast?”


“Later,” Lee replied sleepily.


Chip pulled the quilt around Lee’s shoulders. “You warm enough?”  They had rented a secluded cabin near Lake Arrowhead, away from prying eyes and early mornings here could be a little chilly.


“Am with you in my bed,” Lee sighed contentedly.


“You going back to sleep?” Chip was content to let Lee sleep for as long as he wanted.  Lee rarely took the time to relax, even when on leave.  And for once, although Lee had taken a battering crawling through the ventilation shafts aboard the rouge sub, even as it was being depth charged, Lee didn’t have any injuries to curtail their sexual activities.  But for now all Chip wanted was to have Lee in his arms.


“Ummm,” came the sleepy reply.





Chip couldn’t ignore his stomach any longer, he was starving. Lee was lying on his stomach half across Chip’s chest, his head on his shoulder.  There was no ways he was going to be able to get up out of bed without waking Lee.  He gave Lee a gentle push.  “Lee”.


Lee mumbled and snuggled even closer.


Chip couldn’t help smiling; maybe he could manage not to disturb Lee.  Giving Lee another gentle push, he slipped out from under him and pulled the pillow under Lee’s head.


“Chip,” Lee whispered and burrowed into the pillow still asleep.


Chip quickly pulled on his robe and headed down to light the wood burner and turn up the heat before taking a shower.  When he emerged from the bathroom having finished his shower and shave, Lee was awake.  Chip walked over to the bed and bent to kiss Lee. “Morning gorgeous.”


Lee put an arm around Chip’s neck and pulled him down. “Come here, sexy” 


For a long minute they devoured one another until they had to break apart for air.  Chip sat on the bed looking at the sight of Lee, hair tussled and curling, his amber gold eyes soft from sleep. The man was irresistible and he was almost tempted to crawl back into bed, but his stomach rumbled, reminding him that he needed food. “Breakfast,” he told Lee firmly.


Lee threw back the quilt to reveal his swollen cock. “You can have me for breakfast.” He teased.


Chip groaned as his own body reacted to the display of Lee’s arousal. 


Lee smiled and patted the bed enticingly. “Fuck me, please?”


Chip felt himself cave. “Hell, Lee – you know I never can refuse you.”




Lee fell back to the bed under Chip’s weight as he pinned him to the bed.  Chip raised Lee hands over his head, leaving him totally open to him.  Lee groaned as Chip lowered his head to bite and suck his tender nipples, sending jolts of pain/pleasure to his groin and he hardened even more.  He writhed, lost in the pleasure of Chip’s hands and mouth teasing and stroking his body.  “Owww, Chip...do it...now,” he gasped.


Chip urged Lee’s legs wider and knelt between them, his lubricated finger entered Lee’s body.  Lee moaned, his head rolled on the pillow.  Then another finger quickly followed the first and he arched his back, gripping Chip’s fingers eagerly. “Owww hurry up.”


Just when he thought he couldn’t take any more, Chip’s hard bulk replaced the fingers, slowly penetrating deeper.  Lee cried out as Chip’s cocked nudged his prostate. “More...” he panted.


Chip’s fingers closed around Lee’s swollen length and pumped it in time with his own movements.   It was almost too much, Lee gasped in air, arching to meet Chip’s thrusts.  He felt himself building to a climax and he grabbed Chips arms, holding tight while his body convulsed in orgasm taking Chip with him.


Chip collapsed, gasping, next to Lee. “Gonn’a...need...another shower.”


“We...could...share,” Lee panted, still a little breathless.


“Don’t think...I have...the...energy.”


Lee smiled. “Was good though.”


“Ummm... you’re amazing,” Chip grinned.


“You’re not so...bad yourself. Lee turned onto his side to look at Chip.  “I think we’ll be doing it a lot.  Sleep...eat...and fuck, but not necessarily in that order.”


“Sounds like a plan, but you can explain to Jamie why we’re both exhausted when we get back,” Chip joked.




Chip eventually made it to the kitchen and started the coffee while Lee took a shower. After taking two mugs from the stand ready for the coffee, he went to the fridge and took out the eggs, bacon and frozen hash browns from the freezer compartment.  Following their earlier intense sex he was even hungrier.  Although Lee did not usually eat a big breakfast, Chip intended to cook enough for them both.  Considering all the energy Lee had expended, he would probably eat whatever was put in front of him.


Chip was almost ready to dish up when Lee wondered into the kitchen.  He looked good, dressed in his favourite black jeans and denim blue shirt; there was something about Lee in that shade of blue.


“Smells good,” Lee smiled as he headed in the direction of the coffee percolator.


Chip watched as Lee filled two mugs and returned to the table with them

“What?” Lee asked, catching Chip looking.


Chip put the plates on the table. “Just enjoying the scenery.”


Lee gave him a shy smile as he slipped into a chair. “You expect me to eat all this?”


Chip sat down and picked up his knife and fork to tackle his own breakfast.  “Thought you might have worked up an appetite,” he grinned.


A mischievous expression spread across Lee’s face. “Umm, it’s my turn next time.”


“Then you’d better eat up,” Chip tried not to think about having Lee’s long, hard cock inside him or neither of them would get to finishing eating.  “What else besides sex have you got planned?”


“I want to take a ride on the River Queen paddle boat, but that can wait until tomorrow.  Today I want to spend the day here with you.”


“Fucking each other senseless,” Chip concluded.


Lee blushed. “Yeah, any objections?”


Chip shook his head as he attacked his breakfast with renewed enthusiasm.  He would definitely need the energy.




Sitting on the deck, Chip was only too happy to have Lee all to himself.  Although he knew that danger was part of Lee’s job being Captain of The Seaview, when Lee had disappeared and he had to face the very real possibility that he had lost Lee for good, it had been like a knife in his heart. 


Now he couldn’t get enough of Lee.  He wanted to be near him, to touch him, hold him and kiss him.  To lay with him and love him.  Chip reached across the space between them and took Lee’s hand in his.


Lee smiled and squeezed his hand. “Are you okay?”


“I am now...but for a while there, when I thought that you were dead...”


“I thought so too, when I found myself floating in an empty sea with nothing or nobody in sight,” Lee shuddered.  “I was afraid that I would never see you or Seaview again.”

Lee rarely admitted to any weakness, for him to admit that he had been afraid was a sign of the love and trust between them.  “I felt so helpless, all I wanted to do was look for you, and the Admiral ordered me to keep searching for the sub.”


“We both had a job to do and it helps to know that if anything happens to me, you will take care of Seaview and the crew,” Lee told him.


Chip shook his head, he wasn’t sure that he could face staying with Seaview if anything happened to this man.  “Lee, I...”


“Chip, don’t, “Lee pushed to his feet and took a few steps to stand near the railings, looking out over the treetops.  The cabin was high on the mountain side and gave a great view over the surrounding forest. 


The sound of the wind in the trees reminded Chip of the ocean. He got up and moved to stand behind Lee, slipping an arm around his waist and nibbled his neck. 


Lee gave a soft moan and leaned back against him.


They remained there for several minutes, listening to the sounds of nature around them while Chip cherished every moment.  He tried not to smother Lee.  They were both professionals and needed to keep their private lives separate from work.  It was difficult sometimes, when they were together in the control room.  There were times when Chip wanted to touch Lee, to hold him and comfort him when he was hurt, but they had to remain professional in front of the crew.


“This is nice,” Lee sighed, his hand on Chip’s arm around his waist.


“Yeah, it would be better if you turn around so I can kiss you,” Chip loosened his hold around Lee so that he could move.


As Lee turned, Chip found himself looking into those honey gold eyes that blazed with desire.  He tightened his hold on Lee, pulling him closer.  Their lips touched and Chip moved his other hand to intertwine his fingers in Lee’s hair.


Lee moaned, deepening the kiss, devouring Chip’s mouth. His hand went around Chip, pulling his shirt out of his waistband and inserting itself beneath the fabric to caress his back.


Every fibre of Chip’s body thrummed with desire.  His hands went to work on Lee’s shirt, tugging the tails out of his jeans.  He felt Lee shiver, whether from cold he wasn’t sure. “Let’s...go inside,” he urged between kisses.



Cradled in Chip’s arms on the large leather couch in front of the fire, Lee felt so loved and secure, he didn’t want to move.  They were both naked and Chip had pulled the throw around them both.  Lee raised his head to look at Chip’s face; he couldn’t believe how affectionate he felt towards this man.  He’d never felt this way before. 


Chip smiled and Lee saw the same feelings reflected in Chip’s blue eyes.


“Chip, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”


“Then Captain, I suggest that you stop taking unnecessary chances, because I don’t think I could stand to lose you a second time,” Chip gently touched Lee’s cheek.


Lee didn’t answer, it was a promise he couldn’t make.  As much as he didn’t ever want to hurt Chip, he had a duty to Nelson, his country and to his crew.  Smiling mischievously, he turned his attention to Chip’s bare chest, lifting his hand to lightly caress the firm, lean body before ducking his head and licking one nipple, stimulating it into a hard bud.


Chip moaned and closed his eyes, resting his head back against the couch.


Lee switched to the other nipple while his hand moved down, feeling Chip’s stomach tightened under his touch.  He heard Chip gasp as his hand closed around the long, thick male organ that Lee still found so captivating.  He loved to watch it swelling in response to his touch.


“Owww, Lee...please!” Chip groaned.


Lee slipped off the couch and knelt in front of Chip.  Remembering what he liked done to him, Lee wrapped his fingers tenderly around the base.  “I love your cock,” and took the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the tip.


Chip groaned in pleasure, his cock jerked and expanded. 


Lee’s own cock was hard with arousal but he concentrated on pleasuring Chip, taking his cock further into his mouth and sucking gently.  He moved his hand and mouth up and down the shaft.


Chip cried out and bucked his hips, his hands gripping Lee’s shoulders almost painfully.


Hot semen splashed on to Lee’s tongue and he swallowed, continuing to suck until Chip finished ejaculating, his cock softening.  Lee released him and looked up to meet his gaze.  “You okay?”

“Oh, yeah, I’m great,” Chip breathed. “What about you?”


Lee smiled shyly. “I could use some relief,” he admitted.




Lee was exhausted but happy as he collapsed into bed with a groan; he was going to be sore in the morning.  They had been like two randy teenagers going at it all day, unable to get enough of each other.  Fortunately, the cabin had both a bath and shower and a long soak in the tub had helped.


Stretching out on his back, he closed his eyes. His body still prickled with the after effects of so much stimulation.  He felt the mattress dip as Chip joined him.


“Do you want me to give you a rub?  I have some massage oil that might help.” Chip offered.


“If you touch me I’ll get hard again and I don’t think I can do it again,” Lee replied.  His hormones were still rampaging and he’d been amazed at how many times he’d been able to perform.


Chip chuckled as he stretched out beside Lee. “Maybe I should put that to the test.”


“Don’t you dare.  I’m tired,” Lee yawned and tugged the quilt higher.


Chip leant over and kissed him on the forehead. “Night, lover.”


“Night, Chip,” Lee mumbled sleepily as his eyes drifted shut.  Beneath the covers his hand found Chip’s




Their tour on the elegant Lake Arrowhead Queen paddleboat lasted for around fifty minutes.  The weather was warm and the lake was calm, perfect for a stately cruise around the lake.  The boat’s Captain kept everyone laughing with his jokes and he even let Lee steer the boat for a while. 


After, they had lunch at Woody’s boathouse restaurant with a table overlooking the lake.  Sunlight played across the table, highlighting Chip’s blond hair.  Lee glanced up from his food, he longed to reach across and touch the sun kissed skin of his lover’s hand as Chip tucked in to his BBQ pork loin.  Lee felt so lucky, not only to have command of Seaview, but to have this man as his XO and his lover, he couldn’t have wished for anything else.  There had always been a bond between them, since rooming together at the academy, but nothing had ever happened.  They’d both had their futures to think about, but now they were free to pursue their relationship.


“Earth to Lee.  What’s up?” Chip interrupted his thoughts.


Lee blushed, giving Chip a shy smile as he realised that he’d been caught day dreaming. “Nothing, I was just thinking.”


“About what?”


Lee shook his head. “Nothing,” He picked up his folk and returned his gaze to his plate. This wasn’t the place to discuss what he’d been thinking.


“What do you want to do this afternoon?” Chip asked.


Lee shrugged. “We could go bowling.”


“You don’t sound very enthusiastic.”


“We came here to have time to ourselves, I don’t want to share you with anyone,” Lee admitted.


Chip grinned.  “We could drive up to Silver Lake; there are a lot of secluded spots there where we could be alone.”


You don’t mind?”


“Hell, no, of course I don’t mind,” Chip picked up his glass and downed the last of his beer. “Do you want dessert?”


Lee gave him a mischievous grin. “I’ll have it later.”




The road curved through pine trees, passing the occasional cabin set back amongst the trees.  As the highway climbed up through the canyon, the view was spectacular.  There was still snow here, piled up along the sides of the road.


“Sure is pretty scenery,” Chip observed.


“Reminds me of home.”


Chip glanced at Lee; he very rarely spoke about New England or his childhood.  Chip knew that Lee had been an only child and that his father had died when Lee was 10yrs old.  “Are you okay?”

Lee smiled. “Yeah, of course, why?”


“You sounded a little melancholy,” Chip shrugged.


Lee laughed.  “Not a bit of it, I couldn’t be happier.”  He slowed as the road conditions turned icy. “I wish we had longer.”


“Yeah,” Chip sympathised.  They would have to start back tomorrow; the weekend had gone too quickly. “We’ll have to make the most of tonight.”


“Umm, maybe we should stop to pick up something for later.”


“There’s a pizza place in Blue jay.”


“Trust you to know where the food places are,” Lee teased.


“Hey, at least I have a healthy appetite,” Chip objected light-heartedly.


“Yeah, and you still owe me dessert,” Lee grinned.




Lee pulled into one of the observation platforms and parked. They both got out and Chip reached back into the car for his tan leather jacket while Lee pulled on his well worn black leather jacket.  Although Lee loved Chip in his uniform, especially those tight pants, he also liked him in the leather jacket.  The colour seemed to compliment his hair and skin tone. The rest of the outfit was nice too, black shirt and fawn cords.


They followed the track down toward the lake, snow crunching under their feet.  Although there were other people around, the place was big enough for them to find their own piece of wilderness were they could be alone to enjoy each other’s company.


They were both hungry after their trek and stopped for dinner on the way back to the cabin at a bar and grill.  The place was obviously popular and busy.  They selected a booth and both ordered Braised ribs, with whipped potatoes and vegetables.  They were careful to keep their relationship under wrapped when in public and both concentrated on their food.





Lee was sprawled naked on the bed watching his lover’s cock rise and thicken to full erection without him even touching the blond.  Spellbound, it still surprised him that he could have this effect on Chip, he licked his lips in anticipation.  His gaze travelled up the broad chest and met eyes the colour of blue diamonds. Hell, he wanted it bad.  He just could not seem to get enough of the blond.


Chip knelt on the bed and crawled up between Lee’s open legs.  Placing his hands on either side of Lee’s shoulders, he leant down and kissed him.


Lee’s own erection jerked higher and he groaned. “Are you going to fuck me or just torment me with that thing?”


Chip grinned. “You are so impatient.”  Slowly, he moved down to take Lee’s right nipple in his mouth and suckle it.


Lee groaned, the warm lips on his skin sent desire racing through him, heating his blood.  His cocked ached, demanding attention.  Lee reached down and gripped Chip’s thick cock, he wanted, needed it inside him. “More!”


Chip growled and reached down to pull Lee’s hand away, he captured both of Lee’s hands and pinned them above his head.  Switching to the other nipple, he lavished attention on it, sucking and nipping until Lee was going crazy, bucking and moaning beneath him.


“Owww, Chip...please.” he pleaded, struggling.


“Sshhh,” it’s okay,” Chip soothed.


“Want it...hard,” Lee panted.


Chip raised his head and grinned. “Patients, I’m getting there,” 


Lee’s body trembled with need as Chip’s tongue trailed down over his ribs, down his stomach, when Chip licked the length of Lee’s straining erection; Lee hissed and nearly arched off the bed. “Hell, Chip...you’re killing me.”


Chip was smiling, his blue eyes sparkling. “I love you like this, hot and hard for me.”


“Fuck!” Lee gasped in frustration as he tried to keep some control.  Chip knew which buttons to press to drive him crazy.


Like this?” Chip teased, one hand moving down between Lee’s spread legs.  His fingers coaxed Lee open, pushing inside the tight ring.


“Owww...yeah,” Lee moaned breathlessly, his insides contracted eagerly around the invading fingers.  “Owww...” he moaned, tossing his head as Chip’s fingers found his prostate. “Fuck...me...now”




Lee woke feeling rested and relaxed.  They had both slept soundly after their sex session the night before.  Lee looked at Chip, sprawled on his stomach, still asleep.  His body instantly reacted to the knowledge that beneath the covers, Chip was naked.    He really needed to get his lust under control. He hoped that once they were back at the institute, things would settle back to normal.  Not that he didn’t enjoy...  Lee shook his head Not helping.


He carefully eased out of bed so as not to wake Chip, and pulled on his robe, before heading down stairs to put the coffee on.


Leaving the coffee to percolate, Lee headed for the shower and try to get himself under control. He couldn’t get the image of Chip aroused, out of his head.  That wonderful, thick cock...  Lee groaned and dunked his head under the spray.


Ten minutes later, showered and shaved, Lee found Chip awake. “Showers free and coffee’s on.  I’ll see you down stairs.”


“Okay, thanks.”


Chip headed for the bathroom, leaving Lee standing in the bedroom feeling somewhat lost.  Lee sighed and reluctantly concentrated on getting dressed. The weekend had gone far to quickly.




After breakfast they loaded up the car and checked that they had not missed anything, before Lee locked up and got into the passenger seat.  They could drop the keys off on the way back and grab a coffee.  Lee smiled.  Chip would probably insist they stop to eat.


Chip slid in behind the wheel.  “All set?”


Lee nodded.  He wasn’t ready, but duty called.  He couldn’t help wondering if they had a future together.  Could they have a relationship?    He had come close to death on the last mission, was it fair to Chip to continue with this?


“Stop it.”


Lee looked at Chip.  “What?”


“I can hear the wheels turning.  Stop worrying, we have each other, we’ll work the rest out.”


“I hope you’re right.”


“Of course I’m right.  I’m the XO,” Chip grinned.